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11 210to808» I Lived in texas while in the army and shiner was the only beer i drank i love it. i live in hawaii now and haven't found it yet, needless to say i haven't had a beer in ages.

11 Blow Pop» The only beer to drink!!

10 OptimusPabst» An acquired taste (wasn't sold on it at first). Smooth, refreshing, great beer for those of us living in the Southwest who want a darker beer but still are dealing with 100+ degree days in September. Great to simmer brats in too.

11 Manny» Best American beer there is. Every thing else is piss water. Don't Mess With Tx......

10 Matt» One of my top-5 favorite beers. I have to go a liquor store if I want to get 6.0%, because I live in Oklahoma. Wish we would make 6.0 legal instead of our 3.2% drawback of living here I guess.

10 BillyGTexas» Excellent beer, some may hate it's sweet and relaxed taste, but I love it.

11 woody» Nothing is finer than an icy cold shiner. i have a rotation i put two mugs and 2 shiners in the freezer take one out just b4 freezing drink with ice in it ruined me for life and i have drank all around the world. iam getting my own kegarator of shine

6 Alcoholic King» In my opinion the quality of the bottled product has gone down as of late. Could be they are tinkering with the formula to try to appease modern 'tastes'. But when I want a Bock I want a Bock, not this sweet caramelly conction now labelled Shiner.

10 kb» This was a nice surprise when I found it in a hole-in-the-wall in Cincinnati. Great stuff, I just wish I could find more places that have it on tap this far away from Texas.

10 briar rose» Went to see the Stones movie and had a Shiner draft at the restaurant before showtime. Altho it was flat with no head, I loved it! Kinda sweet, real pot smokers style beer.

11 Mattnatvtxn» Shiner is my brother and I, favorite. Nothing better than tossin' down a few, and talkin baseball. We have it on tap in the ballpark in Arlington. You can get the other flavors from Shiner there also. Ahh it's good to be from Texas.

11 DavidinDallas» Shiner Bock has been one of Texas's best kept secrets and the rest of the country I guess missed out. Another reason the east coast sucks!

11 Leo » Ha Ha suckers, in Houston we get Shiner year round. God is good to us here. Sorry guys! Did not want to brag only celebrate that I dont have to wait months to get a frost cold one.

8 DJ» Whenever I have to leave Texas and go to some helhole like Boston or God forbid, New York, I like to annoy the always surly bartenders by ordering a Shiner Bock. Never got one yet, but there's always hope.

11 Quirky» Yes, agreed. The best darned beer available in the State of Albuquerque... When asked what I drink, I always say "Shiner Bock & Plenty Of It !!!"

11 Matt in Ohio» Had my first Big A** Glass at Dick's L.R. on San.Ann's river walk in '91. About 2 yrs back, they FINALLY made the trip to Ohio w/da truck.I have been saved!

11 westxun» Had my 1st Shiner while playing moon at the Chicken in College Station. Must have been 1979. "...Wow.. that beer is dark!"

9 keef» good beer "where da white women at"

5 Uncle Paul» Used to good....Maybe I don't like bock's anymore. Heck,I don't know. The last few Shiner's I've had have tasted like cheap grape wine. Ugggh.

11 paul» Excellent!!

11 elliott» all of the army guys at fort sam love the beer you mad

11 Allen» Best damn beer ever.

11 Scrappy» This is what beer should be.

11 me» best i ever had

10 ElJefe» Shiner Bock is a savior. It is a very good beer, and down here in H-Town, practically every place has it, so getting stuck with MudLight is not even a worry.

11 Kev» What can i say both my uncle and grandmother work at the brewery. This Beer perfectly compliments the blood in my veins! mmmmmmmmm!!! So tasty

11 Stephen» Shiner Bock is a damn good beer. Also, It's way above Lone Star. Shame on you for saying that piss water is better. I love me some Shiner Bock. Stephen

11 poote dickerson» what can anybody say besides its the best beer by far.

11 lisa nelson» Its the best beer i have ever tasted.

10 Sonar» I have been a huge fan of this beer, everything just pales in comparison to drinking Shiner on tap, so smooth, so tasty. It just isn't the same when bottled.

10 Zap» Always looked forward to having some when visiting Texas, but am now finding it bottled and on tap in the Chicago area!!!

10 biggin» this beer sells out in colorado bars. The molson just gets old!

11 Texan gone PA» I love Shiner and always have! I am getting more and more people turned on to it in Pttsburgh, PA.

10 JBuzz» By far the best commercial beer brewed in America. Only one step below Trappist beers.

11 ptcgermania» One correction, Bock is not a seasonal brew. It is available year-round. It is the best Bock out there, hands down.

