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11 Ryan» Great beer. I had it my first time on a booze cruise in Mexico. It is possibly the best beer i've ever tasted and will pay good money to obtain some. If anyone knows where i can get some here in the states, please let me know.

10 beerboy» this is the best mexican beer. great memories from vacations south of the border.

1 Paper Clip» Tastes like sweat wrung from a gorillas hairy armpit, Tripod and Mummy agree. Carta Blanca rules, it's the only Mexican cervesa. KoKo lives!

9 bobby m» I was recently in mexico and tried superior for the first time. it was ice cold and perfect in the mexican heat.

9 jimmy» best mexican beer!

10 beerluvinchick» I drank my 1st Superior on a booze cruise to Isla Mujeres-it was love at 1st chug!

7 Gil Sal» While playing roundball in Mexico for two years, twenty years ago, Superior was my favorite beverage to help keep some weight on while battling Montezuma's Revenge. Delightful.

8 jimbob» sounds good but i am very sick of all the stupid reviews posted by the idiot that says "boys" way to f'ing much in idiotic, almost incomprehensible statements about beer .

7 NotAsWellSpoke» A good beer, but Kirsty Alley's 'cheek tone love' is probably worse.

6 wellspoke» Superior superdidiliocous boys. Collective flesh toned goodness. No melonoma here boys. for lovin' boys. Yes. Ooh la la. like Kirsty Alley's cheek tone love boys.

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