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  • 04.14.09Sam Adams LongShot Six-Pack Features Contest Winners

    The Boston Beer Co., which produces Samuel Adams, has encouraged hop lovers and malt mavens nationwide, sponsoring an annual home-brew contest. Three winners have been named from 1,300-plus entries. Now, they’ve come together in the “Samuel Adams LongShot Variety Package,” a six-pack with two bottles of each.

  • 13.29.09B.I.Y. (Brew It Yourself)

    Have you been tempted one too many times to pick up the “bag-o-beer” maker down at the WalMart? What stopped you? Well, you probably realized that if God had intended you to be able to make beer in a week, that he would have been doing some serious drinking while resting on the seventh day. If you’re thinking of brewing your own, put down those plastic brew impostors and read through our brew master’s article. The hardest part is naming your brew.

  • 13.18.09Economy Still Bad, Craft Brewers Still Up

    Our economic meltdown has stifled entrepreneurial activity across the board. But as we’ve mentioned recently, craft beer makers are seeing slow, but still-strong sales increases as they outperform the rest of beer industry.