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  • 011.30.09Aluminum Diamond Plate Ice Chest/Cooler

    If youre tired of styrofoam coolers that leak more than a political operative, and rubber “maid” coolers with their fancy bright colors and all, then step up to this aluminum diamond plate ice chest.

  • 03.8.09Beer Wars, the Movie

    Beer Wars is an upcoming documentary about the clash between corporate beer companies and independent brewers. The movie is billed as an irreverent and comical journey through the underbelly of the American beer industry. Hmmm… might be more like the beer belly of the industry.

  • 12.16.09Brian’s Belly Presents: Our Trip to Ireland

    A few years back, we spent ten days drinking and driving our way around beautiful Ireland (on the wrong side of the road, we may add). We summarized the trip with this two minute short film… hope you enjoy toilet bowls.

  • 02.13.09Beer Bottle Dominos

    Here’s a fun video by way of Denmark, which according to Google translate “Involving a hulens mass beer bottles, a handful of mathematicians, Uls sleeping bags, all our undlingsfrebar cafĂ© and absolute ingen, I repeat ingen offensive symbols!”