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  • 19.22.10Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

    Those clever inventors at Think Geek have done it again and brought more geek cred to our dining room table. The Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter is an officially licensed Star Trek collectible.

  • 13.17.10Green Beer, Bagels and Bacon for Paddy

    It’s St. Patrick’s Day. Time to get your green on. Most people get into the spirit with green clothes or accessories or beer… but there are those who dye everything around them an emerald hue.

  • 02.1.09Troops in Iraq Get Beer for the Super Bowl

    U.S. troops in Iraq will be allowed to drink two beers apiece for the Super Bowl, after the U.S. commander in Iraq, Army Gen. Ray Odierno, issued a waiver of the U.S. military’s strict prohibition on alcohol imbibing in the war zone.

  • 011.16.08Grilled Pizza

    This recipe seems more difficult than it actually is. The pizza comes off of your grill flavorful and crispy. This recipe make one 10-12 inch pizza, but plan on making more than one, they go fast.