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11 Me» Just tried it in the Virgin Islands... THE BEST BEER IN THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD!

11 Yo» Great in every aspect. It does have to be very cold for it to be appreciated. Nothings better that una Fria Vestida de Novia (Cold Presidente covered in ice) specially in the hot summer! Take it from a Dominican!

11 El Fuerte» There are few beers that make you as happy as Presidente. Presidente reminds me of the nice people of the Dominican republic, bachata, hot sun, hot women...Make sure it is very very very cold (near freezing point is recommended).

10 Darin» Great tasting beer I had in the disco in Punta Cana. It is slightly below Corona Light in my opinion

11 big dick bandit» none better

11 Vacano» This the best of all, haved travel all over the world and this the best beer ever"ARRIVA PRESIDENTE"

9 El Cubano» Had my first President in 1965 during the civil war. Three of us (all US soldiers) stopped at a local bar while on patrol. It was HOT!! Nothing tasted better. Wish we had it in the Bay Area.

11 Josh» Had one the first night I arrived in St. Thomas and one night, myself and few other new friends, managed to drink the bar out of it... This beer and Carib are the best beers to drink in paradise... just wish it wasn't so expensive in the states...

1 St Andrew» Are you people for real? This beer is not even that popular in Haiti. The locals drink Prestige for a reason.

1 Tony Sinclear» When it comes to buying beers it is like buying a car! If you have one hundred thousand dollars to buy a Mercedes Benz Would you prefer a Dominican, Mercedes, or a German One? Presidente is the worse beer ever!

11 presidente» I wish i could get it in wisconsin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-(

11 csi dr» spent 9 months drinking that great beer. i was given a private tour of the facility and drank some beer right off the line. even though it was warm, it was still great. just hard to find in the states. my grocery store can special order some.

11 JCA» I just love Presidente..Great beer, great flavor.. It taste better tham Corona or Negra modelo

9 Donny Boy» I love it. We stock it at our bar, "Teddies" in Bridgeport, CT.

9 Rocco» Its a great beer. A lot that has to do with it is the chance to drink it on the sunny beaches of Punta Cana. I think rat urine would taste good there!

11 Kelly» I went on vacation to DR i went there hating all beer i had one sip and i was hooked i lived in ohio and we couldnt find it anywhere but luckily i just moved to S Florida its EVERYWHERE!! YAYYY My Fav for sure!

11 Manny Torres» I can honestly say of all beers i've had Presidente is my #1, luckly am in S.Florida so everywhere i go from gas stations to restaurants have them here. YES!!

8 Aloha» I just tasted this beer for the first time on a trip to the DR. Surprisingly good. It smelled like Bud to me, but tasted cleaner and lighter. The taste holds up to being chilled.

8 dabeardrinker» does anyone agree but it taste like a mixture of corona and hieneken. not to make it sound bad, cause i think its good

10 beerdrinker» Great beer. Like it says though it needs to be next thing to froze to be enjoyed. Anyone know if it's possible to get this in canada?

9 Dickie Zimmerman» Yes, I enjoyed an abundance of this beer when I was at my bud's in Puerto Rico.

10 Wayne» Great review, I couldn't agree more.. Just wish I could it somewhere in Ontario, Canada

11 Andy» The best beer in the world. Only found it in DR and NY. Sadly I live in the UK. But my honeymoon is in the DR. Wahoo!

7 Gearhead» Goes good with a shot of Brugal or 2 0r 3

11 Brooke Swan» Presidente es mi favorito!!

10 soraya» "Brewed in Santo Domingo, the capitol of the beautiful if impoverished nation that shares a border with the even more impoverished Haiti" Do you rate wine from Napa valley saying: From the country that kills innocents...and is next to Mexico. Get it?

11 nior rodriguez» is the best beer in the world

11 nono» yes

11 PaEagles» I have to say I loved it in DR and love it even more back home in Pa. at 25.00 a case, this makes a great beer at an EAGLES game.

11 john » Love it. Drank my last from a trip to the DR a year and a half ago.

10 JohnC» Great beer, great taste, with a great head. What more is there?

9 totmaster» After consuming mass quantities in DR, Presidente gets the national beer drinker's stamp of approval. CLARO! Todo bien!

11 Ajae» Ahh yes, must be cold!! Reminds me of my days in D.R.

9 Georgia Asphalt» Yummy. And, yes, must be COLD. Good w/ burgers & summertime.

11 maxgil» the best beer ive ever tasted...

7 Follower» I am a loyal follower of the Presidente and served him for 7 days in the Caribbean this past June. Great beer for those hot days and a far different taste than Carib, which is basically the other alternative.

11 tgadinski» check out to get the beer

10 Norm» I bought Presidente by the case when I visited Miami from Georgia. I am seriously thinking about paying $50 to have a sixer delivered here. The best thing about Texas..... Shiner. The worst thing about Texas....... no Presidente!

7 Sean NYC» A decent fair weather beer.. far better than Heineken .. but after about 12 a day for a few days... gives your gut horrible acid reflux.

9 MC(T)» Presidete...Ole. This beer sure gives Heineken a run for its money. Grab one and enjoy!

11 tom gadzinski» Simply the best beer in the world. period.......... it's not available in Calif. I believe in Presidente Beer. Sales on the west coast is a missed opportunity for EXTREME PROFITS !

10 endo» If I was at a bar and was told I could have any beer at all, I would order a Presidente without hesitation. My favorite beer by a longshot !!!!

