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    Greek Style Burgers

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      This is not that difficult to do but it is a nice spin on traditional backyard BBQ burger recipes. I usually have a lot of people over in my backyard when I do it so I will usually start with about 5 lbs. of 80%-20% lean ground chuck and slap it in a big mixing bowl. To this I will add about 1/3 of an entire 8 oz. container of Cavender’s Greek Seasoning, one yellow onion very finely diced, four tablespoons of finely minced garlic, about 1/3 of a cup of good olive oil and the juice from two big lemons. After I mix all of this I will let it sit in the fridge for a couple of hours to ‘meld’. Then I will make about a dozen good sized burgers out of this and slap them on whatever grill I feel like using. If I am out of charcoal I will use one of my gas grills. To me that smoky wood or charcoal taste is fine if you desire it but, with this recipe it isn’t that necessary because we are dealing with a really herby, robust flavor that stands out by itself in this recipe. I will grill these little delicacies until medium well, but definitely not ‘hockey puck’ incinerated. I usually have a small bowl of olive oil, lemon juice and another dash of Cavender’s sitting by the grill that I will brush on periodically to keep them flavorful and moist. My wife will then brush a little olive oil on some large burger buns or poppy seed kaiser type rolls if we happen to have them and grill them for a moment, she is fanatical about grilling the buns and has convinced me that it does add another dimension to the flavor and texture and is worth the extra trouble. My favorite toppings for these morsels include some crumbled feta cheese, grilled onions, some nice green leaf lettuce and some slices of large beefsteak tomatoes. I have also been known to mix some sour cream, dill and crumbled feta cheese together in a bowl and use that as a spread for the burgers. Just please, DO NOT RUIN THESE DELICIOUS TREATS BY DUMPING KETCHUP ALL OVER THEM! If you want that, go to MacDonald’s, okay?! Anyway, give this a shot some time. It’s easy to do, different and really tastes great. I would recommend a light, refreshing lager like perhaps a Kronenbourg (although it seems to be getting increasingly hard to find here in Texas) or perhaps even a summer wheat beer with a squeeze of lemon in it as a beverage. :D


      I will have to try that sometime and I will let you know what I think. It does sound tasty. Thanks,


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