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Our Trip to Ireland: A Short Film

Brian's Belly Beer Bottlecap Brainteaser

Classic PBR Commercials

How To Get A Rocket Widget From A Bottle Of Guinness

Top Ten Drinkinest Movies

Turkey Shoot

What Makes A New York Hot Dog So Good?

Heavyweight Hall of Fame

The Belly News

Chef & Shatner

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Brian's Belly Originals

Our Trip to IrelandOur Trip to Ireland: A Short Film
We spent ten days drinking and driving our way around beautiful Ireland (on the wrong side of the road, we may add). With only a pocket-sized Sony DSC-T1 and a gig of ram, we made this two minute short film.

Unidentified BottlecapsThe Brian's Belly Beer Bottlecap Brainteaser
Can you identify 16 beer bottlecaps from their logos? Give it a try with the Brian's Belly Beer Bottlecap Brainteaser. Part one of the quiz is to say that three times fast.

Brian's Belly Model 100Classic Pabst Blue Ribbon Commercials
Check out these two classic Pabst Blue Ribbon commercials from the 50's. They'll have you singing the jingle all the way to the beer distributor.

Top TenThe Top Ten Drinkinest Movies of All Time
You say you enjoy drinking a six-pack on the couch while watching movies, but all these good-looking, sober, Hollywood-types make you feel like a lush? Well, loosen your belt, dust off your VCR and throw back a shot of our top-shelf vicarious video. It's time for The Top Ten Drinkinest Movies of All Time!

Step OneHow To Get A Rocket Widget From A Bottle Of Guinness
Get a good look at the nitrogen-burning rocket widget in your next bottle of Draught. Collect and trade them! Do not try this at home, unless you're an idiot.

Illustration (drawn) by Belly Babe Liz Bartucci; color design (colored in) by Belly Buddy David Lauterbach.

Also read our review of Guinness Draught and learn how the newest bottle widget works.

Turkey ShootHuntingNet Presents Turkey Shoot
It's turkey hunting season so get ready to practice shooting gobblers and jakes.

NY Hot DogWhat Makes A New York Hot Dog Taste So Good?
The famous New York Hot Dog we all know and love- from it's origins on the streets of NYC to it's final destination on the street corners of NYC.

Hall of FameThe Brian's Belly Heavyweight Hall of Fame
We decided it was time to honor certain larger-than-life individuals that we share a common bond with- men of great size that love to eat and drink. Particularly, the men who have gone forth and shown society that it's OK to be a big guy.

Come in and visit the men that are enshrined here in The Brian's Belly Heavyweight Hall of Fame.

The Belly NewsThe Belly News
More informative than the back of a cereal box, we bring you the news as we see fit.


Chef and ShatnerIron Chef USA
Chef & Shatner. Today's secret theme ingredient... Romulan Ale.

Off-Site Beer & Food Related Calamities

Pilsner UrquellPilsner Urquell sponsors a flash game... and we do mean flash. It's a version of Kaboom with beer bottles and stripping ladies. If you score high enough, the woman takes off her clothes! Just like in real life! Find it here.

Beer Screensavers
Over one hundred beer related screensavers for your computer can be found on Jan's Beer Pages.

Chef and ShatnerJet Powered Beer Cooler
The worlds first jet powered beer cooler. Follow the link to a story about a shed, a warm beer and a home made jet engine.

Fat Lane Online
See how some of today's celebrities are battling weight problems and living life in the fat lane. Fat Lane Online takes a tongue-in-cheek look at some of today's biggest celebrities and makes them look like, well, today's biggest celebrities.

Nice RackNice Rack
We don't remember where we found this image, but this girl has what all guys want. is self proclaimed as "juvenille humor for grown-ups and more fun than a barrel full of ebola-infested, feces-hurling monkeys." How can you NOT check them out?

The Table of Condiments That Periodically Go Bad
An invaluable scientific tool for the refrigeratorly challenged... never eat bCool Coolerad Guacamole again!

Cool Cooler
Sent in by a site visitor.

A few 'ready-to-print' .pdf files sent in by Belly Buddy Shawn McGrady include "The Beer Bill of Rights," "Jim's Laws of Alcohol" and "If Operating Systems Were Beers." These are ready to print and frame for your basement bar or rompus (snicker) room.

This link was forwarded by a visitor- The Beer Goggle Experience!

Belly News
Hot Stuff
July is National Hot Dog Month!

Two Six-Packs of Truly American Beers for the 4th of July

Summer Brews

Guide to Buying, Cleaning and Maintaining Your Grill

Our Trip to Ireland (on YouTube)

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