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    Deep Fried Turkey

    Still the best guide on the net!

    How many times have you sliced into a tasteless, bone-dry turkey wishing your fowl had not run afoul in the oven? This year for Thanksgiving, try frying your bird instead. The skin will be crispy and the meat will be juicy. This is more than a recipe, this is our guide for Deep Fried Turkey.

    The Belly’s Holiday Gift Guide

    Good stuff for the beer drinker you know.

    Brian’s Belly knows what you need to make guys happy when it comes to gift-giving. We are chock full of gift ideas for the man who likes to eat, drink and relax- there isn’t a goodie here that we wouldn’t give ourselves. Find something for your buddy or your hubby in The Belly’s Holiday Gift Guide.

    B.I.Y. (Build It Yourself)

    Do you dream of cold draught beer flowing from your own personal tap? Well, put down that can of suds and pick up a screw gun because this is our step-by-step guide for building your own customized double-faucet kegerator. Our Guide to Building a Custom Kegerator by Belly Buddy David Lauterbach.