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  • 111.16.08Home Run Chicken

    This was formerly called lazy man’s chicken but the ladies seem to love it so much that my slugging percentage dramatically increases whenever I make it – if you know what mean.

  • 111.16.08Turkey Rub

    Don’t miss out on the Turkey Rub if you’re going to be deep frying a turkey! This is a great alternative to packaged seasoning.

  • 011.16.08Cajun Shrimp

    We’ve said it before… what could be better than shrimp. Oh yeah, cajun shrimp.

  • 211.16.08Belly Back Barbecue Ribs

    Nothing beats a great rack. And ribs are no exception. We like ours steamed and grilled. Get your grill fired up on medium and lets get started.

  • 011.16.08Grilled Cajun Chops

    Whether cajun cooking thrills you or scares you, here is a recipe we can all deal with—unless you don’t eat pork.

  • 011.16.08Napalm Pork Chops

    This recipe is great for a few reasons… obviously one of them is because you get to eat pork.. hot pork. Have copious amounts of beer standing by to extinguish the flames coming off your tongue.

  • 011.16.08The Tasteful Teriyaki

    Historically, the very first contribution to our website from a girl. Belly Babe Laurissa James takes aim at our beloved textiles but delivers a good chicken teriyaki recipe.

  • 111.3.08Shrimpy Jalapeno Buggers

    I first enjoyed this morsel in a funky restaurant/bar downtown in Manhattan. They are a terrific starter or a party dish. The level of heat depends on the heat of the pepper. These little buggers can burn you mouth so be careful, especially if you’re using the merciless peppers of Quetzlzacatenango! Grown deep in the jungle primeval by the inmates of a Guatemalan insane asylum.

  • 011.3.08Belly Rub

    Here is an all purpose dry-rub recipe that is sure to please all of the subjects at your next barbecue. To make it interesting, we’ve included an easy to follow pork spare rib recipe.

  • 611.3.08Corned Beef Hash #18

    March 17th may be the greatest day corned beef has ever known, but the day after St. Pat’s is the perfect time to mince the remains of the previous day into a hash fit to side the breakfast of kings.