11 theDAVE100» Shiner- the breakfast of champions!

11 Bradley Rex» Awsome Beer


10 Chris» Can't get between this cowboy and his Shiner. Lone Star is just water compared to the taste of that bock beer after a hard day on the ranch.

0 MolsonMatt» This beer sold poorly in my bar and drank even worse

7 Jowee Tee» Not bad, but not great. Seemed better 15 years ago when the bars use to give it to the bands for free.

10 Rick» I drink two kinds of beer... Shiner and free!

11 Tennessee» best beer I ever drank

11 Todd Reuschlein» Shiner Bock Beer is flat out, the best damn beer made anywhere in the known universe. God Bless the employees who make it and may he always find room in my fridge for another bottle. IT IS AWESOME BEER!!

10 JennyGirl» The only beer I will drink. And I mean the ONLY beer.

11 shaun» i used to drink this stuff all the time when i lived in texas and now i cant find the stuff in wisconsin there has to be somewhere to get the stuff

11 aznative» best beer..anytime anywhere.

9 Michigander» Got introduced to Shiner Bock in Tennessee two years ago. Loved It! Terrific hot weather beer! Can't get it Michigan. Was is Nashville last weekend so I had to bring two cases home!

10 David» As far as the comparison to lone star...that's total bullshit. That's like saying milwaukee's best is similar to even budweiser select. Shiner beer is so damn smooth, no harsh after taste, and downright syrupy. MMMMMMM

11 BenTharDunIt» I can only wish that the first cold beer that passed over my lips was a Shiner Bock. In NC I drink it every day. God bless Texas!!!

10 PivoMan» Love that Shiner Beer here in hot Houston. Yes it is pretty expensive here too.

10 Martha P. Bergeron» Where in Arkansas do I find Shiner Bock beer to buy.??

9 Tom» As a native Texan, I love Shiner beers but the Bock doesn't seem to be as of quality as it used to be

5 El Diablo» I'm Texan. I've drunk enough beer to float the Battleship Texas around the world. Shiner beers are bad. Bock is tolerable compared to some of the other trash Shiner makes but I would never ever buy even a single bottle. It beats most other USA beers

11 buda» shiner is the shizznit!

11 monkit dont t» it dont take a beer belly to figure it out. of course,i got one from all the figuring.shiner bock is all i have drank for years. the belly proves it.

11 H-town» Don't mess with Texas and don't mess with Shiner Bock!

10 Dennis» My brother had it at his wedding years ago,,,,first time I had it. It is now one of the only American beers I drink (British better...) Great flavour and I can get it in close as I could get to Texas. Very good

11 Jay» This is pretty much the only beer I ever drink...just wish it didn't cost as much as the that just a Dallas thing?

11 deerhunter» don't be a snob, you know this stuff rocks.

11 Brian» I love this beer it is afull flavored beer.

10 MR. GHS 82» I drank back in the late 70's and early 80's. We drank this beer because it was local color and we could afford it. My budies and I always new it was the great beer of Texas that the rest of the world has discovered.

11 Out of San Antone» Texas Pride at it's finest! See yall in "Bocktober".............

0 Dirty Sanchez» Tastes like the aftermath of a dirty sanchez

11 fragula» Shiner. Great beer.

11 jk» shiner bock is like mothers milk from the ample bosom of the great state of TEXAS

11 Eric» UT 2005 Grad, but transplated to Connecticut where there are no Shiner Distributors... Luckily I have a cousin in DC, where it is sold.. I say I visit because I miss him, but it's really the case of Heffeweissen and Bock that I bring home each time!

11 Cyco» Wonderful in a frosted mug with salt and lime. Orgasmic. Thank you Texas.

11 I grew up in TX, but my best memories of Shiner Bock were drinking it while in USAF Pilot Training in Del Rio, TX. I live in Ohio now and have to hunt to find it. I'll take what I can get though. Thanks for the story.

10 MadDogg» I have always hated the taste of Shiner Bock out of the bottle...but just recently I tried it on Tap and it was like a whole new world of Shiner, great off the Tap!!

11 Rachel S» Hands down my favorite brew. This is the number one reason I miss living in Austin.

11 BobbyBo» Could'nt sed it bettr myself. See y'all at the cowboy breakfast. I'll bring the Shiner

5 RevJim» They call this "imported" in Austin and charge $5.00 for it in restaurants. How can something within walking distance of the same state be "imported"?

7 Rebel» Pretty good Beer!! Really don't care if I ever drink anymore of it! Dixie beer is better!!

11 BIG Dave» Shiner Bock kicks other beers ass hands down....

11 BigO» My only regret to upon moving to CA, was whether I would find Shiner Bock here in San Diego. YES!! Now I really have found Shangri La.

