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11 Mike G» A few of years ago Consumer Reports rated Sierra Nevada Pale Ale the highest of all beers and wines in the U.S. I had a six pack in my fridge, and thought "I am a man of good taste!" It's my absolute favorite!!

11 Mick» True king of Pale Ale!!!! Just perfect!!!

10 Scouser» Great beer.

10 Uncle Paul» I keep lots of this beer around. It always hits the spot. Love the hops...

11 DodgerHater» perfection

10 OptimusPabst» Sierra Nevada Pale Ale never lets me down. Tastes strong (i.e hoppy) to the uninitiated (i.e. BMC drinkers) until you sample their stronger stuff (Celebration Ale, Bigfoot). Best thing about Sierra Nevada's brews are that they are always...CONSISTENT

8 Scrappy» Good Pale Ale, 'nuff said. Hoppy but not too hoppy, crisp goodness.

10 Mike D» yip yip yip yefs. I ruv so much.

10 kk» Yes, there are better beers...but I always have Sierra stocked in my fridge!

11 McFly» my beer of choice...a perfect american ale

10 Michael» I love this stuff!!

10 rex II» Hands down the best beer you can buy anywhere in the country, only red stripe kicks it's ass.

11 Oscar Mayer» This is the beer to have if you are on a desert island and can only have one.

7 tonedef» had this beer for the first time in vegas and i must say that i was impressed. its taste is different but its very good.

9 tkhammer» My top choice and always asked for when ordering, can gtet a little heavy after 3 or 4. The aroma, taste and color keeps me coming back.

10 Synthobsession» The best Pale Ale ever!

11 gerhard911» Top Shelf brew.


10 DANg» goooood shit.

6 erk» Brewed near me in Nor-Cal, tons of people drink it because it's cheap (around here)and decent. But damn does it taste soapy. Gives me heartburn too.

9 ford4x4» If I have to buy beer at the local grocery store (which isn't often), this is the one I'll go for.

0 Con is Sewer» Got this from a beer club... drank one and poured the rest down the drain. Works like draino

11 Doc Suds» If a bar has this on tap I always start with this and usually end with it. A fine beer to have with a burger.

5 nor cal beerophile» SNPA is the beer everyone drinks to show they know something about beer... it's okay, but about half as good as everyone thinks. the soapy end notes don't help.

10 VINCE NEIL» Tast great after a ROCKEN show.

11 Crüz Brüz» Well said Nigel, but don't even point at it! Beautiful, Real, Beer!

1 Sierra hater» Bitter as hell. Tastes like brewed ear wax.

11 Bill K» This is my all time fav. Pale Ale. The hoppy taste and amazing aroma is enough to lure any beer drinker in.

11 Nigel» Because I like my ales to go to 11.

11 Merv the Perv» The most perfect beverage produced by humans in all of history.

11 Bob» This is my favorite beer of all time, next to Checkvar. It always tastes good, regardless of season. Just as good on a hot summer day after cutting the grass as it is on a cold February saturday night with hot pizza.

11 doug k» I like it, I-like-it-alot

10 me-again» After drinking this........all other beers I've had previously are now undrinkable. This is my favorite for now. I also really like the Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, but it's not available all year. Pale Ale is.

9 tiger» snpa is the standard , respected as the best, but, not the best tasting. snpa is just "the best"

11 Brian» best beer brewed in america

11 saganashkee slough» this ale has flavor similar to san miguel,which i consumed heavily in malaga 1993.

10 Seth Hudson» My favrote beer for 2 reasons: always good and easy to get. I have beers I like more, but who wants to go on a beer expedition to get a HOP ROD RYE or a DEAD GUY? God forbid a Rogue IP2A! SNPA all day long baby!

10 cap83» i work in a bar in southern AZ. 25 minutes from mexico. i sell more of this on tap than any other beer in the bar. the best ever.

10 chubby» nothing beats that 3 sierra high

9 deez nutz» very good beer goes down smooth, very refreshing taste can't wait to buy more

8 Flad» It's good to see a large U.S. brewery produce something this good. Like most pale ale, however, more than two pints leaves my stomach in knots.

11 sierraman» been drinking SNPA 20 years and haven't found any better American ale, although i have tried dozens upon dozens (if not hundreds)

10 TonyC» Outstanding pale ale. This is a close second to my favorite Harpoon IPA

10 Chooch» Best pale ale I have had. Very good.

11 PBRmeASAP» there's no such thing as too much hops!! I especially love its chewy, yet crispy mouthfeel. I'm gonna drink two or three as soon as I get to the house this evening. Utter hop bliss.

11 Joel E.» SNPA is the best tasting beer brewed in the US - bar none!

10 Tommybuoy» My top choice if on tap.

11 jmz the tool» beer cannot get any better. I'm thirsty!

4 SuperDave» I tried this expecting a great beer. It was a bitter letdown, literaly. Wow!, this is bitter beer (to much hops perhaps?)Anyway, it wasn't what I was hoping for. Just to bitter for my taste.

11 stumpy» without a doubt the greatest ale ever made...

10 fretlessman71» THIS is what an american pale ale is supposed to be like. Jon, next time try pouring it slowly into a glass instead of sucking on the bottle... :-D

10 joe» 4 words: jon is an idiot

9 Louis» My beer of choice, $10 a 12 pack here in San Diego. But their Bigfoot Ale is really killer!

4 Jon» One word: yuck.

10 texascarl» Classic American Pale Ale. Local brewery does a good job w/Pale Ale so I usually buy this one when I travel. Hop heads delight.

10 Ikejames» I'll admit being a neophyte in the beer world, but I still haven't found a domestic brewer that is better than Sierra Nevada.

7 BizSAR» Good for when you're normal complement of ales can't be found. In the Midwest, for instance, it's a Godsend if you can find it.

7 novakaine» Its pretty good, also pretty average nowadays. I'll take a Lagunitas 1st any day.

11 Sierraphan» Ohhh, the day I tasted my first SNPA (probably 10 years ago). At the time I was on the search for my favorite beer, and although I still search, I haven't found anything that I like better yet.

9 mojo» Here locally we have Tanhauser pale ale, and I fell in love! So I went searching for a bottled version...Red hook was close, but SNPA was nirvana.

10 Ben Dutro» Damn tasty beer. Better on a hot day when you're craving that refreshing finish. If you're ever in N. CA go to Sierra Nevada's brewery in Chico! They have special beers there that never ship out!

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