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— Henry Lawson
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    • 31211.1.18Deep Fried Turkey (Still the best guide on the net!)

      How many times have you sliced into a tasteless, bone-dry turkey on Thanksgiving wishing your fowl had not run afoul in the oven? This year, try frying your bird instead. The skin will be crispy and the meat will be juicy. This is more than a recipe, this is our guide for Deep Fried Turkey.

    • 511.16.11Deep Fried Thanksgiving Help From Brian’s Belly

      With Thanksgiving only about a week away, we’d like to make our annual appeal to you and your taste buds to consider deep frying your turkey. This year, we’ll live tweet (gobble?) our own turkey fry and offer last minute help with yours.

    • 411.15.10Brine Your Turkey The Good Eats Way

      A few years back, I was nowhere near my fryer for Thanksgiving and I decided to try brining for the first time. Brining a turkey makes a pretty moist bird… the secret is in the salt.

    • 111.10.10Turducken for Thanksgiven

      Not unlike the delicious deep fried turkey, the turducken has swooped in as one of the birds that all the cool kids will be eating this Thanksgiving.

    • 311.16.08Hush Puppies

      Hey y’all, thought you might like a little holiday hint to compliment your deep fried turkey recipe. While your bird is frying, whip up a batch of hush-puppie batter- here’s how.

    • 111.16.08Turkey Rub

      Don’t miss out on the Turkey Rub if you’re going to be deep frying a turkey! This is a great alternative to packaged seasoning.