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  • 54.22.10Drunk Dozen: The Top Twelve Drinkinest Movies of All Time!

    You say you enjoy drinking a six-pack on the couch while watching movies, but all these good-looking, sober, Hollywood-types make you feel like a lush? Well, loosen your belt, dust off your VCR and throw back a shot of our top-shelf vicarious video. It’s time for our Drunk Dozen: The Top Twelve Drinkinest Movies of All Time!

  • 04.22.10The Lost Weekend

    Cutting edge for its time, and masterfully directed by Billy Wilder, Weekend introduced the DT’s to the malaise-encrusted world of the ’50s, as Ray’s character goes on a weekend bender. “I’m not a drinker, I’m a drunk,” is how Ray describes himself.

  • 04.22.10The Quiet Man

    Expatriate Duke, Sean Thornton, comes home to Ireland after a lifetime in the States and finds that he’s out of step with the customs of his natural-born country. Luckily there’s one male-bonding ritual that’s the same in any hemisphere.

  • 04.22.10Leaving Las Vegas

    Nick has a problem, his left leg is hollow, so he spends the length of the film trying to fill it with liquor. In the meantime, he manages to strike a bargain with hot-whitebread-hooker Elizabeth Shue.

  • 04.22.10Dazed and Confused

    Neophyte Wiley Wiggans learns the rites-of-passage ropes from football jocks with hearts of gold, as he goes on a beer-soaked odyssey.

  • 04.22.10Arthur

    Perhaps the friendliest movie drunk in history, Arthur has an answer for everyone. When Arthur’s fiancée claims that a real woman could stop him from drinking, he replies, “She’d have to be a real big woman!”

  • 04.22.10Swingers

    Written by wannabe smoothie Jon Favreau, this slight comedy doesn’t go very deep, but it does “superficial” better than most. They’re drunk in L.A., they’re drunk in Vegas, they’re drunk in L.A. again.

  • 04.22.10What! No Beer?

    Buster’s last starring feature in America, and the only major attempt by MGM to pair Buster with Jimmy Durante, Beer features Great Stone Face and The Schnoz as bootleggers during prohibition.

  • 04.22.10National Lampoon’s Animal House

    Delta fraternity has the worst house on campus, the worst incoming pledges and get the worst grades in school. But they know how to party. Single-handedly responsible for popularizing toga parties, this John Landis gem also brought binge-drinking, peeping toms, road trips, “Louie Louie” and Otis Day and the Nights back into vogue.

  • 04.22.10The Hangover

    An alternate title for this film might be When Roofies Attack! The phrase “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” becomes that much easier thanks to America’s favorite date-rape drug.

  • 04.22.10Barfly

    Charles Bukowski’s autobiographical slice of skid-row life follows the day-to-day ramblings and rumblings of Henry Chinaski, a part-time poet/full-time drunk, played ably by Mickey Rourke. Gee, ya think he practiced much for the role?

  • 04.22.10Strange Brew

    Filmed in “Hoserama,” this film really wears its inebriating influence on its sleeve. Straight from the files of SCTV, Bob and Doug come screaming out of the Great White North to open a brewery, but encounter problems along the way that are strangely reminiscent of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

  • 04.22.10Beerfest

    When the von Wolfhouse brothers, Jan (Soter) and Todd (Stolhanske), travel to Munich to spread their cremated father’s ashes on the ground during Oktoberfest, they accidentally stumble upon Beerfest—an underground, liquid Fight Club of drinking games.