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Bitburger: Willkommen bei Bitburger!

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by Mark Higgins
2008 November 3

BitburgerWelcome to Bitburger! I have to translate that for those of you who don’t speak German or have no common sense. OK, now that I’ve insulted your intelligence let’s move this thing right along…

I have the good fortune of living two blocks away from New York based Zum Stammtisch, one of the best German restaurants this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Along with the awesome menu they provide- that includes all of the standards you would expect such as jaegerschnitzel, weinerschnitzel and schnitzel- they also have a well-stocked German bar. Since this is not a restaurant review (but if it were, it would be a 5 star review) I’ll move on to the issue at hand… Bitburger.

The first time I had Bitburger was the night of a major snow storm. I had been at work all day and had no intention of showing up the next (grown men enjoy snow days too, we just drink them away instead of making snowmen). After a quick phone call I got our website’s namesake out of bed without an argument… drinking always supercedes naps.

We ended up at Zum’s and the rest is history. I only say that because I have no recollection of the rest of the night. But what I do remember is the Bitburger.

Bitburger is a fine example of a good German pilsner. At first taste it has a sharp hoppy bitterness to it; a flavor that has a real bite- a welcome change after getting used to drowned out beers from the USA. You know the ones I mean, don’t force me to make Coors jokes here. This is the taste of a real beer made by the people who perfected the art of beer-making… those loveable Germans. When drinking Bitburger you realize that it has clean dry finish to it, you can’t wait to take the next sip. Personally, drinking Bitburger out of a stein just completes the experience and adds to the authenticity of a good German pilsner.

If you have any intention of going to Bitburg, their website has some information on a brewery tour. I’m a big fan of those- especially the end of the line. Bitburger for everyone!

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Ich heisse Dave

I, too, was stationed in Bitburg (820th Ord. Co!) from 1986-1988. In fact, the Bitburger brewery was located right behind our Army barracks on Weiherstrasse. What a glorious sight! Sehr schön! I couldn’t stand my very first Bitburger, it was incredibly bitter. However, I ended up falling in love with this beer and it became my favorite while in Deutschland (and there were lots of quality choices!). To this day I still enjoy the “bite” of a Bitburger Pils, as both my palate and brain scream, “now this is a beer.”

Prost! Und Bitte ein Bit!


I had the luxury of being stationed at Bitburg AB Germany from 1976 -1979. While there i made a ton of German friends and had a great time. The food and the beer, especially the Bitburn was fantastic. I have travelled the world from the far east, the deserts and Central and South America, and believe me when I tell you that Bitburger Pils was the best beer that I have ever drank.

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