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11 Senor red can» Damn good beer, especially after a soccer game.

10 Darin» Good beer to drink.. not as good as Corona Light but better than any American beers

5 Buffy» I like 2xx especial lager but what can I say? mexican beer is the best in the world period. want crap? try samuel adams.

4 Alcoholic King» Has plenty of flavor, starts out a bit rough like a Mexican PBR. But behind that initial bite is nothing. Everything goes flat. Kind of a one hit wonder, but I prefer it over most domestics.

9 lakebum» I never thought id be a tecate drinker but I am now. When i was a kid my mom used to drink this stuff when we would go to mexico. So I got some for the lake trip and low and behold the stuff was a hit. I liked and so did everyone else.

10 carlos d» it comes in dark glass bottles, too. and it is crazy good. ties with carta blanca for me.

10 SEDUCtiVE SAyS» tecate is the shit homie

6 DJ» I actually prefer Carta Blanca, but Tecate is actually darn good beer. It reminds me of Dixie Beer from when I was a teenager in the 70s, it's a lot like the older American beers when they actually had a bit of taste.

8 Pete» I drink Tecate nearly everyday. I can't afford to drink my favorite beers daily, they are too expensive. Tecate is a good beer for the price, beats Bud, Miller, and other cheap mainstream domestics by a mile. A 24 oz. is only about $2.00

8 tom» I grew up around San Antonio and just the other side of the border from Tecate in cali and have always liked it. I don't put lime in it but sometimes I get the urge to sprinkle some twang in it (sal con limon).

10 junior davis» does it have less calories

7 JohnnyRCP» Good for when you have only 10 bucks for a 18 pack!

9 arn bundy» Ah, Tecate. Took a bus trip to Cancun and they were selling these things for 9 pesos ($1) at the time in the Mexican equivilent of Target. I kept going in the store over and over again. And then the bus had jugs of this stuff.

8 OptimusPabst» Pretty good. I'll only order this at my local Mexican restaurant when they have it in cans though (much the same way I steer clear of PBR in bottles). A crushed Tecate tall boy in your backyard is a better burglar deterrent than ADT.

9 Octoberfest» When I dont feel like spending all my money on Corona. I get a 30 pack of TECATE. fill my glass up with it , squeeze a lime , and I have 30 to drink for the same price i would have payed for a 12pack of Corona longnecks

11 Al» Best damn beer around,highly recomended! Hope they have it in the U.P."Ontonagon" when I get back there! Al

7 Scrappy» Tecate is kind of like the Budweiser of Mexico, but is so much better than bud.

10 fatman» great beer!!!!!

11 AJBeers» Tecate is a standout among Mexican Beers, Very good, Very distinct!

9 El Cabron» Tecate is great with a squeeze of lime and a sprinkle of salt on the rim of the can! Make sure that it is ice cold before drinking.

10 carolina» is Tecate Light available in U.S?

10 Fernando» Tecate Light.. smooth and easy then dos equis i like em both....bought right here in the good ol U S A.......

9 T- Bone» I'm drinking a Tecate Light right now - tastes good. I've tried many mex. beers and found DosEquis (green) to be good - but Tecate is one of the smoothest. Jimmy Buffet Land Shark is very good - much better than Corona. Only in select markets -

1 Joe to beer pro» The water-y-ist Mexican beer I had,almost as watery as Coors Lt. I would rather have a Modelo Especial.


10 Jennifer» My boyfriend is mexican and has several Mexican restuarants in OH. When we go down to his parents Ranch outside Guanajato, tecate is our favorite with some salsa, lime and salt on the rim of the can. Tapetio is a good one. Try it!!

11 Chaos» I have been drinking it for about 10 years. My favorite Mexican beer. If you like Tecate also try Pacifico,Sol,Modelo, and Red Stripe (Jamacia).

11 mexican boozer» TECATE is my favotite beer. TECATE also has TECACTE LIGHT but only sold in MEXICO.

8 dh» good stuff!!

10 fucking shit» kt sucks dick

10 Immanuel M. Alvarado» Tecate is a good beer, It's a beer to chill by, If you have had a hard-day, I don't care what other people think, I like it, What does Juan know, he just a Mexican, but, then again so I'm, I!!!!!!

11 Brandon» Made Corona seen like a joke

8 The Beermansez» Nice summer beer with a fairly crisp finish


8 Tiemler» Tastes just a bit similar to my favorite ale, Pyramid Hefeweizen. I said a bit, not indistinguishable. Anyway, it is evidence of how badly beer consumers in the US get screwed. Any American brew that sells as cheap as Tecate is tasteless and flat in comparison. Try it!

0 Juan» tecate is BAD. its watered down, and CHEAP. kids won't even drink it. I live in mexico, its the worst quality, most watered down, cheapest beer sold.