10 Brian - truly» Hey, I want some of this in Grapevine, TX, - can anyone help?

11 Christian» Best Beer, Hmmmm, thank god i can get it on Dominican republic hi to all dominicans

11 george» Best beer ever!!

8 dmw» I love it too - but, I can't figure out how this beer so completely has the market in Punta Cana. Is it govermnent protected?

10 Joel O'Connell» I had many El Presidente's, down at Elias Pina, S.D. after a hard, hot day of labor, building a mission church. Thank goodness that the priest we were helping out, is a native of Wisconsin, and had an appreciation for good beer. It was good and cold

10 Sara» Absolutely the best beer I've ever drank. Now I need to find it the god forsaken state of Ytah

11 amanda» I am in Texas! I miss my Presidente! How can I get some here

9 Todd » God bless the first man to brew up a nice cold El Presidente! Cheers to all....

10 Joeyyyyyyyyyyyy D. » I drank it all day for 7 days in Punta Cana,,I am going back for the beer !


11 James» The best beer out there.

11 Andy» Where can it be bought in the US? I have been told it is not available in IN, KY, and OH. Please Help. If I knew I could not get it at home I would not have brought back rum and cigars.

11 Jarrett» By Far best beer i have ever had

10 John » love going to D.R. just to have a Presidente!

0 Marcus di Pascuale» This is differently a Miller product a skunk smell & a very bad tasted Most of the positive comments about this beer are endorse by the Miller brewery Co

11 DonnyBoy» It is the best. Drink it ice cold.

9 tgunn22» its got to be ice cold when it is theres nothing better than the Presidente when tailgating before a baseball game

11 Josh» The best beer i've ever tried!!!!

10 Miguel Sanchez» Muy Bien!

11 1bigdrunk» gave me the best hangover ever!!!

11 preslvr» it friggin' rocks

10 Ryan » Spent 10 days in Santo Domingo in March watching the World Baseball Classic with the locals down there and sipping Presidente's the entire time...great beer and perfect refreshment on a hot day in the beautiful Domincan sun

11 Antonio » i love it, i need to find a store that sells it in the northeast

11 baby» the best beer ever to have been invented no wonder is from my beaitful DR


10 your moms bartender» what do you think i love it

11 arf» Simpley put...Breckinridge Oatmeal stout on tap is the best beer ever created on planet earth!

11 Diggs» We just moved from NYC to Vienna VA and are missing El Presidente. Does anyone know where we can buy it in the DC metro area?

11 silver152» best beer ever... ilove the taste i wish they sold it in canada im not sure if they sell it in toronto...they might... but ne wayz i love it !

11 msuess» la mejor cerveza el verdadero sabor dominicano, our beer, the best beer in the world, nothing comes close to it!!

11 liquid13» Oh Mr. Bailey you hit the nail right in the head there, there is nothing better than that green beer bottle covered in frost on a hot day in dominican republic!

11 Jorge Navarro» The best beer you can get in Lantin America.. La mejor cerveza el verdadero sabor.

0 puto» its ok

11 bdavis» awesome beer, always served very cold and is high octane, you can get it in florida

11 Annie» I just got home from Punta Cana, DR. My tour guide said "try Pesidente" so I did, WOW! I am hooked! I just hope I can find it here in TN somewhere because it is great!!! I have raved to everyone I know about this beer, truly the best I have ever had

11 girlfriends» This is the best Pilsner I've ever tasted. It's crisp, no aftertaste. a True premium beer

11 dat dr boy» this beer is the shit specially when cold. oh u could buy it in NY n FL

11 noz» This is the best beer that I have ever had. I go to the DR every year and would love to find a place in the US to buy this.

10 jeff» please help! If anyone knows where to find this beer in northern California please email me.

10 Popcorn» Skunky at first but man ater one I was hooked, not only to the beer the girls in DR!!!!!

11 RC» Have been drinking Presidente for 11 years now and have yet to taste a better beer! ICE COLD Presidente is the tastiest of all pilsner beers.

11 Roger Dodger» Our fat, white butts were on that white, sand beach in 9/05. We tried to drink island dry. Problem was we had little plastic cups. Next time going to try and find Presidente MUGS!

0 Skunky» To skunky

11 Emmanuel» My Dominican friends they put me on to this last summer(2005) and I have to say that nothings better than an ice cold(has to be!) Presidente in the summer time looking at skantly clad Dominican and Puerto women walking down the street.

11 fjbalaguer» By far the best Pilsener beer in the world when served frosty.

9 Crystal» Im looking for Presidente also in the states I live in Illinois If anyone can help email me

8 RMorris» Been to the DR on several occasions, on mission work...This beer, which seems to be the only beer in many places, is great on those hot days and nights. There are many better beers, but none more handy in the DR

11 Elaine» A puerto rican friend turned me on to this beer. Thanks Marta! I always put it in the freezer for 20 minutes. I've been drinking it since 2000 and have been a loyal fan.

10 rock daddy» I too enjoy this beer, since 1976 when on the island its the beer to drink. while back in my own back yard, I pop and top and in a second I'm back on the beach...

11 Mia» This was the first beer I ever liked, I 1st had it in D.R. and i've been trying to find it. If anyone knows where to get it email me:

10 Minnie» Loved Presidente. Tastes best from a bottle as opposed to draft. But, I'm not fond of any draft beer. As with any beer it must be cold. I thought it tasted like miller lite. I'll be looking for it in Michigan.

