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The Cream of the Crop
By Chef Executive David Lauterbach

Samuel Adams
I’ve always considered myself an astute, accomplished beer drinker. I like a variety of styles and brands and I’m familiar with what is on the market, what I’ve been meaning to try, and what I wouldn’t try in a million years. For example, if a naked bossomy blonde were sitting on my knee begging me to drink a Corona Light, I would pass on this offer knowing that I will live to see the day that mankind discovers that Corona Light is actually Mexican water with LESS urine than a regular Corona.

A fan of most of the beers of Samuel Adams, I was delighted & surprised to find a brew that I guess I just never found the time for. I recently had the opportunity to try for the very first time, Samuel Adams Cream Stout. This thing has an intense, rich flavor that I just can’t get enough of.

As it’s name implies, it is a stout… and it has all of the well-earned characteristics of the stout’s you have known & grown to love… I think it’s safe to say that the malty, thick flavor of a stout is acquired- I have yet to see some piss-ass punk in college enjoy (or even be able to afford) a good stout.

Jim Koch, the man with the "thick headed" reputation, builds upon the full-bodied, coffee-like flavor that you would find in any good stout and adds a toasted chocolate malt flavor that goes down with a sweet finish- but not sweet enough to make you forget you’re drinking a beer. Cream stouts are traditionally the richest & sweetest of the stouts, but Jim really gets the balance between body and sweetness right. Go Jim.

I wish I had tried this stuff out sooner, it turns out it’s been around since 1991… where the hell have I been? Although I have to say, after a six pack of these I’m almost 1200 calories in the hole… but since when did counting calories stop anyone here at the Belly?

Still, you wouldn’t want to make Sammy A’s Cream Stout a habit. It’s great as a treat (go on, you deserve a beer) but I couldn’t live on this alone… and I couldn’t drink this with too many meals. It definitely punches up a burger and fries… but be prepared to spend a little time with your pants button open (remember, one open button is fine, but once the zipper drops, it’s sexual harassment).

A really bad rumor at more than one of my local beer distributors is that this beer has gone seasonal, or at worse, has been eliminated from the Sammy Adams line. I encourage you to hit the store and get yourself some if this is true, but I have been able to find it at select distributors in quantity for my creamy fix. [UPDATED: Tara Heath of The Boston Beer Company assures me that is not true, however Honey Porter, White Ale and Scotch Ale lovers aren't so lucky as these brews were discontinued].

And in great Brian's Belly form, The Boston Beer Company has got some cool recipes on their site for cooking with Cream Stout.

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