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10 FL Fanatic» If you like Guinness, you'll enjoy Turbo Dog. Try to get it on tap if you can, delicious! Rich, dark, yet not too heavy.

5 Mick» Not the best brown ale.

10 Flash» Had one a couple of nights ago. Amazing!

0 Beer Lover» Emeril made this one famous. Too bitter.

10 Scrappy» WOW! Very, very good beer. Reminds me of Fat Tire Ale but a little twist different. Not as sweet as FTA, but wow what a beer and far superior to NCBA in taste.

10 fleetelvis» Owm a cajun bar in Memphis,Cayenne Moon, sell more on draft than Bud. Women tend to love it as do I.

11 Rocky» The Best

7 hooter» had my first turbodog last nught... with a yummy big ass burger.... very smooth.. light on the hops... definatly coffee chocolate malt... i didnt notice the alcohol to much.... but i know its there.. yummy beer.

10 Calvin» I'm drinking one right now in Indianapolis! Thank you, Abita!

10 MissAvarice» A friend recommended this beer to me at New World Brewery in Tampa, FL and I love it! It's much tastier than the light beers I'm used to, and very sweet. I agree that it goes with spicy food - we had a pepperoni/jalapeno pizza and it was still delish

10 tbonz/Signal Hill.Ca» I use this and root beer in my secret BBQ sauce! Twist everybody up and complements the high degree of Tobasco and Peanut Butter in the smokey smooth but chunky slather!

10 Bob» Next to Chimay this is by far my favorite beer...and much cheaper

10 BOB» One of the better beers in america. I can now get it in Beaufort, SC...what a treat. I've tried most of the Abita Beers..all great.

9 Jen L» I just found some in the Rainbow Grocery on Division in San Francisco. I'm a happy little Louisiana girl!

11 bayoubugger» As a louisiana native that grew up about 10 min away from the abita brew pub I drink all of the abita brews on a regular basis but I always go back to my beloved turbodog. To us there is beer and then there is turbodog

10 PulpFerris» Glorious!

9 gobosox55» just had 4 pints at the local pub, great stuff, almost has the sweetness of a milk stout.

10 Wikdog» Oh...the days of teenage regi interns and running the show in New Orleans. This is one fine Dirty South Brew!

11 frank» This is my favorite dark beer. Probably because I like chocolate.

10 StauntonBeatnik» I stumbled upon Turbo Dog at Baja Bean in Staunton, VA on tap. It was an excellent complement to the meal, if not a meal in and of itself. I had been searching for a chocolate beer, and as the adage goes – there’s nothing like the first time.

11 FtWorthSaucer» Exactly as described, GREAT with any sort of spicy food. I myself, love the dog any ol' time of the day. I found this at a local pub and havent been able to keep my mitts off of it. Highly Recommended!

10 Rob» Heavy as lead, loved every single drop.

9 Flad» Great beer! I'm a little partial being a Louisiana boy but Turbo Dog will always have a special place in my heart. Not an everyday beer, but once in a while you're in the mood for something dark and chocolatey.

11 Darkbeer Mayne» I have been a long fan of the darker beers...Guiness, Killian's, Bass, Newcastle, etc...and I tried TurboDog at the Fox and Hound in Memphis, TN. Maaaan, it was sweet. Well anything would be sweet after two pints of G but TurboDog is unusually good

11 Emeril Lagasse» Kick it up a notch... BAM!

10 RobAlky» Going to drink it @ a bar for $2 pints.Love the T-Dog! (Try Richmond, VA's Legend Lager.)

11 Tulane» This was my most important discovery while in school at Tulane. Lucky for me, they stock it in the stores in Dallas. From the fist day I drank it 7 years ago, it is still my favorite.

11 DuffMan» This has got to be one of the best microbrews I've picked up here in a LONG time

11 goodbye joe.» zydeco, mud bug etoufee and turbo dog, that's what heaven has got to be like.

11 Love brew» Great !

11 E.K. Goldings» Dang nice beer. Think of it as a pale ale with chocolate malt added for complexity. My favorite Abita beer for session drinking or kicking back on the back porch grilling some steaks. Anybody calling this pisswater has their panties on too tight.

8 Dennis» A bit heavy for my usual tastes, but a great beer nonetheless.

11 Sal» Live down the road from the brewery. Always have loved this beer. Rich and dark...almost like a Guinness of Louisiana? Check out their Andy Gator, thats another good one.

11 Alicia» I loved the Turbo Dog beer so much... I named my Dog "Turbo Dog"!! We just call her Turbo.

11 sciguy» Turbodog-hard to get, but easy on the draw. If you like Guiness, you'll love Abita Turbodog. Pour high for a rolling head.

10 NoDonkey» It does go quite well with hot food, the kind you'll find in New Orleans, or with your own homemade chili. It's hard to find up here in Virginia, but I always buy it when I see it.

8 UMM-Beer» Very good brew. Quality not as good a years past..Brewmaster not allowing it to age as long as he should.

10 LuvDaBeer» Not only does Turbo Dog beat the hell outta most other beers, you gotta look for their Purple Haze...gre-a-a-a-t buzz!

10 Tony» Great memories of drinking Turbo Dog, pinching tails and sucking heads.

0 Superman» Piss water

10 shane» I'm about 10 minutes from the brewery -- I suggest Amber, and Golden also. ALL ABITA BEERS ARE GREAT

11 TTequila» I've been addicted to Turbo-Dog for years -- became a master at smuggling a suitcase full of six packs from New Orleans back to California!

11 Steve» Turbodog rocks. I'm native and don't know any pig-squealers. I like all Abita brews, but they do a craft batch every year for one of the brother's law firms that puts all their other brews to shame. Mmmm. Delicious Abita.

9 kdk» if you like Abita and can get your hands on it, always go for their ANDY GATOR! Higher alcohol content than regular beer and it tastes great.

11 Hopper» Yeah, baby, this is the ticket to heaven....

10 Rich» Great beer. Much better than their Amber or P.Haze. You can get it in D.C. -b.t.w.

10 Johnathan» the whole damn Abita lineup is great...wren in Nashville, the Flying Saucem has thc full lineup on draft...

10 Elizabeth» Excellent beer...Abita Amber is also very good.

10 BigJohn» Being a HUGE Emeril fan, I had to try it. It was excellent. Very good if you like porters. Would recommend to anyone.

10 BuzzHead» This beer was great. If you ever get the chance, you have to stop by the brewery. It was absolutely fabulous. P.S. Bring a DD. The taps flow free.

11 Bluzyhound» Well Folks, This beer is great! I was lucky enough to go to the plant in Abita Springs La. and sample all the Abita Boys had to offer. Purle Haze was great also.

11 Nick» This beer has changed my life

11 Pat» On draft, this is the best beer there is. Tastes different out of the bottle, but is still great.

11 Barlow» This beer is all the reviewer says it is. It showed up here in St. Louis on tap a little while back, and it was easily the best beer I've ever had.

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