10 Brian The Pappy» You know I haven't tried this one; maybe it was Quadruple B's purple prose in describing this beer. I'm gonna run my slim, white Irish ass out and sample this beer. Gracias Big Bri!

7 Mike» I've come to really like it. What I have found is if the beer is not exposed to excesive heat it doen's get skunky. it has to be fresh and handled properly. I buy it here and it's 10.99 a 12 pk. Great Value!

11 Mary » Where can I buy it in the states? Email me please if you know!

11 Abe» I love Presidente. Perfectly refreshing in the hot humid air. That was all me and my buddy's drank for the week we were in Punta Cana. I wish i could find it in minnesota.

11 Bill» AWESOME BEER...NOTHING LIKE Having Presidente. Nice pilsener light.

11 Pa Ron» Loved Presidente while in Dominica republic and found back in hometown at 26 dollars a case, I learn to respect the Dominicans. Great beer on draft.

10 anthony» great beer...i had it when i was in Punta Cana...there is nothing like drinking one under a shady palm right on the ocean...

11 Mikey» I drink from 8 to 12 carling light a day. Do you think I will like this beer? I am going later this month. It's by main concern.

8 buck» nice pilsener,smooth & light.Some where between a Stella and Heniken.

5 Mark» Had this when I was in the Dominican Republic and it was the only beer you could get at the resort. I didn't like it because it was skunky and very yeasty. I got use to it after about 5 days. Not my first pick in beers

10 Christopher» Your a really good writer. I actually read everything you wrote about presidente beer.

11 El Senadore» muy, muy bien! delicioso! Regards from Germany after a REALLY nice trip to dominican!


4 kiwi» It tastes like nasty skunked beer! I had it when i was in the dominican republic. its nothing like american beer..

10 Punahele» I had Presidente some years ago but I'll never forget it. My neighbors' dad owns the company. Her dad also owns "Leon Jimenez" the cigar cigar company in the DR. The beer was wonderful!

9 Will» They had a sale on Presidente at my local convenience store in Tampa 12 packs for 9.99 not bad anyway it tasted great defintely a premium brew.


11 carora» very popular in miami soo good

7 zee» First off, it's el "Jefe", not Heffe.Next, the are PLENTY of well-off people(read:millionaires)who not only live there,they also originiate from there so just how impoverished can it be?Lasty, yeah.You better drink that bitch cold but thats any beer.

9 lawyerbarbie» LOVE El Presidente...the perfect complement to a hot afternoon on the beach, lolling in the sand. Like Heineken, only better. Hail to the Chief.


10 Jorge» Best beer in the world, you can get it, imported in some city in the U.S, but don't taste the same of the one in the DR.


11 pedro perez» i believe this beer should be sold around the world is to good

10 Creepy» this beer was excellent when i had in the Dominican Republic in Jan. 2004, and drinking it again brings back those great memories, not to mention its soo freakin good

3 Chief» I was in the Dominican Republic last month, and I must say this is one of the most disgusting beers I have ever had. It is skunky and tastes like Corona. Atleast with corona you get a lime. I only drank it because it was free. Aaachh!!

10 Matt» The best beer i have ever had. Delicious and crisp, excellent with various types of food...and girls.

11 Winston» Excellent beer. Like the article said, it's meant to be drank very cold. I would always buy it in Miami or whenever I visited the Island. What sucks now is I'm in Michigan now for graduate school and I don't know where to get it. :(

11 Maria» Personally, I think this is the best beer I have ever tasted.I got hooked when I went to Dominican Republic in 2003. For some reason though, it tastes different in the US. But it's still GREAT!! I luv Presidente and won't pick any beer over it!

11 george» the most drinkable and enjoyable beer i ever drank.not a belgian ale,like somebody allready said, but made for fun.

11 Devon» I have spent several hundred times in the Dominican Republic and many nights," gettin buzy" with my wife because of a bottle of presidente. My wife is Dominican and everytime I see the green bottle I think of DR!

10 Kevin Del» This beer is so good i married a Dominican Girl ! We now have a little girl and live in Florida.. You have to love the North Coast ! LAS CHICA'S !!! Presidente is available from Orlando south to Miami by the case... $24.00 case of 24 12oz goodluck.

5 EZE» I spend alot of time on the beaches of the Dominican Republic, and I've drunk more than my fair share of Presidentes. It is far from a world class beer, period. Anyone who has tasted some of the better Belgian ales, or German pilsners must agree.

9 t-mo» Even seeing the bottle of El Presidente reminds me of my fabulous week in Bayahibe, surf, sun, and hot Dominican men. *Sigh* They don't make it like this in the USA for a reason.

11 Pedro» Hail Santiago, Santo Domingo and Sosua! I miss you and your alcohol!!!

11 Wilson» I love Presidente - I probably had 10 a day when I was on the north coast in Puerto Plata. The only bars I've ever been to that have it are in Miami and Tampa. Enjoy!

10 Al Coholic» This beer is sent from heaven. Does it come with Dominican chicks?

9 Brian» I spent a very enjoyable honeymoon last summer with the wonderful people in Punta Cana. When I got to the hotel, they only carried 3 beers....MGD, Bud, and El Presidente. Needless to say, I drank a lot of El Presidente that week. Good, clean beer.

11 good beer» Presidente is GREAT, I just can't find it around here anymore.