10 budman» had a bottle of tecate yesterday for the 1st time, best beer i've had in a very long time.

3 seth» even on a hot day i couldnt drink i really gave it a shot and i had to throw it out

9 klrmlr» I agree that Tacate is a good tasting beer. I first tried it while on a triop to Mexico. I have found it here (In Northern Nevada) and drink it often here. I have also found it in Bottles and it does taste good, but I do like the can taste better.

3 There are reasons Mexicans squeeze limes into their beer. Tecate and Corona are the first two that come to mind. Far better than Corona, but still far from good.

0 El Diablo» AWFUL one of the worst beers in the world.

9 Kylie» My father travels to Mexico and South America occasionally on business, and on one of these trips was served Tecate with a lime squeezed into the can and around the rim and then salted on top so that you get the flavor as you sip it. Try it!

11 Pooper» Great stuff. I dont know what some of the other people are sayin about hangovers but this is the only beer i have never revieved on from. Great Stuff

4 malaman» tecate = hangover

8 Schizferatu» Tastes a lot like Modelo I think. Has a little more punch though. Served extremely cold, this stuff just tickles my tongue. Worth a try!

10 Al» Tecate has been one of my favorite beers for 25 years but it seems like over the past several months the taste has changed. .I've noticed the new label , did they get bought out? But yeah, always the can and a lime is fine but I never use salt.The 10 is for the old taste.

9 leon el gringo» Tecate is fast becoming a popular import out here on the East Coast. I got hooked while visiting friends out in Colorado, and convinced our local distributor to pack up the cooler with a few cases. Cheap in price, rich in flavor, perfecto summer brew

9 paolo di canada» one of the cleanest and crispest tasting beers I've tasted--including Molsons,Labatt,etc

11 Ricardo» It's an awesome beer u can drink it with lime and salt of course also u can drink it with "Clamato" here we call it "Chabelas" i live in a hot city that drink so much TKT and believe me we know about TKT.Mexicali México.

10 WeeMan» Pretty damn good beer, reminds me of Imperial, Costa Ricas beer of choice.

0 Rappster» Tastes like a tin can

8 SxyBeerBeotch» I agree with the review. I would like to add however that after several Tecate I find a shot of Tequila kills the slight bitter aftertaste.

7 Valentinesday» good beer, but i get the runs the next day!

11 MAC 1O» all i drink is tecate its the best plus where im from its bottled and u can buy it off the line there is a place to drink it. arriba el cerro de la silla.. monterrey nuevo leon

8 Brian The Pappy» !Absolutemente! Muy sabrosa(very tasty)...they do not call it El Orgullo de Mexico (The Pride of Mexico" with good reason. I grew up not far from a popular mexican bar and believe me, they sold enough bottles, for those of you with aesthetic values.

6 Tecate Lover» Bad review guy, I drink Tecate all the time and it is always best with lime and salt. Tecate comes in 2 size cans, 3 size bottles and on tap. To top it off both Corona and Dos equis come in cans. Learn about a beer before you talk about it...

7 gr8byme» it's the good b--r

11 anthony_cali» went from bud to decision i've made in my life!

11 Ulrich Hustedt» I used to live in El Paso/Tx in the seventies. Now a friend brought Tecate to me in Germany and it tasted still as good as then.

11 Irene» I Loved Tecate Light!! Drinking Tecate Light in Sinaloa was the best

0 gobosox» mexican beer is piss, long live Samuel Adams

11 VINCE NEIL» After a ROCKEN show I love a HOT women and, and a After a ROCKEN show i LOVE a HOT women and, a TECATE.

10 emily» i love tecate... today i had it on tap.. i never saw it served on draft before.. but still love it all the same

7 RevJim» Comes in cans so it's the outdoor concert beer of choice. After 10 hours of Texas heat and hard pounding rock-a-billy, this swill is Dom Perignon.

10 chi-town» I love Tecate. I've switced from Corona.

10 keith» best beer south of the border

10 ElPedo» Very good beer, i also like the "light" version, i prefer drinking this on winters i dunno, to me Corona is better on summer

11 sunshine» Use to drink bud light,drop the zero and went with the drinking hero (TECATE)!!!!!

10 mijo» i havent bought corona in a long time and I saw this page which hits the nail on the head.

3 Jorge» Tecate is not that good, there is a beer in Mexico that is not in this list,I don't think is sold in the U.S (Victoria) the best Mexican beer I would give a 20.

11 the mooks» awsome beer best mexican beer out there. love the one in red

11 SooooneR» Frozen Mug with Lime pulp and salt makes this the best beer around.

7 CheapBeerForever» One of the cheaper Mexican beers I have seen..if not the cheapest. And hell, it sure is better than Corona. You shouldn't need much more reason to buy it if you want a Mexican, lighter, lager-style beer.

