Entries from the ‘Winter Brew’ Category

  • 212.23.09Full Moon Winter Ale

    It’s the most wonderful time of the beer. Just the other day, I commented that MillerCoors’ Blue Moon “doesn’t suck, but I don’t really care for it.” So I was surprised to find myself buying a six-pack of their seasonal beer called Full Moon.

  • 111.15.08Michelob Winter Sampler Pack: Six Geese A-Laying

    A gathering of six the Belly Buddies for the Leonids meteor shower in November yielded the perfect opportunity to purchase a winter sampler pack to see for ourselves if such a specialty pack is tasteful enough to bring to the next holiday party you attend.

  • 111.15.08St. Arnold Christmas Ale

    St.Arnold Christmas Ale is sweet and soft, but generally uninspired and it shows some oddities. Here’s why I’d pass on it and wait for better Christmas brews…