Drink to Your Bones

by David Lauterbach
2009 March 23

People who enjoy a glass or two of wine or beer every day could be helping to keep their bones strong according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Dr. Katherine Tucker of Tufts University in Boston says the effect of alcohol on bone mineral density (BMD) that she and her colleagues saw was “larger than what we see for any single nutrient, even for calcium. It’s not ambiguous. It’s very clear.”

Men who had a glass or two beer or wine daily had denser bones than non-drinkers. Of course, everytime I read one of these stories they follow it up with the fact that drinking more negates the benefits… in this case, it may actually weaken bones.

Beer and wine may be better for people than liquor, she suggested, because they contain potentially beneficial plant substances such as resveratrol, while hard liquor has had most natural substances distilled out of it.

Read the full story at Reuters.

Pardon us while we pay for beer...

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