11 red» Definatly buying by the keg on our return from Iraq in december.. Can't beat shiner.. 56bct, out

11 Vicar S.» The best brew for whatever you're doing. Proud to call this one a great Lutheran BEvERage.

10 David» Great beer... on tap or from the bottle... as others have said it's not a true bock but who cares it tastes great and doesn't fill you up as fast as some other dark beers.

10 Ben» Execellent choice, not just for October. But then again, I am from TX.

6 sp00ki» Not a bad beer. Not a bock, but not terrible. Similar to(if you've had it) Yuengling lager.. relaxed taste, a very easy beer to serve to non-beer drinkers. Great for keg parties, but don't try to impress a beer drinker by keeping this in your fridge.

10 dustbunnysoup» Finest domestic beer available, and I don't say that lightly. I have to disagree about the "Has to be from tap" statement tho, an ice cold bottle does ya right in a pinch.

6 Duffenbrau» Well, it's better than no beer at all.

11 Joey's BBQ Girl! » I work at Joey's BBQ. We serve Shiner Bock, and the Hef. on tap. Nothing better then a glass of shiner when your shift is over!

11 Flow» Cheap? Most bars dont even consider it a domestic beer(specialty usually) But it is great and ive seen it in countless shows and movies. Even saw mulder and scully drinking it in an episode of the xfiles.

11 paul moore» excellet semi-local beer... just hate the cost fluctuations, hehehe... if you know good beer, youll love shiner...


11 Razor» The only beer to drink...anything else is bad water!!!!

5 Pzkpfw» Boring lager, not even a real bock. However if it wasnt served so damn cold, you might be able to taste something. Usually the best thing on tap here in texas, which is sad.

11 Hoss» Fell in love with it when visiting pops in Houston. Pops brings me home little sample whenever he gets back to Indy (I can't find it here either), but it's just not the same as straight from the tap. God I miss it.

11 Full Moon» I have tryed em all. Working in the beverage industry has its advantages...but whats in the frig at home, Shiner! Its a hardy, smooth, well rounded beverage. It defines Texas. THE one and only.

11 Nikki» My fiance and I live in Indianapolis, Indiana and he's from Texas. He's dying for some Shiner, where can we get it?

11 Shiner» My favorite beer...hence my name!

11 Andrei» I moved to Texas a year ago and I missed my European beers... and then I discovered THE bock. Shiner Bock... eversince, it's the only thing that i get in bars, with little variance (newcastleor killian's)...

11 Paul» Despite the article, I much prefer Shiner Bock in a bottle. I've been drinking it since I was 15 and my greatest regret in life is going to school in Boston where I can't get Shiner. And my friends tell me that Sam Adam's is just as good? Ha

10 kinger» Shiner is a great beer and what myself and my dad drank for years but my new favorite is Ziegenbock if you live in Texas look for it. it is probobaly one of the smoothest best tating beers ever

11 teh Dave» This is real beer.

11 Big D» As a native Texan who has lived many places, traveled the world and tasted many brews Shiner is the best anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Make no doubt about it! Hook Em' Horns!!!!

11 mollybeejay» I usually only drink beer when eating crabs and only in the summer. I am a marylander that was temporarilyn transplanted to Houston where I first tasted Shiner Bock. This is undoubtly the smoothest tasting beer ever.

11 govols 55» as an avid bud light drinker I wasnt sure how shiner would go down, but this stuff is awesome. God Bless Texas for this great brew

11 Amylee » Shiner Bock is the best beer I have EVER consumed. I have consumed many a beer in my day! Need to get it into Ohio. The airlines are getting crabby with me bringing it inside my carryon. Any advice or know what state closest to Ohio that we could get

11 JP - Norway» I lived in San Antonio for 4 years, and Shiner Bock is by far the best brew I have ever tasted....just perfect!

11 Best Beer Ever» First time i tried it was at Fort Hood Texas. A Freind of mine offered it because it was the only beer he had at the house, well that first sipp and 12 years later I have to say its still my favorite, even when I don't drink as much as I use to.

11 Stuck in Seattle» Shiner is sold at local stores, such as QFC, Fred Myers etc, during the summers in Washington.

5 Peter C.» Hi guys, read the post about Shiner Bock and Chili's and the funny thing is that where I had it first. Good beer, didnt blow me away but I enjoyed it. I'd love to try it on tap.

6 Flad» Average U.S. micro "dark" beer. Nothing more.

11 Duffman» I've had my share of beer. This one really does top a lot of them. I'm stuck on it. I live in Seattle and there's plenty of micro-brews to choose from. I saw the post below about Chili's...I'm looking into it.

