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I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me.

— Winston Churchill
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    • 010.24.11Say Hello to Beeri, the Siri Controlled Beer Server

      The first time I tried Siri on my iPhone I wondered who would be the first beer nerds that would be able to turn the voice-recognition assistant into a beer-fetching wench. The guys at RedPepper have created Beeri to serve this frosty purpose.

    • 23.15.11BeerStat for iOS Helps Quantify Your Alcoholism

      Right off the bat, I’d say having my own personal beer counter is a double-edged sword. I’d like to know how many beers I’ve had, but on the other more realistic hand, I would not like to know. Either way, BeerStat can tell me.

    • 012.14.10iGrill is a Bluetooth Thermometer for your iPhone

      Do you still walk all the way over to the oven or grill to check the temperature of the meat your cooking? Well, now there’s an App for that. The iGrill is an iPhone-compatible, bluetooth-enabled meat thermometer that let’s you check in on your food from any room in the house.

    • 111.18.10iPhone Bottle and Can Opener Case

      The iPhone Bottle and Can Opener Case for iPhone 4 and IPhone 3GS. It has a built in stainless steel bottle opener and can tab that is made of a hard-shell ABS plastic.

    • 19.17.09Guinness Pub Finder App for iPhone: Fail!

      Guinness recently introduced a pint-sized iPhone app called the Guinness┬« Pub Finder. The main feature is nice… little Guinness pints locate bars around you on a Google map that serve Guinness. But some faults make the $2 app a waste of good beer money.