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9 Scrappy» Someone broke out their reserved case of it at the last beer tasting party. OMFG is this a good tasting beer. Thumbs up to the Spoetzl folks again.

5 Missing a Bud!» Great website, but you are missing Bud Select!!

5 Santyiago» It is ok. Not the best I've had, but not the worst. A little too chocolatey for me.

9 Brewster» A Texas WINTER Ale sounds like Ohio chili but Shiners stuff is good. Happy Tofurkey Day to my fellow vegies. (I'm a conessour of beer, not meat)

11 stewsbrew» it goes to 11!

10 Doc» Shiner Bocktoberfest ROCKS!!!!!!

10 Big D» I always thank my lucky stars that I'm in Texas and that Shiner makes Winter Ale. Damn, it's tasty!

10 gopdomer» I drove 15 hours for this beer and it was worth it. God bless Texas!

9 charlie» this is nice. only had the chance of drinking it once, ut thats a fond memory.

11 GospelBilly» Farfegnugen!

8 jolietjake» Probably like a lot of other people, I don't know a dunkelweizen from a volkswagon... I just know that I like it.

8 berelovre» This is a very good 'winter' brew. It is my choice during the holidays... hope you can get it where you are.

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