8 Lodui» Tecate is underrated as far as Mexican beers go, great flavor, and is the only mexican beer I've tasted to embrace the can. Way to go little buddy.

11 charro» Good beer, actually it is produced across the street in my town Obregon Sonora, mexico. if you have an oportunity try a "cahuama" which is the one liter presentation.

9 TNT» Great inexpensive Mexican beer.

1 Alexandra» tecate's site is

11 queen j» my favorite beer

11 jabroni» best damn beer south of the border if you ask my liver.

9 Lefty» I really enjoy the beer, but miss the light version. Is it possible to order here in the states? Anyone?

11 Migs» you guys need to try Tecate with lime, salt and a dash of tabasco sauce on the mouth piece. It gives it a kick. Im sure you're thinking "hell no thats nasty" Don't knock it til you try it.

11 iwant» im having a TECATE right now.. mmmm do i need to kill the amoebas? cause ive always drank it as it was.

9 Canberra» Great beer, great flavor

8 rankin fred» Underrated (and,by the way,available in brown glass bottles),this is the people's Mexican beer. Clear and crisp and perfect with comidas mexicanos.

9 BR» Like any beer in a can, best if you drink within 30 days of processing. If you get one that fresh, it is like spring water with a punch. "Icy cold and not too old"!

10 rpmtrap» Tecate is the best beer in a can!! It is my 2nd favorite Mexican beer next Pacifico directly from Mazatlan. You must try Tecate w/ Chalula Hot sauce on the lip and a little in the can, great for hang overs from to much Takillya

4 Jane» You guys gotta be kidding me. Tecate is ok if you are on the beach and it's 100 degrees in the shade and you can't drink the water. I guarantee: drink a Negra Modelo then a Tecate and you will definately taste the difference in quality and taste.

11 Nido Deuce» Tecate is the %#it!....I love all Mexican beers, but this one converted me. Corona is good....but no Tecate it will ever be!

10 Pancho_Villa» Viva MExico cabrones!!!!!!!

11 super cuidado» Tecate is the finest beer ever produced. The gods on Mount Olympus would drink it, but they can't, because it's too good for them.

9 HoserUpNorth» Great Beer- more substance to it than your average mexican cerveza, nice color, good taste and the Tecate Girls aren't too shabby either

0 Rappster» Tastes like a tin can.

7 Arturo» Me gusta mucho la cerveza tecate porque soy un borrachito!!Tomatele helada gringo!!

9 Mikey Mike» I like this beer alot. Definitely in my top five. I like it best in a can though.

11 cerveza» good in US. even better in brown bottle in Mexico. greatest ever!!!!!

11 Angelina» Tecate is by far my most favorite beer! It has an amazingly fresh and crisp taste that I can NEVER get enough of! I will never stop loving it!

11 Kelly Hanna» Tecate is the best for those who love cold beer pulled out of an ice water bath. The cans are the best!!

10 Tecate is lord......» Tecate is my fightin' beer. It ranks 2nd to only Widmer Heff. It is sharp and tasty. If you like beer, you like tecate, try it with 11 more tecates!!!

5 ArQ» i bet you're a weekend warrior who drinks almos anything in reach of hand (or wallet). Mexicans leave canned brew to lazy gringos who cant open a bottle. there are 45 major brands of beer in mexico. Tecate its not a good one. not even a fair one. try

10 el hombre numero uno» Tecate is Awesome! So what if it's ugly and Mexican? Drink it cold with or without lime, but don't drink it warm (any beer should be cold)

10 jennie rose» I loved when i was in mexico... i even named my lil tea cup chihuahua after it cuz he's mexican

2 sickerly» it tastes bitter and it doesn't go down easy

0 nitro-gut» for me, this beer takes second place to Kokanee for worst beer ever. i'm pretty sure it's filtered through a Hefty Bag.

9 cartman» a good mexican beer

10 Gordo» Perhaps not the number one beer in the whole world but by far better than Budweiser.

4 Flad» Sorry folks. This beer tastes like any mass produced American swill to me. It even has a nice aluminum "finish" from the ugly can it comes in.

11 Freon» The commercials for it in Mexico say it should be served with lime and salt.

10 Johnny» Tecate is great..try it with lime and a lil hot sauce..


11 higherimagez» good beer.. taste great ice cold


11 leo...» Finally, a cold latina, just sucked me up, twisted me around, stiffed me up, and spit me back out... to the last thirst drop....

9 upyours007» Actually Tecate was the first beer to be served with lime. It looks like Brian and his Belly or the amateurs here.

11 Chris» Tecate rulez, its the beer of choice in mexico cabrones!

11 Antwon» My favorite My Favorite. Trust me. Trust me.

8 BIG AL» the colder you drink it the better, but if you really want taste a real beer you got to try (FAT TIRE)-brewed at fort collings, colorado

11 PePe Chupa» I just barfed. (By the way, I don't remember eating that.) It tasted just as good coming back up!!! TECATE RULES!

