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Are You Ready to Tailgate?

Goin' to the Game

Things to Bring

Other Things to Consider

Other Things to Consider

This is not a football.
Why do they mock me?
Be aware of how much food you have to cook and how long you have to cook it. The grub is the centerpiece of a good tailgate but you want to be able to enjoy the party with your buddies- not be standing over a grill that’s never even heard of BTU’s, cooking continuous rounds of food over a candlelight while they are drinking excessive rounds of brew without you. We’d hate to hear you opted for some silly grill that was shaped like a football helmet instead of getting yourself a fire pit worthy of your eating habits.

Whatever you do don’t get caught with your pants down, or the tailgate equivalent- not enough fuel for your fire. For God’s sake don’t assume there is enough propane in your tank or there is enough leftover charcoal from last week, or year- CHECK!

Who says all you do is eat and drink? Well normally, we do… but this ain’t no hot, sweaty summer weekend. What’s a tailgate party without a game of two hand touch? Just make it shirts & shirts… we don’t want to see a bunch of 300 pound guys like us running around while we’re trying to eat. Add that football to your checklist.

Well whatever you decide to do and whatever menu you choose, a little preparation goes a long way. We’ve seen simple tailgates with two people eating turkey heroes all the way up to a group of about 40 people with two Winnebagos and a 50 gallon barrel barbecue grill eating enough food to outdo all the vendors inside the stadium.

Oh yeah, and then you’ve got a football game to go to. See you all in the parking lot… we’ll have plenty of beer.


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