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He that drinks beer, thinks beer.

— 19th c. proverb
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Whether you’re watching for the San Francisco 49ers, the Kansas City Chiefs or the commercials, here’s some ideas for your Super Bowl™®© LIV party

His ‘n Hers Nachos

Watching the game with your significant other? Does she eat just a wee bit healthier than you? If “crappy” appetizers create a food dilemma in your life, try these nachos with half-a-healthy twist. His ‘n Hers Nachos.

Belly Burning Buffalo Wings

Honestly, there are quite a few buffalo wing recipes out there, and they’re all the same… except for ours. This is the only Buffalo Wing guide you’ll ever need. Belly Burning Buffalo Wings.

Armadillo Eggs

You’ve heard it before… in Texas they do everything big. So as true as the tale of Pecos Bill ridin’ that tornada from here to the state line, this recipe takes the little bastard that has become known as a popper, and makes a big ass deal out of it. Armadillo Eggs.

Jalapeno Pinwheels

A uniquely hot taquito of sorts. Better make a lot of this appetizer. It goes fast! Jalapeño Pinwheels.