Get Yer Hot Dogs Here

by Brian Bailey
2009 June 22

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The New York Hot Dog

Hot Dog Links

On A Stick Hot Dog On A Stick

If it’s on a stick, we’ll eat it.. Don’t miss out on their cheese on a stick either.

Dogger Hot Diggity Dogger

You’ve never seen anything like this before. Pop two wieners and two buns into the specially shaped slots on this toaster and in just a few minutes you’ll be chomping on yer wiener just the way you like it. It goes for like $39 bucks here.

Nathan's Famous Nathan’s Famous

Since 1916, Nathan’s has brought America their famous hot dogs. The original Coney Island landmark is sponsor of the Annual Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest (July 4th, 2010 will mark the 95th year!) where fans of competitive eating gather to see how many hot dogs can be consumed in 12 minutes. The current record of 59 is held by Joey Chestnut.

Sabrett Sabrett

This is the original New York pushcart style frankfurter. These are the franks sold by vendors in on New York City street corners under the famous blue and yellow umbrellas. Sabrett is also known for their delectable onion sauce.

Oscar Mayer Oscar Mayer

My baloney has a first name all right… it’s spelled W-I-E-N-E-R. Check out Oscar Mayer’s Hotdogger Blog. It essentially lets you follow the adventures of the Wienermobile.

Ball Park Franks.

Poor bastards, always playing second dog to Oscar Mayer’s jingle… “They plump when you cook ’em… boink boink boink… Ball Park Franks.” Their site is designed for kids, but you’ll also enjoy it if you’re a retard or you need hot dog recipes.

NHDSC The National Hot Dog & Sausage Council

The other NHDSC. This is the place to be if you REALLY want LOTS of information about hot dogs… news, recipes, brochures and furter facts. What the hell are you doing here?

Festival Frankfort Indiana’s Hot Dog Festival

Every year, the jerkwater town of Frankfort, Indiana (or should we say dogwater?) holds their annual Hot Dog Festival on Main Street. They invite us to “Come celebrate this favorite summer food and all the great puns that go with it!” I can just picture myself and the other Belly members standing on Main Street with our New York attitudes, drunker than Family Guy because we’ve had a beer with each and every hot dog we ate. Now you’ll hear some puns.

Pardon us please, while we pay for beer...

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[…] Brian’s Belly | Get Yer Hot Dogs HereJun 22, 2009 … Wieners. Foot-longs. Red-hots. No matter what you call ‘em, they’re all hot dogs- and the official food of summertime needs no introduction. […]

David Lauterbach

Hey Cheryl, I was wondering what happened to you! I did a couple of quick searches and I found this place that sells Sabrett foot-longs. The best! Happy 4th.


Help! Dave – I am trying to find somewhere online to purchase foot long hot dogs and buns. Any clues?? Cheryl (yep the one who contemplated having your little punk – and also the one who thinks Paula Deen is a butter sucking whore).


“But we’ll try to write another 1,500 new words about hot dogs every year just for you.”

Wow, what a way to treat your readers! (or should that be singular?) I’m not the one who’s trying to recycle old material by passing it off as new. Good luck on your little project here, you’ll need it if you’re going to just put out the same stuff time and time again.

David Lauterbach

Yes, this is an old post. We are migrating our old content into the new website. But we’ll try to write another 1,500 new words about hot dogs every year just for you.


Do you roll out this article every year or something? I recently rediscovered this site and remember reading this article (or at least parts of it) from about 4 or 5 years ago… Yeesh, write something new…

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