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  • 04.15.10Sam Adams: 25 Years of Beers

    Maine and Massachusetts celebrate a relatively unknown holiday outside their corner of the United States called Patriot’s Day, which commemorates two battles in the Revolutionary War that were fought near Boston in 1775. Turns out the rest of us in the country have a good reason to celebrate this April 19th, for it marks the 25th anniversary of The Boston Beer Company.

  • 212.9.09Sam Adams Utopias Extreme Beer

    The Boston Beer Company, known for many quality beer styles and a cult of craft beer that now borders on being mainstream, recently released their 2009 batch of Samuel Adams Utopias. Utopias is the flagship brew of their “extreme” beer line.

  • 15.29.09Sam Adams Getting Too Big for it’s Barley

    The Washington Post has an interesting article about the largest small-brewer of them all, Sam Adams. Perhaps as early as this year Boston Beer–the brewers of Samuel Adams–will no longer be considered a craft brewer.

  • 04.9.08Samuel Adams Recalls Some Brew

    Boston Beer Co., the Boston brewer of Samuel Adams craft beers, said it is recalling an undetermined amount of beer because of defective bottles that may contain glass particles.  The company said the defective bottles came from a glass company that provides Boston Beer with about a quarter of its glass bottles. The “small grains […]