• St.Arnold Christmas Ale is sweet and soft, but generally uninspired and it shows some oddities. Here’s why I’d pass on it and wait for better Christmas brews…

  • I enjoy having a selection of Irish beers to choose from when the St. Patrick’s Day parade comes through my town. It is because of this that I stumbled across Caffrey’s Irish Ale a few years back while trying to stock the shelves with some variety from Ireland.

  • A man of tremendous appetites, given to excess in every aspect of his life. Excessively talented, excessively funny and excessively nice.

  • Norm Peterson is quite possibly the most famous beer drinker in the history of television.

  • This holiday season, the Boston Beer Company is going dark. They will release Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock, defined as “a rich, delicious, full flavored chocolate beer that is sure to enhance the holiday season for beer and chocolate lovers alike.”

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