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Pilsner Urquell

No, not URKEL!.

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All’s Well That Ends Urquell
By Beer Belly Brew Master Rob Lieblein

Pilsner Urquell
This trip into the Beer Belly begins at a small town in the Czech Republic called Pilzn. It was in this town, in 1842, that Jos Ignaz Klotz and five other wild and crazy Czech friends began brewing Pilsner Urquell (pronounced er-KWELL), the first pilsner on earth.

PU is literally the mother of all pilsners, and in the humble opinion of this Belly Buddy, it is the finest beer on earth. Pilsner Urquell’s website notes that PU is "known for its curative effects," and I tend to believe it. Two friends and I once picked up a case at a distributor in Montauk Point, and finished off the last three bottles sitting in the flatbed of a pickup truck and watching the sun rise near the lighthouse. A huge breakfast followed, and we were re-energized for another day of eating, drinking, and beachbumming.

I was first introduced to this hoppy golden nectar by my friend and fellow Outhouse brewer, Justin. I was at a barbecue in Queens (the perfect venue to fall in love with a brew), rubbing a belly full of cheeseburgers and hot dogs (this was back in my meat-eating days), staring blankly into a can of nearly flat Coors Light (is there any other kind?), and saying to myself the words that closely echo those of the three Bellymasters… "There must be more to beer."

Just in time, Justin came strolling down the driveway with a mysterious looking six-pack in his hand. He sat down next to me, and with the simple "pffssssst" of a non-twist bottle being opened, showed me the light. That first sip was perhaps the most blissful moment of my beer-guzzling career.

Mind you, PU is no beer for Zima-loving pantywaists. Its bold, bitter flavor that may come as a surprise when you take your first sip. A few sips later, however, this bitterness befriends you, much as the jalapeno pepper befriends a brick of monterey jack cheese. From that point on, you just can’t get enough.

The bitterness of PU is sort of like Beck’s, except PU has crafted it to perfection. Its bold, unapologetic flavor allows it to stand up to the spiciest, cheesiest recipes in the Belly (though I’ve never had it with beaver). At the same time, it is light and crisp, with a deep golden color and fluffy white head that make it ideal for sipping on those sweltering summer days, or stuffing into your winter coat pockets before entering a NY Jets game. In short, it is the beer for all seasons and all occasions.

Pilsner Urquell is available at most distributors, as well as supermarkets that stock a good selection of beer. I’ve even found it on tap at a few bars. A six-pack will cost you between $7.00 - $9.00—a little more expensive than Sam Adams, but what would you do with those few extra bucks anyway, stuff it in some babe’s g-string at the gentleman’s club?

[Editor's Note: The Pilsner Urquell game that some of you have been posting about and asking us for can be found here. It's a version of Kaboom with beer bottles. If you score high enough, the woman takes off her clothes! Just like in real life!]

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