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Dec. 29, 2003
Beer Wenches For Sidney

They're back. They are not banned. And they are sure to take plenty of attention away from our cricketers during the Test and one-dayers in Sydney.

Beer wenches. They were a topic of hot debate at last summer's Sydney Test and are sure to create a storm again when cricket's one-day circus hits town on January 11. They may even make their presence felt during Steve Waugh's farewell Test.

For those who missed the phenomenon, scantily clad girls are hired for $65 an hour to wait hand and foot on groups of thirsty fans, allowing them to enjoy the cricket.

Then, for an extra fee the wenches, or another girl from the same company, would do a private strip away from the ground for those fans who had had their fill of sun, drink and cricket.

Brian's Belly Commentary: Stripping beer girls! Can we import this to the U.S. without the Cricket?

Read the full story at The Sun-Herald

Dec. 25, 2003
States Considering Obesity Laws

(AP)-- Fighting to shed a few pounds and control that waistline? For the soaring number of Americans who are becoming dangerously overweight, states and cities across the country want to help.

With the U.S. Surgeon General calling obesity an epidemic, legislators nationwide are offering measures to encourage healthy food choices and ban the worst temptations.

Skeptics say government should stay away from trying to legislate something as personal as what we eat. But supporters say they can't ignore a growing public health problem or how it drives the ever-rising cost of health care.

Few ideas have become law yet. But states have considered scores of bills this year that would, among other things: get kids exercising; warn restaurant eaters about fat, sugar and cholesterol on the menu; and, ban sugary sodas and fattening chips from school vending machines.

Read the full story at

Dec. 23, 2003
Antibubbles Made In Belgian Beer

Scientists have been able to understand the unusual phenomenon of antibubbles - the rare, reverse form of normal bubbles - by forming them in beer.

Typical bubbles are thin films of liquid enclosing pockets of air, but antibubbles are a thin film of air which encloses pockets of liquid.

Belgian researchers said on Monday they could make antibubbles appear in a many different liquids - not just alcohol.

Read the full story at BBC News

Dec. 17, 2003
Low-carb Beer Hitting It Big

Judy Lin, AP. Pittsburgh-- Not since Miller made light beer socially acceptable with its "tastes great, less filling" campaign has the American brewing industry been as excited as it is now about a growing line of low-carbohydrate beers.

Michelob Ultra, the first major brand to make a splash in the low-carb beer niche, has gotten more popular. Anheuser-Busch on Tuesday said the brand has a 2.1 percent share of supermarket beer sales.

Rolling Rock last week toasted the shipment of 1 million cases of Rock Green Light in less than three months since its launch. In March, Coors Brewing Co. plans to enter the specialty market with Aspen Edge in 10 states.

The industry generally recognizes light beers as having low calorie counts; low-carb beers are touted as having fewer carbohydrates. Beer experts say half the estimated $60 billion to $70 billion domestic beer market is from light beer sales as Americans continue to seek out beers that won't add to their waistline.

Read the full story at Star Tribune

Dec. 15, 2003
Computerized Tap Will Pour A Pint In Two Seconds

By Fiona Govan, UK-- A quick drink after work is about to become so much quicker. A new high-speed beer tap, which is being tested in Britain, will allow a pint to be pulled in less than two seconds.

The tap, which is intended to spare drinkers the ordeal of long queues at the bar, adapts technology used in the manufacture of fizzy drinks to fill glasses rapidly without creating too much froth - or spilling the liquid.

The computer-controlled tap, which can be used to pour lager and keg bitter - although not real ales - means that bar staff will be able to serve drinks in a fraction of far the 25 seconds it presently takes to fill a pint glass.

The new "Ultimate Draft System" was developed in America and was used to pump Budweiser beers at stadiums during the World Series baseball championships last year.

Read the full story at

Dec. 06, 2003
Light Drinking Equals Brain Shrinking

Dallas, TX (AP)-- Low to moderate drinking may cause a loss of brain tissue in middle-age people, a study found. The researchers also found that such alcohol consumption does not lower the risk of a stroke -- contradicting findings from previous studies.

"I think this is an interesting study because people talk about the beneficial effects of alcohol intake on cardiovascular disease and they try to extend that to stroke," said the study's lead researcher, Dr. Jingzhong Ding, a research associate at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. "Some studies find beneficial effects, but ours didn't."

Heavy drinking is known to raise the risk of both brain atrophy and stroke, but findings on the effects of low to moderate drinking have varied.

Read the full story at CNN

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