9 bassplayer» the best i can find in alabama since fat tire isn't available anywhere close

11 Poco» This is my favorite beer. Unfortunately, I now live in New York City, so i have to settle for the Brooklyn brews instead.

10 Bedford» When in Texas, drink what the locals drink... and when in Texas, go big!

10 JohnO» Shiner is hard to find here in California, but worth the effort! Shiner and Special Export are the two best American beers, among the world's best I recon!

9 Aussie» Lived in Dallas area 7-8 years ago and Shiner Bock was my favourite beer. Almost as good as Coopers Pale Ale. Anyone know if I can get it in South Australia?

10 Ken Woodward» Some of the best beer I've ever tasted. To me, it rated right up there with German beer!

6 TXGrrl» It's an alright beer. I could take it or leave it. Bock isn't seasonal AFAIK; they sell it year round. Shiner Blonde is terrible. Hefeweizen is pretty good though. Worth buying over the usual macros if it's on sale.

7 jbbtb» Pretty damn good. For those who are dying to get some, there's a rumor that all Chili's Restaurants are required to carry Shiner Bock because it is supposedly a Texas Based company. Note: I am not and never have been an employee of Chili's.

7 DirtyDon» Excellent Beer. Agree with Jess, it used to be better. But it'll do when the HEB runs out of Negra Modelo. (Having a Bock right now)

11 Jetlee12» This is the best damn beer I have EVER consumed! In Ohio and I need it bad! Anyone got any we can buy? Airport wouldn't let me go through security last time with all 9 cases... seriously!

9 Austinite» A good all-around beer, but Shiner's best are the Hefeweizen and Summer Stock. Anyone traveling near in between Houston, Austin and San Antonio should take a detour to Shiner -- there aren't many towns left like Shiner.

11 100%TEXAN» Shiner Bock is my favorite beer. And since I have been forced to move to North Dakota I miss the taste more than anything. I would drink that beer over anything else anytime if it were available. So if you have the chance..try it.

8 jess» used to be better. bout six years ago, shiner was using spring water but when they went national, they switched to austin tap water and it changed the taste tremendously. still a decent beer but used to be much better.

11 coldincanada» It don't get no better. I'd take Bock over any Canadian beer anytime

10 Lost up North» Take it from me boys... you don't know what you got till you don't got it no more. Nothing like sitting on your porch whatching the TX sunset with a Shiner Bock. Thirsty in Michigan.

10 Rickabilly» Best beer I've tasted in the US the only thing that come close to the good brew is in austrualla beer called Toolies, Old School

8 FightinTexasAggie» Good beer, but Shiner makes better. Try their hefeweizen ale.

11 curlyq» Yummy! I could swim in this stuff

10 zvjs» Personal beer of choice. Any chance you've got a distributor who wants to export to Aberdeen (Scotland, not Texas)?

11 trinitonian» Perfect anytime, but especially on a lazy weekend afternoon on the patio at the local icehouse.

7 Jtown» Good beer, but not really a true bock in flavor. It's not really a seasonal beer either. Avaliable year round in Austin since I moved here in '93. I've drank a lot of it with BBQ and live music. Not my first choice, but I won't turn it down.

9 texascarl» Good American Bock, if you like this one look for Rogue Dead Guy ale as well.

10 craig» does anyone know where I can get it in Indianapolos?

9 halfdrunk» Didn't know it was seasonal, I can usually find it when I need it. my goto beer when faced with a wall of Bud & Coors. tasty.

9 Rich C» The preferred choice and official brew of BMW Z3 drivers everywhere (although it's only available in the south). Good, but not Sam Adams quality.

7 Farphrumpuken» This beer can be hit or miss. Mostly a great experience, but has been known to be 'skunky' at times. Recommend only buy in season.

11 Beer-drinker» Excellent beer -- One of my favorites. However, it's hard to come by in Missouri.


10 FreddieJ» Tried it for the 1st time this weekend, and will now become my winter beer. Great in cold weather, as well as warm because it drinks smooth and gets you sauced much quicker.

11 thirsty» Perfect

9 JD from Texas» Boy now yer tawkin. Cant beat a 12 of Shiner in Tejas in October. Its really good in a frosty schooner out of the tap. A good second line beer. Yee Haw!

10 g-love» Damn good beer. Visit the brewery - it's worth the trip.

11 Where's My Beer» God Blessed Texas with Shiner Bock Beer...........

7 Ray Waits» When I go to restaurants I tell them to bring me their darkest beer. This is what I usually get. I live in a country of yellow beer ad puppets.

7 g-money» good beer. very cheap in tuscon.

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