9 boston» the beer we buy in the states uses a different recipe and is not as good. You have to go to the D.R. or have one brought back. 10 in the D.R. 8 in the U.S.

10 Nicki» Unbelievably good beer. I have been trying to figure out how to get it to Illinois ever since I got back from the Dominican Republic!

10 Tommy» As good as any German pilsner, in my opinion.

10 Gil» I spent about a month in the DOMREP and let me tell you, everyone in my group now salutes el "Presidente"!

10 jeff» hard for me to come back and drink my north american beer after drinking my presedente in dominican

11 Jay & Karen» We love Presidentes. We wish someone in Canada would carry the product. We usually get it in St. Martin when we're there once a year and really get to over-indulge when we are in the DR, as we were just last week. Yummy!

10 margolis» this beer is no joke. I had my first in St. Maarten and brought some back with me. It tastes just as good in Colorado. Great aftertaste, crisp and clean beer.

10 Dan Arnone» made my trip to the Domenican Republic 10x better

11 DEEZ FROM N.Y.» southern cali has never heard of this beer. i gotta ship myself a couple of cases for my trip next month.??? drinkin 1 now.

11 TheCory» I spent a year in D.R. and never tasted presidente, but my wife's parents sent me a bottle, it was a good beer. i like to stick to local micro brews, but this is one beer that tates great even though its mass produced. It's no wonder it runs The D.R.

10 Walkin in the Sand» Just returned from DR and we found Presidente very good and cold and no headaches........surrounded by sandy white beaches and a beavy of bronze beauties of course

11 Fraser» I have been to the D.R.twice in the last year. A wonderful place with the best beer I HAVE EVER tasted. Wish I could find it somewhere in Canada.Presidente ROCKS!

10 Erik» I thought it was a terrific beer. I went to Puerta Plata for vacation five years ago and from the second we hit the tarmac at the airport the locals would all say "Presidente #1" I consumed many over the next week, very refreshing and did the job.

9 leonardo» drink it chilled and u'll enjoy it big time!


11 Rafael» Best tasting beer I've ever had. Just 6 months ago they started selling this beer where I live in Florida. Gracias Presidente!

10 clark» fitz, i have been trying to find that out for over a month now on this board.i have heard that new jersey is the closest to us.virginia

10 Fitz» Just returned from a medical mission to the Dom. Rep. and we lived on "El Presidente," the Rolling Rock of the Carribean. Goes well with Presbyterian volleyball on the beach! So..where does one purchase this golden delight in Virginia?

10 Bil» Just returned from St Maartin races and fell in love with Presidente!!!! Great stuff and need to find it here in north Fla.

10 Duff Man» I just arrived home from a weeks vacation at a resort in the Dominican Republic, which of course meant as many Presidentes as i could pound down, all-inclusive. Never tired of the taste, and make sure it is served very cold.

11 Serge» Best beer I've ever had. It seems to be slowly becoming available in more places. I love it! La mejor cerveza, el verdadero sabor!

8 Lauren» I spent spring break in the DR last year. I couldnt drink hard liquor back then, so i was quite a beer conniseour. El presidente became my new best friend. I didnt realize you could buy it in the states, but now i am gonna look for it. uno cerveza

10 clark» where can you buy presidente? i live in virginia

11 Kenny» recently spent 2 months in the dr, loved the culture and this awesome beer, especially since any dominican will refuse to sell it to you unless it is "cold" i.e. got ice on bottle! V cultured people in that respect1 Rock on presidente!!

10 Carlos J.» I spent 8 days in Santo Domingo this month and did not have single glass of water...just frosty Presidentes.

10 "Cris Colon"» I drank my first "Presidente" 18 years ago.I came to the "DR" for a "Quicky Divorce".Stayed for a few "Quickies" and fell in love with the place.Fast forward till now,Dominican wife,4 kids,house,job,and lots of Presidentes,with "Vestidos de Novias",

10 Earl » Presidente is a must since we holiday in the DR each Christmas. In the southeast US it is usually at Sams and always at Publix.

11 Ed Barrous» Great beer, is it me or the one they sel in NY tastes different..??three more months for my next president...i love bohemia too

9 troy» where to buy presidente in dallas texas.


9 CTB» Love this Beer..brought back a 6 pack from DR this past summer..have 5 left...I get one a Miami the only source in the states?

11 John Hallam» I drink Presidente all day and all night on the island of St. Maarten, it's fan-frigging-tastic!!!

10 Joe y Karen» Hola everyone. Have not been to this site for a while. BUT when I saw The Cerveza Presidente today was thrilled. We travel to the Dominican Republic twice a year and LOVE Presidente. Only 57 more days till we can enjoy it at The Iberostar Bavaro

11 Brie» Went to the DR for a month and I need to find somewhere to buy this beer!

10 Steph» I went over there for 1 week and had to stay for an extra 2 weeks.It's absolutely beautiful! specially when urhaving an ice cold presidente in them hot beaches.If u haven't been to Dominican Rep. u haven't really seen anything.

11 Mike Maine» El Presidente is an all day all night beer. You could drink it on an empty or full stomache with a meal or with a was great.

