It’s About the Beer: Lance Armstong to Drink Michelob Ultra

by David Lauterbach
2009 October 8

Michelob Ultra announced recently that they signed cycling dude Lance Armstrong to a three-year agreement to become the brand’s new spokes-person (get it!?).

According to spokespersons in press releases, “Having dominated a sport that requires such a physical commitment, Lance is the perfect athlete to connect with adult beer drinkers who lead active lifestyles.”

Note that this might not pertain to you, dear Brian’s Belly reader. Stationary drinkers tend to stay away from Ultra’s and 64’s and 55’s.

Lance ArmstrongAs part of the agreement, Armstrong will appear in a few Michelob Ultra commercials, as well as print and digital marketing ads… and this photo to the right.

“I’m always making decisions that complement my active lifestyle, and this includes my beer choice when I want to enjoy a cold one with friends or when taking a break from training,” said Lance Armstrong’s massaged press release statement.

I’m surprised–and glad–to see someone really, really healthy promote beer… even if it’s Ultra.

Pardon us while we pay for beer...


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