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  • 111.19.11Sam Adams Holiday Brews 2011

    Boston Beer is set to roll out four limited-edition brews this holiday season that include flavors such as fruits, chocolates and chilies, oh my. In addition, the brewer has 2011 editions of Infinium and Utopias, as well as a new beer in their Winter Classics Sampler pack.

  • 111.8.10Sam Adams Launching Infinium “Champagne” Beer

    Boston Beer is launching a champagne-like brew later this month to prove that beer can be worthy of a New Year’s toast. The limited run beer, called Infinium, will be sold in 750-ml bottles with foil-covered cork tops, like champagne.

  • 212.9.09Sam Adams Utopias Extreme Beer

    The Boston Beer Company, known for many quality beer styles and a cult of craft beer that now borders on being mainstream, recently released their 2009 batch of Samuel Adams Utopias. Utopias is the flagship brew of their “extreme” beer line.