11 Nina» Drank Presidente beer in Puerto Rico with my breakfast. OJ does not even compare!

11 Seth Hudson» This beer is one of the worlds best. Almost impossible to get in the US, but go to the DR or Miami and you will see how simple, refreshing and delicious this beer is. Drink it in the sun starting at 8:30 AM

11 Chris» I was in the DR, and i was drinking those babies 24/7. best beer in the world.

10 KingG» This is the best beer i have ever tasted. I love PRESIDENTE!

11 Antlantia» Simply the best. It's good, it's good, goods. Drinking one right now. I'm Canadian and know my beers and this beer is absolutly prefecto. Drink it cold and enjoy.

10 Alvaro A.» The German tourist GO TO THE DOMINICAN REP.To drink Presidente beer .

10 SUGEIRY» Presidente is the best beer out! I was in DR for a month and thats all i drank for the whole month there.

11 Dominican in Europe» The best of the best!!!!! The only problem is that I can't find it here or I haven't found any online shop/website where they would send it to where I live

11 Gringa» My Cuban Boyfriend introduced this beer to me and it is by far the best, problem is that I can not get it in my home town!!

11 Erick» Best beer I've ever had!!!

11 Rafael Rodriguez» is the best beer i have ever drunk

11 presidente» Presidente is numero uno their is none finer

11 SB» Too bad ya'll don't live near NY...every bodega in the Bronx sells Presidente..the finest imported beer ever!

11 chris u» Presidente is the beeest shiet , and dominican republic rules, cheap beeeer!!! yeeeah!

10 O.J Hussein» Superior by any standard. Can find it easily in Atlanta. Even better on tap in Punta Cana - ahhh.

11 I live in DR and trust me, the only thing that is really keeping me attached to this place is Presidente, there is nothing like an ice cold Presidente!

11 GoHerd! Kathy» Brought as much Presidente as I could stuff in a bag home from the DR. Where's the nearest place to Huntington, WV, that I can find it?

11 Danny Sosa» Best beer I've ever had!!! All my friend that I've introduced it to have become instant fans!!!

11 Funnel man» my buddy brought me sum of this beer from the DR, and man i havent had a better import beer in my life, i wanna know where u can find this sh*t

11 abnmonty» The first time that I drank El Presidente beer was in 1965 when I was in Dom. Republic with the 82nd Abn, Division. There is no beer like a El Presidente beer when you're hot and thirsty. Here in NC few vendors have ever head of it, damn Shame!

11 20/01/04» best memories from dominican were experienced under the influence of this beer. i would give my left nut for a case of this.

11 johnson» great shit man

11 Marky Blankito» This is the only beer I will touch. I have been drinking it for about 8years. Viva Santo Domingo. Mejor toto in el mundo.

11 BA» NO HANGOVERS!!! where do i get it in Northern NY?

11 El Jefe de La Pizzle» Mucho Bueno Cerveza. Available in most of Florida

10 bigbopper» Very good beer, I need to find some in Los estados unidos

11 glenny» presidente la mejor cerveza el verdadero sabor, presidente pal dolor de cabeza y presidente pa la resaca

10 ARIEL» Presidente... The best beer!!!!!!

10 Makejo_d» Presidenteeeeeeeeeee yesssssss

11 lluvia amarilla» this is a really good have to try it! better if is really cold...white as a bride! lol...i dont drink a lot but i know what is good!!!

11 LS» A great beer. period.

11 Amthia» I Love Presidente...The Best beer..Presidente es la MEJOR cerveza de la bolita del mundo y la pinta de sangre..!

11 Zynthia» Si yo bebiera bebiera presidente... la mejor cerveza!

11 yo» muuuy buenaaaaaaaa

11 Lucky Luck» This is the best beer ever... And im not just saying that cause im Dominican.... Truly has a great taste. (mmm mmmmm bitch)

11 AD» La Republica Dominicana es Duea de la Mejor Cerveza!!!! El Verdadero Sabor!!!! I luv U Presidente!

11 Neoshadow» Presidente!!!!!!! La mejor cerveza, el verdadero sabor!!!!!!! si no la has probado, NO SABES LO QUE TE PIERDES... don'wait 'til someone tell you and get one, drink it slowly and cold, and believe me, you wont regret it...

11 borrachin» presidente co@!!!! presidente e lo maximo!!!! presidente rulzzzzz!!!! presidente kickass!!!! PREEESIIIIDEEEENTEEEEE!!!!!! SE OYE!!!! PRESIDENTEEEEEEE!!!! DIABLO QUE MARDITA CERVEZA MA BUENA!!!!!

11 CatArrow» Never drink warm, ice cold (ceniza) is the ONLY way with Presidente beer.

11 Henry» JUUU!....Ice'em up... POP it open and let the good time take you away... your wife is cheating on you? About to get kicked out of the appartment?... Drink all that away with a nice cold PRESIDENTE....THATS THE DOMINICAN WAY!!!

10 DL» Believe me.... theres nothing like it, once you had a Presidente, you start thinking how good other beers are.

11 Katrina» Presidente Rulezzzzz!... y al que lo dude, no la ha probaoo!

11 jennyfromthebronx» compadres...this beer is the shit...forget corona, and other bootleg brand claiming to be from australia...Una Presidente FRIA will get you up and running, and if you happen to be dominican living in the exile you know what IM TALKING ABOUT!

11 psicoBitches» la mejor...

