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  • 011.16.08Cajun Shrimp

    We’ve said it before… what could be better than shrimp. Oh yeah, cajun shrimp.

  • 011.16.08Beer Belly Broiled Shrimp

    Pretty much any recipe that has beer in the title is OK with us. This is a pretty simple broiled or grilled shrimp recipe that is sure to please your need for appetizers with just the right amount of heat.

  • 111.3.08Shrimpy Jalapeno Buggers

    I first enjoyed this morsel in a funky restaurant/bar downtown in Manhattan. They are a terrific starter or a party dish. The level of heat depends on the heat of the pepper. These little buggers can burn you mouth so be careful, especially if you’re using the merciless peppers of Quetzlzacatenango! Grown deep in the jungle primeval by the inmates of a Guatemalan insane asylum.