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The Hot Pepper Primer

Ass Kickin' Hot Sauce

Blazin' Saddle Hot Sauce

Sontava! XXX Hot Sauce

Tabasco Family

Tapatio Salsa Picante

Scovilles Are Us

Chef Executive David Lauterbach takes a look at the family of Tabasco® Sauces that he picked up down in the Big Easy. Speaking of Big Easy... the Big Belly himself, Brian Bailey has contributed his hot sauce review of Ass Kickin' (tm) Hot Sauce.

Guest Belly Buddy David Hughes has sent us a great review of Sontava! XXX Hot Sauce that will really burn your whistle.

Additionally, Chef Executive Dave has put together a Hot Pepper Primer for everyone out there who thinks they know what they're talking about when it comes to puttin' on the heat.

Visit for all your fiery needs...

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