10 Jerk» Ever felt the need to taste a little bit of white sand beaches and a "mulata"s wet lips? well then take out that bbq in a sunny day a drink a good'ol Presidente freaking cold and there you have it.Personally i don't even drink, presidente is king 2me

11 Luis M.l» Lo Maximo...Presidente RulezZ!!

11 Liberato» La mejor cerveza del mundo!!!!!

11 Devilisha» Ya muchos lo han dicho pero una vez mas porq c lo merec...... LA MEJOR CERVEZA, el VERDADERO SABOR!!!!!!

11 Roland» The best! mola porque mola.

10 Nehemoth» The Best beer that you can drink in this world..Is a secret but in valhalla Odin always drank Presidente after the battles..Also if you Watch "Up Close And Personal" with Robert Retford there's a part in the movie when is drinking the best Beer..Of C

11 SPIDERWOMAN» This beer is the best I've ever drank. I live in Germany and believe me, there is NO OTHER BEER like Presidente. The slogan "The best beer, the real taste" (La mejor cerveza, el verdadero sabor) is very real!!!

10 Omar Duarte» Everyone (no matter sex or country) say this is the best beer. It shure is.

5 Whaa?» What's with all the elevens? This beer is OK, but it looks like someone is jamming the ballot box.

11 magdelyn» ummmm is the best beer in the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! super!!!

11 Ewddy» Hasta la pregunta ofende.. Obvio que PRESIDENTE!! Es la mejor Cerveza, el VERDADERO SABOR del Mundo!!!!!!

11 Angelo» "el presidente"?? is this a joke?? Presidente is the very best beer EVER!

11 julyssa» la mejor cerveza... el verdadero sabor

11 GUSS» Top of the Top

9 really good 'n different beer

11 Gustavo» lo mejor

10 FrankY» The best Beer in the Whole Wide World

11 poketman» i like bohemia better but presidente is mega too

11 pam» This is the BEST beer ever

9 JoJo» Anything that tastes this good for $4 a sixer of long-necks is a blessing from our Dominican neighbors...

11 wendy brown» ......Im speachlessssss... just make sure u drink it really cold.... ITS GREAT!

7 Ed» After walking 27 holes of golf on a stinking hot 93 degree 90% humidity New Jersey afternoon, a six of this stuff went down so quick that if you blinked, you missed it. Ice cold, this is one really tasty cerveza.

10 Patrick» I had some in the dominican and loved it! Wish I could find a place to get some in the US!

11 Scott Lamma» Simply the Best. Presidente' made my stay in Bayahibe D.R. so much more memorable!!!

11 Ewald» Best beer in the U.S.

11 lori8008» Presidentes are awsome. My dad just gave me one yesterday and i fell inlove. To spend $1.50 on a six pack is mint. And the 7 oz bottle makes it cute for women to hold.

11 Edward» Love it. Heineken of the Carribean

10 Kathleen R» THE best beer is available in south Florida at Publix and this is one reason to stay in SOuth Florida!!

11 pete» Just got back from Punta Cana--drank The "president" for 5 straight days--fantastic when ice cold, great all day all night brew!!

11 Patty Ganja» I lived in the DR for a year and fell in love with this beer, it is the shiznitlebamslimslamsally

10 Amigo» Dear Amigos, I need to know how to obtain this great beer here in the US. Please HELP!!

11 kyle» i love this beer..i live in the DC area and they sell it here all over the place

10 Dariusz,,» I love it

4 Craig» I have done beer tasting wiht my friends for awhile now and we try 24 different types of beer from all over the world. I was never impressed with Presidente. It never stood out compared to the other beers in the group.

11 Lorita» Presidente is soo cheap in D.R. only $2 for a really is the best beer!!

10 beer queen» I love this beer, it's my fav. I want to go back to the Dominican just to drink more...they don't sell i there.

11 Kathleen» Just got back from the DR, missing the Presidente SOO much! I don't even like beer, but I love this!

11 deez» One of the best, its a shame i can't find it in the states

10 Teresa» Just got back from Dominican Republic with 18 people and even the non-beer drinkers liked Presidente. The best part is no one had a hang over or headache in the morning unlike when we drink in the states.

11 I know my beer!» Me gusta el Presisente mucho! Ae, Ae, Ae! This is rockin' beer!

10 Wargames» A fine lager bear. Memorable. It's been 25 years since my last Presidente while I was in the RD and I still miss it. Where in the states can you get El Presedente.

11 me nombre es roberto» i also just got back from la republica dominicana and i am wearing my presidente shirt right now. i need to know where i can get some in the states. ne ideas?

10 John Wright» It's an acquired taste. but once you acquire it, you can't get enough.

3 Shamrock» It was so light, I thought I was drinking water for a minute. Its unique, uniquely boring that is.

11 John Holmes» The best beer in the world.

11 Va Beach» Just got back. Need to know where I can get some Presidente. HELP!

11 mistersoandso» My first taste came in South Beach and it now my favorite beer. I thought the atmosphere had something to do with it, but I buy it in Pittsburgh and it still tastes great to me!

9 Beer Bell» Love it. Just got back from the DR...ya i missed my Labatt Blue, cause i am Canadian and we have some of the best beer in the world, but Presidente kicked some ass! and m,y ass many hot evenings!

11 Andrew S.» This may be the finest beer out there next to Caffrey's. Hint: Drink very, very cold -- there's just something about a Presidente that's very unique and refreshing. You won't regret it!

10 Douglas» When we play golf at Casa de Campo we should be wearing sponsorship hats with El Presidente on the visor! Love this beer! How many do we need to drink before we have equity in the company?

