PETA Wants Higher Insurance Rates for Meat Eaters

by David Lauterbach
2008 November 19

The madcaps at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (you know, PETA) is once again trying to segregate the world.

Typically PETA gets up on their high horse (don’t worry, its a tofu horse) with the intent to destroy anyone who pets their cat too hard, squashes the cockroaches in their cupboard or sees a McDonald’s on the highway.

They would now like meat eaters to pay higher insurance rates.

The notorious animal rights activism group has requested that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont raise their health insurance rates for meat eaters (and drop rates for vegetarians). They base their request on studies showing that vegetarians have lower rates of many illnesses such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease. PETA claims that this rate shift would save the insurance company money in the long term. A representative for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Vermont stated that basing rates upon dietary habits is not allowed by state law.

I do seriously wonder if PETA is just really good at making noise and nothing else.

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Pardon us while we pay for beer...

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