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  • 309Deep Fried Turkey (Still the best guide on the net!) November 1, 2018

    How many times have you sliced into a tasteless, bone-dry turkey on Thanksgiving wishing your fowl had not run afoul in the oven? This year, try frying your bird instead. The skin will be crispy and…

  • 110 Turkey Tips for your Thanksgiving Deep Fry November 9, 2015

      Over 15 years ago, Brian’s Belly posted it’s original guide on deep frying a turkey. It’s popularity has prompted good discussion in the comments of the article and has…

  • 5Deep Fried Thanksgiving Help From Brian’s Belly November 16, 2011

    It’s Turkey time! With Thanksgiving only about a week away, we’d like to make our annual appeal to you and your taste buds to consider deep frying your turkey. First-time fryers should…

  • 7Deep Fried Cajun Stuffing Balls November 17, 2011

    I’m always looking to supplement our deep fried Thanksgiving turkey with the proper Cajun accoutrement… whether it’s an appetizer or side dish. I’ve been toying around with a…

  • 7How to Have Your Turkey, And Eat It Fried Too November 20, 2009

    If you’re a foodie, chef, or just plain daring, I bet you’ve been intrigued by the prospect of deep frying your turkey on Thanksgiving. And why not? Deep frying–combined with…

  • 0Deep Fryer / Deep Fried Turkey Store November 11, 2009

    …The best in turkey fryers and all the accessories you need to prepare your bird… all in one place. Purchase with confidence from Amazon….

  • 0Deep Fried Turkey Videos From Alton Brown November 12, 2009

    Every time I think I want to turn our Deep Fried Turkey Guide in to a fantastically informative and funny video, I think of our buddy Alton Brown’s fry guide. The always overboard Alton Brown…

  • 0Cooking Glossary: Common Cooking Terms January 20, 2011

    Don’t know how to caramelize your onions? Does that make you feel insecure? Don’t fear good buddy, the boys from Brian’s Belly are here to help you out. Some of the more common…

  • 12Belly Burning Buffalo Wings November 16, 2008

    Last tweaked February, 2018. I’ve been all around this great country of ours and I’ve tried a lot of Buffalo wings… sometimes they get it right, and hot means HOT. But often…

  • 1Turkey Rub November 16, 2008

    This recipe is meant to compliment our Deep Fried Turkey but can be used on anything. It was submitted by Belly Buddy Fatty Matty. Don’t miss out on the Turkey Rub if you’re going to be…

  • 6Spaten Oktoberfest September 5, 2009

    …Spaten Ur-Oktoberfest is one of the finest amber lagers that you can buy. Taste a bottle and I think you’ll agree….

  • 1Turducken for Thanksgiven November 10, 2010

    Not unlike the delicious deep fried turkey, the turducken has swooped in as one of the birds that all the cool kids will be eating this Thanksgiving. Is the turducken the medical marvel of 21st…

  • 1Anchor Bar Buffalo Wings November 16, 2008

    …Wings cooked with the Original Hot Wing Sauce developed and perfected at Frank & Theresa’s Famous Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York….