11 Zach» I, too, spent some time in the DR banging a Peace Corps girl--usually between rounds of Presidente. It is absolutely the cleanest pilsner I have ever had. And, believe me, it is not flavorless. This is not Budweiser, Rolling Rock, or Red Stripe.

9 Evan» Two years Peace Corps Service in the DR made Preidente a staple in my diet. Loved it. Came back and American pilsners tasted like water. Don't let the other Dominican beers get by you without trying one. Bohemia and Quesiqaya are great as well.

11 Bradley grecoff» tried a litle bit and think its great, went im 18 ill be drinking some ** im sure i will **

9 jcm» Just got back from the Dominican and thoroughly enjoyed many Presidente!!! I would highly reccmmend both the Dominican and Presidente...

10 Disciple» Went to the DR over Christmas break. Presidente is the shit!

10 Charlie» How much ($) for a case of this stuff?

11 Dominican daddy» The Best Beer in the WORLD! No doubt....

10 Dave» Just got back from DR this beer is great!!!!!!!!!

11 James Mc Donough» This beer is absoulutely the best beer to drink on a sunday mornin, or any day thats over 60 degrees!

9 Bill Logan» I agree with all, I have drank beer all over the world. You name it I tasted it. But Presidente IN DOMINICANA was far the best. However, I ordered some out of Miami which had to be pasturized to enter US and turned out to be horrible. Pure Horse P.

11 Chris» The American version is ok, but nothing is better than rolling up to a carwash in DR and ordering una grande to drink with a few sexy girls. Plus, it is 6% alcohol there - more bang for the peso.

10 Joe Ferrari» Spent 2 seperate weeks in the beautifil Dominican Republic this past year'03. Was first introduced to Presidente the year before at a little beach bar at Orient Beach St. Maarten. Had plenty of them both weeks.Icy cold bottles,hot sun,nice beach.

10 CHINO» You have got to taste this beer! PRESIDENTE is truly "The true taste of real beer"

5 UMM-Beer» Not a very good brew

11 Edward» An original Lager... good taste and alot of punch for your buck

11 Claude» I love Presidente!. That's the only one I can drink drink all the day and night! and I feel good. I'm never sick!

11 Dun Dadda» this is the king of beers. i only wish that we could get it in canada. anyone who thinks otherwise are probably wine cooler drinking cock tasters.

10 Salvador» I live in California. Where can I buy El Presidente beer? My Pops was a airborne ranger, and stationed in the DR during their civil war. El Presidente always seemed to be the impetus to the fond memories there. My email is

11 Marilyn» Presidente is fantastic beer but where do they sell it besides ny, fl, and DR.

11 slouch» tastes good with one of those little dominican limes, or you can just get piss drunk of one of the 650 ml bottles that run about 50 cents in the DR

10 maltboy» Listen,i live in the DR. Drinking beer is a sport here.The average dominican can put down a truck of budwisers,and feel nothing. Thats why our beer (the one that is made for the DR) is very heavy in the alcohol side.The version for the US is milder

9 Alejandro» I went to visit the counrty I was born in and had never had Presidente, but now I see why mis padres were so fond of it. I need to find some in Missouri. Any help would be GREAT!!!!!

8 BobM» Clean, smooth, but no punch.Maybe that's the point.

4 Trujillo» Let's be realistic here: While Presidente is a necessary accoutrement to the Dominican experience, and while we all harbor pleasant associations as a consequence, the stuff is simply dreadful. It makes a passable shampoo.

10 Froy» The best thing to come out of the island since Ms. Universe. Smooth ass taste(even the kind u get at the local New York bodega puts Bud to shame).

11 PISSEDOFF DOMINICAN» Listen BIGBELLY,I dont know If you drank the baby piss version of Presidente that they sell in the US? But I can asure you that there isnt any other beer with 6% alcohol as smooth and refreshing as a DR PRESIDENTE.It sure is betterthan BUDWISER..BS

11 Dominican Ralph » Best beer in the world from the most beutiful place on earth.(jus a lil bias)I have been unable to get my hands on some here in the city of angels.Any help would be greatly apreciated !!!!

11 kelvin» i found love with it

11 kristin» presidente is the best beer in the world!!!!!!!!!

11 KMUDBUG» Truly awesome. Just got back from the DR. I wish I would have brought some home!! Now, I have to go back!

9 Presidente» Absolutley one the best beers I have ever drank!". The only problem with it is that I can not find any here in the states. If anyone knows where I can order some from please e-mail me at PLEASE!

11 Bobbie» My father-in-law is a Cuban guy living the good life in Miami. This is his fav. When I visit from South Carolina I fed ex myself 3 or 4 cases to meet me at home.

11 Ariel» Best of the Best

11 Sergio» Presidente beer is the best beer this side of Germany. Best drunk in the Dominican Republic on a hot day with some platano tostones and lambi within sight of the sea!

11 pico» the better beer in the world!!! i love it. if you travel to DR you MUST to get drunk with some presidentes bien heladas. can't wait to travel back to sto domingo, nice city with this amazing beer. you can drink 20 bottles and you still want more!!!

11 Nick» After living in the D.R. for 3 months, anything other than a "grande" presidente served a degree above freezing, just won't cut it for this gringo.

11 mark and cale» got so drunk off these in the dominican. drank 100 before 1pm

9 Michael» This is a crisp, clean tasting beer that packs a nice kick. I live on the East Coast and it is usually only found in areas with large Latin communities. If you come across it, DRINK IT!! Definately, best ice cold.

