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Corned Beef Hash Challenge

by David Lauterbach
2009 August 23

Simon at his Norfolk Single Dad Blog has been entrenched in his “Corned Beef Hash Challenge,” whereby he found a dozen or so corned beef hash recipes on the web and is pitting them up against each other.

Simon let us know he was including our own Corned Beef Hash #18, our recipe for hash made with leftovers from your March 17 madness.

I’m happy to say that our hash is doing quite well, currently on the leaderboard at number 3 (looks like we were at number 2 for quite some time, but recently got bumped by professional foodie Delia Smith!). But we could still finish with the bronze, so we’ll see how it goes.

You can check out Simon’s post at his blog NorfolkSingleDad, where he snapped this shot of our junk:

Simon Does Brian's Belly Hash

Simon Does Brian's Belly Hash

Thanks Simon, let us know when it’s all over!

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2009 November 10

looks delicious. unfortunately, we do not get a lot of beef in india. what we get, we savor and cherish the taste.

2011 March 18

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