August A. Busch IV Sells Out America

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    Yeah Dave,<br />
    This story was actually all over the news down here in New Zealand.<br />
    <br />
    I personally think it’s pretty rude for a guy that heads a company like that to come out with all that hog-wash, before the sale, knowing full well in the back of his mind, he intended to sell anyway.<br />
    It is tantamount to treason, selling your fellow Americans down the creek.<br />
    But as they say, business is business.<br />
    Only time will tell how good Mr Busch’s decision was.<br />
    If there is a boycott of the products of the company, they are pretty much on the road to Hell, if no-one drinks it, what is the point in brewing it in the first place?, might as well close the breweries, more American jobs lost.<br />
    <br />
    Seriously, just how bad can this &quot;take-over&quot; be?<br />
    Does it mean the recipe or taste of the brew will change?<br />
    I don’t think so somehow, that would be corporate suicide.<br />
    Your thoughts please folks??

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