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11 Kara» I can only find this on tap 50 miles away. Come on! I live in L.A. Where can I find it on tap closer?

11 Moedon» This is the only beer I drink at the local pub, on tap ofcourse!

0 Beer Lover» Too sweet. Tastes like I emptied a bag of sugar in my mouth.

10 TonyinTexas» Top of the line Maerzen, also my tent of choice on the Theresienwiese.

9 Mike» very well balanced, near perfect beer.

9 Uncle Paul» Great session beer! Tates great on tap at my local German place....Almost as good in the big bottle at home. A good one for sure!

10 JavaJ» Got the 5 liter keg and loved every drop.

10 Matt» Just tried it for the first time. I really like it. Excellent taste. I highly reccomend it.

11 Nick» I'm not a "beer drinker" per say and I love this beer. It's so rich in flavor without being too bitter or heavy

8 Max» Great beer, best oktoberfest i have ever drank

11 Germaniac» Paulaner is an outstanding brewery and everything they produce is tasty. This one is at the top of the list.

10 SteveO» My home tent at Oktoberfest

10 Dr. T» Rocketed into my top 10 favorites with one bottle. GREAT beer!

9 Jake» bought it without researching . WOW am i ever pleased. Try the mini Keg ,it's fun.

11 Merle» Paulaner Oktoberfest Marzen is the very best beer I have had the pleasure of drinking.

11 April S.» Fragrant, crisp and yummy. Very similar to Sam Adams Oktoberfest, but better!!

10 Bluespiderweb» Best O'fest I've tasted since my beloved Miller Lowenbrau O'fest of the early '70's disappeared on me; now that was an amazing brew! Anyone find another similar O'fest? Write me at AOL if you know of any, thanks!

9 joe» excellent amber i had 2 liters this afternoon

9 DEEZ NUTZ» I like it....

0 Candy Man» Too Sweet

11 Jimmiguitar» This has been my favorite beer for years on end. It is brewed year round and that's when I drink it! All year long. I am getting ready to buy a keg of it from a local store to frige, I brew my own as well but this is the best store bought beer around

11 Kelly» The best!!!!

11 Vodkalager» I'll drink Oktoberfest all day...all year, in fact. This is top-2, the other being Hacker-Pschorr Oktoberfest.

9 Andee» It's a good one! C'mon, what did you expect?

11 PamamaJack» This is my favorite Octoberfest beer this year. Eins, Svie, Dri, Zuffa!!!

7 Rev. Rhino» A little sweet, but overall not to bad.

11 NY Ram» The best for this style. Flavorful, yet light.

0 EVO VII» Is that a fish in my beer?

11 Philip» rich, but not heavy. One of my current favorite beers. I only wish I could find it on tap somewhere. NOTE: does nto go well with Chinese food.

11 HawkInOz» Takes me back to the good ol' days in Germany. Ein Excellent Bier!

7 KepOne» Perhaps a little to sweet for my liking & that hint of alcohol really bothers me after a bottle of Kwak. Other than that - a very inviting brew. I'll have to try it again when I'm in a mood for something like it.

11 Rusty-17 alt münchen» The perfect bier for celebrating Octoberfest

11 lodi » most delicious beer i've tried in a long time....i love it!

11 Heike» All I can say is YUMMIE !

11 Gniffke» schoen!

11 jb» mmmm...reason to live another year.

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