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    …. had a go at brewing their own beer?.<br />
    I had a crack at this some years back as the excise tax here in NZ was raised on alcohol, I was not the only one that started either and the odd &quot;Brewers Club&quot; sprang up here and there.<br />
    To cut a long story short, I failed miserably, however, I would like to have another go at it and I’m looking around for all the gear required at the moment.<br />
    Anyone got any good tips?.<br />
    Home-brew can be a really cost-effective way to drink, once you get the recipe and method right.<br />
    I’ve had some real shockingly strong (but good) bottles of home brew before today, at my late uncles house, sadly he died a bout a year ago at the age of 92 and had no health problems whatsoever. ;-)

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