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9 The Critic » This is a great ale and I have always found it to be wonderfully fermented and the taste of the apples is just like real cider with a smooth buzz. This is a real ale and a beer drinker could not even handle this. It is much more inducing.

11 Layc» I hate beer, my fiance is always trying to get me to drink it because it's cheaper and we always have to go out of our way to a liquor store so every beer i've tried i've hated and believe me i've tried plenty, a friend recommended this & I love it!

8 John» I like the pear and granny smith ones. Light, refreshing.

10 KRAZ_ERIC» I love this...just tried it and looking for more!

4 tom» it's crap, Magners is the best cider and really blows this away

0 unter den bieren» i thought we were supposed to rating REAL BEAR her not spiked old apple juice

3 Mike D» This stuff tastes like cheap $7 a bottle champagne. Go with the Wookchuck Amber Cider for a cider that tastes like some fresh squeezed apples

10 Ali-Oop!» Im not a drinker but i had fun drinking this and being part of the atmosphere, it looks like beer but tastes like apple cider. great for females!

8 David» I remember drinking Woodchuck on a hayride as a young man at Kent State. Good times. The *perfect* fall drink.

3 Summers» Good drink for chicks, if you want a beer, don't splurge for the added cost

11 Traci» The BEST and Only Beer I will Drink, If its not this I also like woodchuck Amber, Rasberry, & Pear. But nothing beats the Granny Smith. Sure wish bars in michigan would serve it! It real good on ice, in the summer!

9 StavinChain» No, not a beer, but very, very nice. I've always believed the purpose of alcoholic beverages of any kind was to impart "cheer" to the drinker, and this one is cheery on its way down as well as when it begins to course through your veins. Yum.

0 Beer Man» This is a beer rating- Not Cider rating. As a Cider- not bad but as a beer- No way Jose.

11 nwhite24» My favorite drink . . . not too sweet...very refreshing...and I was a beer drinker!

10 SneakyCider» Watch out for this's a great cider, goes down fast, and will definitely sneak up on you!

10 SxyBeerBeotch» This is such a great drink for that easy Sunday morning paired with Stuffed french toast, sausage, and that handsome stranger who is still asleep in your bed...

11 Miss Priss» I love it!!

10 Brian The Pappy» Ahhhh...what a great way to pixillate your brain! Cider is a personal favorite and anyone who tries to pawn it off as a kiddie soda is simply pulling your prick. It's been far too long since I've fucked with Chuck!

11 gobosox» GREAT CIDER!!! Awesome drink for the late fall days, very drinkable I often down the 6pack in a very short time

11 crakkajakka15» recently had this beer at the usual guy sunday night football game which includes miller light usually but a friend bought some of this an i tried it and i loved it ...... a nice change that is nice to the pallet

10 Sara Stephens» Had this the first time 3 weeks ago and LOVED it. I'm looking for it in California now.

9 Podge» Sarah - you can get Woodchuck in Virgils BBQ on Times Square.

11 Chuck» How many woodchucks could Chuck chug if Chuck could Chug woodchuck!A whole lot! This beer Rocks

11 The Berg» Perfect anytime drink.... breakfast, lunch, dinner, before, after and during sex!

9 stpatten» Had Woodchuck before but not Granny. Good stuff. Cider Jack is another good one.

7 Jimbo» Not bad, but their Amber is the better of their ciders by far!

10 peacetimmy» Woodchuck on draft makes you feel surreal like a happy swirl of autumn on youtr tongue...nice buzz too!

9 DesertDon» Not easy to find ciders here in Albuquerque, let alone good ones. Prefer the Woodchuck Amber but Granny is a very nice change of pace.

9 Bob_Digi» Yes, yes... very good

11 sarah faunce» I love granny smith but have a hard time finding it in Manhattan. Can you put any retail info on you site?

10 kayt» well wut can one say when the lable reads GRANNY ...good stuff and i give it a 4 YAYS up

11 KyleC» Any of the WoodChuck Ciders are worthy of our praise. It is great to have something that is oh so good to drink while in the process it has more alcohol than beer! I Love it!!

9 ButterChuck» Granny Smith will get you by in a pinch, that is, when the Amber isn't available. Granny Smith is too tart. Amber is smoother.

11 Dale Rhoades» I first encounter this cider in an upscale poolhall in Nashville Tenn. Loved it. Finally found a place in Louisville That sells it on tap. Wicks Pizza. Tastes and smells great and leaves an appley flavor on the palate. Good drink for a change up.

7 Chris» Of the massed produced, overly sweet ciders that Woodchuck produces, this is the best.

8 Vodkalager» Not too bad, but slightly watered-down. I like the amber one more.

11 Heather» My husband's absolute favorite. We live in a dry country so I drive 30 miles to get him some. He's worth it!

8 johnson» this was some good shit

11 Janet» Definately the best cider I've had. If you don't like beer (and even if you do) this is a great drink for you. I prefer the granny smith however the dark and dry is pretty good too!

9 Jim» If,like me,you like this sort if thing (and those of you who do will understand)Woodchuck offers the best of what we call the "hard ciders", and it gives me the BEST buzz.

6 timmy» cider jack is the best

0 Andrew» I call it "Upchuck Cider" because vomit is the flavor it leaves in the back of your throat.

8 SK» best cider out there

10 Kelly» This is my favorite cider and I have tried almost all of them available in the US.

9 Mike» Woodchuck Granny Smith is great, but of the four Woodchuck flavors I tasted in the holiday pack, the overall best is Dark and Dry.

8 Jerry» I have had several different ciders from Woodchuck and I like the sharp crisp taste of the Granny Smith's the best.

7 Marcus» Hi-class cider for the low class.

10 Paulette» This is one of my favorite ciders. Is is very "fizzy", and light. I don't like beer so when I go out with friends I can drink this all night

8 samuel» I'm not big on ciders, but I've had this one and I really like it.

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