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  • 012.1.09The Brian’s Belly Amazon Store

    In the past, a good deal of our links were to Amazon.com–so we decided to comb their virtual shelves for the Mc beer-lovin’ gifts you’ll love to give (and receive) and created the Brian’s Belly Amazon Store.

  • 13.4.09This is Why You’re Fat

    A visually delicious website popped up on the interwebs last month. This is Why You’re Fat is food porn at it’s finest… a photo stream of the world’s frankenfoods submitted by you, the fat bastard that created the marvelous monstrosity.

  • 012.1.08Books by Alton Brown

    Three great books by Food Network favorite Alton Brown are guaranteed to increase your foodipedia knowledge base and recipe repertoire.

  • 04.30.08G4’s New Show Might Have You Hurling Too

    G4 is taking competitive eating competitions to the next level with a new series that combines speed-eating with intense physical challenges.  In each episode of “Hurl,” five brave contestants attempt to consume the largest quantity of food in a short amount of time and are then immediately subjected to a series of challenges designed to […]