The Color of Beer Pong

by David Lauterbach
2009 July 13

Superstars in Major League Baseball’s World Series hit the gym daily to get themselves in peak shape for the competition. Superstars in the World Series of Beer Pong just have to hit the bar.

What started as a college drinking game (and, honestly, never stopped being one) is expanding beyond the frat house. Beer Pong leagues are popping up around the country — and there’s actually some substantial money in the game for expert players.

Last month, players in Atlantic City competed in a three-day tournament for $25,000. And this Labor Day, beer pong, um, “athletes” in California will compete for $10,000. January’s bug showdown in Las Vegas will give the winning team $50,000.

The game, if you haven’t played it lately is pretty simple. Bounce a ping-pong ball into the opposing team’s beer-filled cup. If you succeed, the other team has to down the cup. First team to make its opponents drink all of the beers wins.

However, on this circuit, things are a little different. Cups are filled with water and losers aren’t required to drink!

Sound like an underground Beerfest version would be more fun.  You know, one with beer.

Full Story at CNBC.

Pardon us please, while we pay for beer...

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