Bacon Vodka Tastes Like Pig Ass

by David Lauterbach
2009 August 5

Back in June, I excitedly told you about Bakon Vodka, billed as “the only vodka you’ll ever want to use to make a Bloody Mary, a great Bar-B-Q companion and the essence of a delicious crisp slice of peppered-bacon.”

Bakon VodkaI ordered a bottle of this Premium Bacon Flavored Vodka online from DrinkUpNY who I mention here because of their excellent customer service when my first bottle arrived leaky.  I got the bottle just in time to bring it to Belly Buddy Scott Doherty’s 1st Annual Pig Roast, the perfect venue for bacon flavored vodka.

Bacon Vodka 1With anticipation high, I poured over a dozen shots of chilled bacon for a group toast to our host. EVERYONE took a whiff first, it’s only natural. Hmmm, almost the smell of bacon… definitely a meaty smell of some sort… made your eyebrows furl and your nose crinkle.

Bacon Vodka 2The social shot was followed by an audible group gag, similar to the kind of sound you hear when everyone in a room recognizes that someone farted something fierce.

Bacon Vodka 3Someone referred to it as “rubbing alcohol with liquid smoke.” My sister-in-laws face says it all.  The bacon vodka was a miss.  Me and my brother Eric gave it a second chance to find it was just as bad.  It’s a cheap vodka in a spankin’ bottle with an excellent gimmick on the label.

Bacon Vodka 4I recall some chain restaurant I was in a few years back that had a vodka martini with a Slim Jim wedged in an olive that was better than this… maybe I’ll take a good vodka and stick a Slim Jim in it overnight and see if that is any better.

In Bakon Vodka’s defense, the bottle was finished the next morning when Eric surmised that it would be good in his coffee… bacon made from potatoes in a cup of Joe, part of his complete breakfast.

Pardon us please, while we pay for beer...

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I was looking to import this – but at $90 – $150 to import to Australia I’m glad I came across your review. Makes having to give this a miss much easier.

[…] is, I’ve had Bakon Vodka… and as unique of a gift as it might make, a good beverage it is not. So add bacon tablets to […]


We get mixed review from those who try Bakon as a shot. Some people really like the flavor and some really hate it. I have to tell you that we use a potato vodka base and it’s quality is far from rubbing alcohol. It’s unfortunate that you didn’t try it in a Bloody Mary or one of the other drink recipes we feature on our website Our apologies for your less than stellar experience.

Thom Sherwood

We really liked it, still like it and in Idaho, we have our favorite place to go to have Bakon Mary, Bloddy Mary with Bakon Vodka.

So not sure what your beef or bakon is, but it is GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!


I still can not get the smell out of my nose. I think we an use the rest of the bottle for endurance testing.


Hah! The four word review: Tastes like pig ass!

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