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11 Tibet» Sorry S A for the negetive. sa beer is the very best. I think God drinks Samuel Adams, Its absotively the best. My mouth is watering just thinking of a V pcak.

0 Stanford» Beer battered anything but please, not for drinking, Drink 2xx lager especial, now were talking drink-ability.A Big Zero for drinking beer.A 9 for receipe beer.

0 gtlb» I just Have to say ALL samuel adams beer is crap I just threw away a whole case. Undrinkable as far as I am concerned. never again!!!!!!!

3 rokndady» I adored the Summer Ale...when that dried out after the season I though I would also like this...sorry, I'm just not buying it...too much of a liquorish ginger spice me the heavy jeebies.

1 Shock» Wow. I don't know what they did to this but it is horrible. I really enjoy SA beer's, but this smelled and tasted horrible. I couldn't finish it (but I did).

4 Scrappy» Seasonals are hit or miss. Octoberfest is a hit, all of this seasonal stuff in this pack is a miss. Cranberry Lambic? Leave the Lambics to the Belgians. Cinnamon'y & spiced beer does not make a good beer, so the Winter Lager should be retired too

11 Beer Lover» Samuel Adams is simply the BEST!!!!!

11 Mark B.» Winter Lager is definitely one of Sam's best. Theres nothing like having one of these while sitting on my back porch on a November evening.

6 Joe Blow» They need to dump that Old Fezziwig and the Cranberry crap. I get one of these from somebody every winter and usually end up tasting, then dumping the Cranberry and OF. Other than those, the samplers are quite good.

7 Brian Portland - OR» I look forward to the Winter variety pack every year. I really enjoy the Winter Lager, and to a lesser extent the Old Fezziwig. These are definitely seasonal beers, to be consumed at the fireside. The others are good, the lambic I don't care for.

11 yankeesSUCK» Sam Adams Boston Lager is by far my favorite brew... I also enjoyed the Winter Lager... something different and it warmed me up... hell I even made beer battered cod fish the other night... and what did I use... Sam's of course... delicious!!!

9 Davie» I love the Fezziwig and I will go on record as saying that I wish they would sell it in stand alone 6 packs like they used to it's the beer that started Sammies holiday beers and it is unique and exceptional - Ginger Malt Spice

9 BronxBomber» Goes great with Christmas dinner. Or with an Egg Nog. There is always a case in my house during the holiday season.

10 NIKKI SIXX » It great when your on the road and after a show.

9 Daniel» I cannot stand to stomache is the Cranberry LambicI still got two bottles unopen just stitting in my closet from Christmas. I'd have to say that other than the Boston Lager the best in the winter classics pack is the Winter Lager.

7 MichMicrobrewRules» Not bad. For a 'dark' lager it is pretty light. Hoppier than I would have expected but a pleasant side nonetheless. Bells Winter Ale is a better example of this style. You can definitely kill a six of these before you dive into the keg beer.

11 gobosox» The winter classics pack is the gretaest part of the holiday brew season. I'm downing the octoberfest right now but the months cant go by fast enough till the fezziwig, lambic and winter lager show up at my local brew store

2 Adirondacker» Boy does that stuff suck, I gave it a two rating 1 point cause it was cold and the second cause it was wet

8 TILAD-X» I've always enjoyed Boston Lager, so I knew that was a winner in this sampler. I'm not a fan of light beers, but the light Lager was pretty good. I loved the Winter and Boston Ales and the Cranberry Lambic, but I could do without Old Fezziwig.

10 SQLgeek» My favorite domestic beer. I have not seen this in stores for a year. Please help!

10 DND» This beer is the best stoff i aver drank ROCK ON!!

11 Bob» Holy shit i got so trashed, and got layed becasue of this wonderful beer.

6 N8TheGr8» Not bad...but not great either. The Winter Ale & Ol' Fezziwidg were the best, IMO. If you're buying a case of something else as well, and slip this in as the evening progresses. Your guests will thank U!

8 tancon» loved the winter lager

9 NYCMedic4729» The Cranberry is not a true 'Lambic' by Belgian diffinition. It is, however, one of my favorite seasonals. I became quite distressed a few years ago when Sam Adams stopped selling it by the case.

11 jmengate» Just admit it, Sam Adams Boston Lager Rocks!

9 a g-town alum» I'm wincing at your harsh review of my favorite seasonal sampler, enjoying an Old Fezziwig! True, I could live without the cranberry lambic. But I'd buy Old Fezzi by the case...

1 SuperDave» Tried Sam Adams Boston Lager, and it was just bad. Wow!! Bitter beer face. Tasted just like another bad tasting beer that is now (thankfully) discountined. Old Milwalkie Red. I couldn't choke down one Ol' Mil red or one SA boston lager. Yuck!!

10 Sam Adams winter » Not a bad thing you can say about it. Tastes better than any of the other flavors too bad they only produce it for 3 months.

7 opimist» the non-lambic beers in this selection are alright.

7 Brian» Its not a beer, its a LAMBIC. There is a differance and its suppose to taste that way.

7 a woman» i love lambics and these are okay. these beers don't derserve the bad rap you gave them just because you guys aren't lambic fans.

2 Uberhammer» Fruit has no place in a man's life, much less his beer.

5 beerman» so much fruit doesn't belong in beer. going to get a bad rep at bbco.

5 stinkypete» There is way too much fruit in this basket of beer.

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