11 Mango Man» Presidente is clear, crisp, refreshing and not skanky, unlike one of my favorite beers. I thought Dominicans were experts at making Rum but this proves they're more talented than what I thought. Dominican Republic here I come!!

9 vollblut» I can never drink less than 4 or 5 in a row out of a 6-pack, and I'm a Scotch-on-the-rocks guy.


11 Anna» I've never liked beer, but last year I went to Dominicana and Diablo! Cerveza Presidente is good especially the ceniza.

11 amiel» There are two types of presidente beers. The better one is made in the Dominican Republic. The one distributed here doesn't taste the same. You will have to go to my country to experince it. I live in boston.Maybe I can sell some. amiel_v@hotmail

11 CherryN» "Yo quiero una presidente, no una Budlight"

8 hutch» In the republic, wake and bake 9am. Start throwing dente's back. Airy ting gwanna be airee mon.

11 Toni» This beer kicks ass! It has a European-Pilsner taste but not as bitter. Corona is nothing next to it. #1 in NYC Metro area's Latin community. Truly a fine beer for any occassion but it seems to taste even better on a sunny hot day. Go figure!

11 Buddhanjali» The best beer un the world, there is nothing better on a hot day than a Presisdente bien fria

11 gracie-seeker» presidente rocks !!

11 kelvin» coo

11 Marie» THe o ne u try in the US is only half as good as the one in the D.R., really! so i f u like it, wait till u try it in its home land..

11 Lucas316» Yes, It is my quest! To buy this beer. Southern Cali. Let me know

11 oscar» Unfortunately, we can't get a "bien fria" in Texas because of our idiotic alcohol laws. However, having lived in the DR, I still long for the days of a cold, full "grande" in my grasp.

11 bob» Forget Corona, Presidente is a real beer. BTW, the formula in the states is the sames as the DR.

11 Jerry» Presidente is probably the best larger ever, even better than Cardinal(CH).

11 matt» Molly Brown: you can get presidente beer at Cannery Wine Cellars in SF. ask for Nick

11 canada=beer» I am a true beer loving canadian,I have tried all kinds.I go to the D.R every year,Presidente is truley # 1(Labatt Lite #2)

11 bombaybeaver» As an itenerant aircraft eng. ,I often end up in places where the beer sucks!(Bombay, Algeria,etc). However, this is the best 3rd World beer i've had ! Vive le Presidente!!

11 locomoco» this is the best beer..but a clear tasty difference when you try this beer in Dominican Republic and that's why some people do not consume the beer here in the's still awesome..

11 Craig» This is the greatest beer to have on the beach in the entire world

11 Rodolfo» This beer was made for REAL MEN!! And that's why I like it.

11 Lucas316» I am still looking for this beer. I live in sothern california. Send me an e-mail to and let me know were to buy?

11 Yaqui» This is by far the best bear I've had. There if a difference in the percentage of alcohol though, if you drink the one exported to the U.S. it has a lower percentage of alcohol, try it in DR, stronger

10 William» Clear, sparkling, effervescent, punchy, smooth... alcohol is just right, the best beer from latin america one of the best pilsners I have ever tried, drink it in DR and it's at least twice as good.

9 Molly Brown» Does anyone know where I can buy some El Presidente beer in the S.F. Bay Area (California?)

10 Robyn» I drink nothing but Presidente Beer. It is the BEST. The only way to drink it is "VERY COLD".

11 Tomas Smikoski» It's still just as good as it was when I first tried it in 1963. (former Peace Corps Volunteer).

11 Tammy» Such a good beer, everyone always seems to like it. It's the only beer I will drink.

2 David» The beer is not the same from Dominican Republic! Plus Ive heard people have found itmes in the bottle. Even heard of a law suite. Saw it on the news..

11 Adam» I work for Presidente in Atlanta and I'm might be biased, but Presidente is the greatest beer in the world. Forget all that other stuff. PS, will be in Cali and Texas this year.

10 Anthony» I would say it should rate among the best beers I have tryed so far (believe me I tryed many...).. Like you said, It is a simple beer meant for FUN!!!!!!

11 Graham» Went to DR for spring break, and as an expert of cheap beers as a student at ECU, I have to say this one rocks, also try Brugal rum, best damn Rum Ive had as well and from the DR too

10 JC» This has got to be the BEST DAMM BEER AROUND. The only problem is I live in Southern California and I cant Find this fucken beer here. Someone please help. I need to know were I can buy this beer.

10 Juan Francisco» Salud, esta cerveza me sembla la meilleuira para la fiesta ; merengue !Seriously,does somebody knows if itis possible to get this beer in France ?

11 bebedor» i cant post anything... u have to taste it by yourself...

8 rich» i think they presidentes are alright but im tired of drinking the damn thing since ive been living in the Dominican republic for a year now.

11 batussai» la mejor cerveza el verdadero sabor , batussai la bebe molto

11 nathi» it is the best beer!!!!! i love it!!!

11 GiAN» Presidente is best ****ing beer i ever tasted. i'll get u drunk in no time. drink it!!

1 alcolicoi» solo tomala y tu sabras

11 Lola» The correct name is PRESIDENTE, not "El Presidente"..... just so you know. and YEs, its the best. Like all good Dominican things. (im made in the Dom. Rep .too, jejej..)

11 Shango» These beers go to eleven.

7 marky mark» On the recommendation of a good buddy Presidente really satisfied my summer-time taste. Nice review.

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