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    • 211.3.08Presidente: Hail to el Heffe
      4.33 average, 430 votes

      Picture this: you are sunning your fat ass on a pristine white sand beach surrounded by crystal clear blue water, and a bevy of bronzed beauties. There is a cool breeze blowing constantly so you cannot feel the heat as you slowly roast yourself under the scorching afternoon sun of the Dominican Republic. Sound nice? It’s even better when you have a frosty green bottle of El Presidente Cerveza in your hand.

    • 26211.3.08Pabst Blue Ribbon: Blue Velvet
      4.04 average, 845 votes

      “Heineken?!?! Fuck that shit! … PABST BLUE RIBBON!!!” – A manic Dennis Hopper as Frank Booth in the film “Blue Velvet.” When I first decided to do a write-up on Pabst Blue Ribbon, I anticipated Belly readers would question my judgement. “But Rob,” they’d say, “isn’t PBR the kind of unmitigated swill you said the Beer Belly would steer clear of?” In a word, the answer is “yes.” In several words, the answer is “yes and no.” Here’s what I mean…

    • 07.13.03Budweiser: The King of Controversy
      1.86 average, 283 votes

      The very first beer I ever had was consumed on the steps of the local high school just around the corner from where I live. A few of us youngin’s went out one night, no doubt looking to rebel from what we probably thought were oppressive upbringings. The only one of us with any kind of peach fuzz managed to get a few 40oz Budweisers, complete with paper bag cozies.

    • 07.13.03Anheuser World Select
      0.55 average, 201 votes

      I spent a large part of my Fourth of July day hanging out in a terrific dive on the beach in Santa Monica. The place had no liquor. It was strictly a beer only proposition. All day long shirtless roller bladers and bikini’d sun worshipers filled the place around me.

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