Casting Call: The Food Network Challenge

by David Lauterbach
2009 June 2

The Food Network has a casting call for the Food Network Challenge. They are looking for outgoing families who are competitive, have a great story as well as unique Thanksgiving food traditions to battle in a nationally televised Thanksgiving meal competition.

The network does not require cooking skills for the family participating (I guess bumbling cooks make for great TV), nor do they want professional chefs.

Shooting will happen toward the end of June. Email your family’s story and food traditions to


Pardon us please, while we pay for beer...

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With all due respect, I am totally over FN. They have taken what, in my humble opinion, used to be a great cooking network and turned it into joke. Sandra Lee??? Oh my gawd I just threw up in my mouth. And Paula Deen with her fourteen minimum butter sticks. Oh shove’em up the ole’ corn grinder Y’all! I love butter too, but jeezus she makes me cringe. I am from Georgia and I swear nobody talks like that. Some stupid exec said, “Hey Paula, lay it on real thick and act like a whore too”. Okay I’m done. I… Read more »

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