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10 feliciafromjtown» pete's wicked winter brew was THE REASON to anticipate cold weather and one of best gifts to give and receive; I will continue to look for it and hopefully my liver will last that long; May we all have good luck hunting!

11 Brian» WWB was my fav winter seasonal. I'm going to try to clone it, but I'm unsure if it was a red/brown ale or a wheat beer. I seem to remember it having a reddish color to it.

10 NemoDude» Pete's Wicked Ales WERE great -- I miss all of them. I wish they never sold the company. I'm a home-brewer so if anyone has a clone recipe for WWB, please pass it on, I'd love to make it in time for next winter.

11 OutbackBob» I agree with the top posters. It was in my top 3 as well. I'm thinking of getting into homebrewing just to clone this one. Anybody know where to fing the recipe??

11 fthesteelers» DOES anyone know if it was definitely discntinued? It was DEF my favortite Winter beer, and now its gone.....I would pay a premium for it if I could.....

9 Jonny» Pete's used to be a good brew. Then a few years back they changed all of their recipies. Now their beer is second rate, being trumped by companies like DFH, Troegs... Pete's WWB ages well. I still have 2 prior 2000; mellows like a Finnish porter.

10 dave» I haven't been able to find it in NH the past few years. it was one of the 1st brews that got me into tasting different kinds. Now I try everything at least once. My tastes have gone from a light/cheap beer to a nice heavy ale or porter.

11 Stratodan» Well up here in CT I haven't seen Pete's Wicked Winter Brew for a couple of yrs...and I miss it badly! One of my all time favorite beers, hope they didn't ruin it with a new recipee. My rating is for the old recipee...hope I can find some soon!

9 Jeremie» wtf. I loved pete's wicked winter brew, it was one of my top 3 favs ever. Just tried wonderlust, damn Pete's you f'd up

11 best ever» glad a drank a lot when it was out, i remember having it on draft at a bar long ago... ='(

7 rodfrmJtown» I enjoy this brew very much you should try this one with a slice of orange.

6 Tadlookwell» While I'm here I should let you know that I think it's been discontinued and replaced with Wanderlust Ale.

0 zero» this is crap

2 Mike Lang» Not one of my favorites.I first had it 6 years ago and not a pint since.

6 Eric Totel» Not bad for a fruitty beer; best to be enjoyed after a meal rather than with one..

4 Mike in Milwaukee» Used to like it. Recipe change ruined it (IMO).

6 KellyG» Drink one and it's OK. Don't drink more.

2 RickCover» This can't be real beer. If I wanted a fruity wine cooler, thats what I would have bought!

3 Gdistort» Pete's sold out a long, long time ago. They have ruined just about everything they've ever created. This is proof of it.

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