11 PePe Chupa» WOW~ it is so good I am getting drunk on it right now! my speling wil soon git bad cuz titcotty rocks!!! enojoy

7 Sharky» Not bad...but if you're looking for flavour in a Mexican cerveza, try Negra Modelo.

10 el gringo» This beer is so good!! I think it's great when the retards at the "Mexican" restaurant try to sell me a corona... corona is used bud light- and any bud product is worse than used Tecate! Enjoy!

11 Titi Mendoza» This goes for all you men that drink other than TKT, "stop drinking like pussies and have MANLY beer.

11 gallo » the best beer in colton with lime salt and clamato

10 stephen» had this in cozumel, def a strong beer that will get you crocked, and it tastes MUCH better with a lime in it

9 BTC» Caliente!!! muy!!!!

8 Kevin Conrad» Tecate is a great cerveza. I live down on the border not to far from the town and brewery of tecate. You can get it in a bottle, but they use brown glass like a proud brewer. the cans are mas barratos

11 Cruz» My favorite beer. All I drink. It taste great cold and just as good warm.

10 meme» tecate is a delicious beer. for those who are not into it, i suggest going back to your bud or corona watered down wanna be beer product.

11 Angelina» Tecate is the BEST BEER IN THE WORLD! It's so much crisper and fresher in Mexico than in the U.S.

10 tkt drinker» tecate beer kick ass !! corona suck big time guys thats all i can say. hasta la taco.

11 Bill2571» Brought a 12-pack back from Mexico....good stuff.


8 h2oman» mucho cerveza, muy,muy mucho


3 ukiddin?» tastes like a dirty coors light to me

9 Goat» Tecate is a great beer. I'll have another........

10 daddy» yummy, yummy. The beer I got your mother drunk on.

10 Brian» Great does come in a dark bottle. I like the frozen mug with salted rim and lime. TECATE ROCKS!

11 tkt lover» this is a beer for the hot days, wheter is on the beach, or anywhere else. negra modelo and XX ambar are for enjoying them, also try bohemia, that beer's also great.

11 shiznit» i like ass. and i like this beer. im out. peace

9 liljay» woohoo...on tap in a big mug or in that tight red can, hit me off bar made.

11 Rod» Tecate on tap, baby! NO LIME! BIG MUG! Bring me another!

9 paul» you peoples are funny, why use a lime, i can admit its not the best but its realy cheap in costs,also evry good on a hot day, make sure the beer is cold though

10 kelly» Great beer for the summer. Add a little lime and salt the rim of the can and it DOESN'T get any better! This beer rocks. If you don't like lighter beer, then keep drinking Guinness. I love Tecate!

5 Brian» Just a bad beer

11 Optic» Heavy beer drinker... TECATE KICKS! The bottle is an attempt to get those "other" beer drinkers to switch. The CAN is the only way to go!!

10 dmodeman» This beer taste better than anything any gringo has ever come up with. Next time you want to fertilize your lawn, use that crap they charge $6.50 a bottle at dodger games, better known as Budlight.

7 joyboy» Hey Alberto...amoeba comment's not meant to insult, just a cheap laugh. Nothing's sacred (except the beer). Cheers!

1 JD from Texas» Vile, tinny tasting swill, in the can, not much better in the bottle. Corona is just 'trendy". Dos Equis, Sol or Pacifico is the stuff you want. Tecate is Lawn "fertilizer" beer more like

8 scoho» Best beer in a can!

6 RH» Beats the crap out of Corona. Just as good as Dos Equis...unless it's on tap. mmmm... Dos Equis on tap...aaaqgggg!

6 Heath» The Bud/Bud Light of Mexico. Not meant as a complement. Pacifico is a much better choice for a light beer on a hot day.

8 scott» Just for the record, Tecate and Tecate Light are sold in dark bottles as well as cans (the can is more common). And Dos X is also sold in cans.

8 Alberto» Great beer for food and sunny beaches. Rob stop the nonsense about amoebas in any water based product in Mexico. Viva beer

11 David» The best beer in the world. A great bold taste. Great anytime.

10 TJDOTCOMMIE » A good, clean, crisp flavor. Probably the best lawnmower beer you can buy!

9 Rick» A light, but quenching brew. Best on a beach. Perfect compliment to mexican food--especially fish tacos.

9 JDK» Tecate in the can is great. I always use lime. A true mexican beer is chilled in ice, never a fridge. It tastes better.

10 mtvista» ice cold . salted rim . twist of lime. light and refreshing.

10 dan/albuquerque» tecate,poured over glass of ice w/lime on the side.


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