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11 tomax» I've been puttin' down nuthin' but PBR since 1974. It's hard to find at times, but us old dogs have our ways. I do miss the old "Made in Milwaukee" bite of the good old days.

10 ken» I dont care how you drink it, just keep drinking it. It just keeps getting better. I just ordered a keg for me and my friends.

11 Jason» CLASSIC

0 Cliff» I'd rather shave my tongue with my hairy uncles dull razor than take one more sip of the swill known as PBR. Ughhh

11 DCxxRay» pabst blue ribbon is ready for a comeback

8 Jim» Rediscovered PBR fishing in the North Woods of WI recently. All they had at a local pub. Now it's my every day house brew. Cold, crisp, clear, refreshing...what's there not to like? And at $11.99/30 pack there's more to like!

9 Jay» PBR is not bad at all, don't get me wrong it is not the best out there, but by far no the worst. For days when 9 bucks a sixer seems a little much!!!

10 fargingbastige» Harkens me back to the day... I still drink many other brands of beer, but I seem to always be drawn to the PBR. The colder the better.


10 Full Rudder» PBR must be consumed at or above room temperature. That's how my Old Man taught me how to drink this stuff. To drink it at any other temp (read: cold) classifies one as a pussy.

3 MZ Baer» Makes me not like beer... for a minute

1 c. junk» to hell with bud pbr rules

4 Uberone» Are you kidding? At it's very best, this beer is king of the crap American big box beers. No thanks.

11 Beer Nipple» I love sucking down a PBR like I like sucking on.... Well you know...

10 Diesel» It really is good beer. I actally tied my first today - a 24-ouncer I bought for $1.50. I'm a beer guy and like to try different kinds. It's kind of funny on the PBR can it says its the winner of the best beer in America... in 1876!

8 Big Pimpin» Good beer. When it's cold it's excellent. Cheap & gets the job done.

10 Mike» I used to drink PBR just out of high school 35 years ago then moved on I just bought a case of 30 (14.99) and compared it to Bud Well it's back to PBR

10 vwdude62» I grew up in the land of beer (Germany) and when i came to the states i tried all the "premium" beers they tasted like watered down piss then i Found PBR the only American beer!!!!!

10 Alcoholic King» Hard to explain this beer. Its very complex. Its a dark and mysterious brew. First notes are somewhat rough and nasally wakes up your senses. Once you get into it has a pleasant almost floral taste. PBR is never boring, lots of flavor!

11 Millstone» I am drinking an Ice Cold PBR as I'm writing. I consider PBR beer like a cult classic doesn't matter how many years passess, those that love it will always hail it the TRUE King of Beers!!!!!!!

11 ColoDon» I am 65, and have been drinking PBR for nearly 50 of those...I'll drink PBR another 50 years unless I fall off my bar stool and drown in it. But, that would have to be heaven anyhow ... drowning in PBR! Oh yeah!

11 Seattle» I started out a Coors Light drinker. Than an older buddy of mine (I'm 22 he's 27) turned me on to PBR...I never looked back. I will be a PBR man for life.

11 Cool Blue» When you say "piss" I think Bud-Miller-Coors. The only way to drink them is ice cold and there is no flavor. Just need to make sure there is plenty of TP in the toilet before you start. PBR me ASAP and EVERY time. Real beer for real men.

11 Brian» I tried it once and now it's my favorite beer... now I just need to find the stores that carry it. I can't believe it's a low price beer with that good a flavor.

11 Frank» Where's those glasses. This beer's gonna get too warm. I can't stand fuckin' warm beer. It makes me PUKE.

10 Phil » Tried it a couple months back. Can't believe it, it's actually become my favorite beer. Great flavor and not too heavy. Can be tough to find.

11 dennis woods» i have been drinking pabst blue ribbon beer for 34 years. I love it. I think it would be more popular if they would advertise more. I hope that I can drink it for another 34 years. PBRASAP

7 Kansas» PBR is the beer that I buy when I know I'll be expected to drink 10 or more cans. It's a beer that allows you to just keep knockin' em back.

11 rickdanger» I drink PBR exclusivly and at $7.99 or $5.99 (on sale) a 12 pack it really fits my budget. Best Value/Best Beer

10 Niner» I compared my glass of Pabst to a glass of Bud Light some jackass was drinking next to me. Pabst had more color, flavor and head on it. I guess Bud light is more popular from the commercials!

11 Parcha2» I love the taste of PABST BLUE RIBBON and I drink it more frequent then any other. The price is right and the quality is great. I prefer it over any other beer.

10 Patches» great beer, for great times

11 Firshizzle» This is the firshizzle little biddle.

8 Nate» Recentely I took a trip abroad, and I was shocked to see that PBR was offered in 711s in HONG KONG! I have no idea how they got there, but I wasn't complaining, if you know what I mean.

11 Beer Lover» I've had micros, macrows, and home brews. There is nothing better than PBR. When it is ice cold, there is no beer that is smoother. When I die, I want a bottle of PBR in the casket with me.

7 DJ» When you got to serve a lot of guys a lot of beer, it's Pabst Blue Ribbon. We used to have it in the vending machine at my college frat house circa 1979, when beer drinking was still an Olympic sport.

11 Carolina BBQ Man» We all drank PBR in high school & college. It was .25-.30 back then. Premium was .35 Bud, Miller, Schlitz What happened to Black Label, Falstaff, & Country Club. I still drink Pabst and have made a few converts.

10 Sage» check out can looks kinda familiar...could it be?....

11 ron» nothing better i drink this beer all the time not to sweet not bitter

11 lee» i've drank all kinds of beers and pabst by far is the best without question.

10 saint» just started drinking PBR again...wonderful

10 Pockets» Hey, its about time you guys figured this out. As a PBR drinker for the past 35 years it is always my 'go to' beer. Living in central Illinois, my friends and I used to keep the 3rd shift running at the Pabst brewery in East Peoria (now closed.)

11 Pro Beer Drinker» I haven drank them all but I have had more than most. There are some good ones and some not so good but when it comes down to it, PBR is the Best. Goes down smooth and tastes what a beer shoould taste like. If you haven't tried it, I highly recommen

9 Ashevillian Painter» Asheville, NC, boasts 7 local breweries serving up delicious beer but @ $4 per glass, it can be expensive. The locals gravitate toward PBR @$1 per glass & better than Miller, Bud....

11 Uncle Paul» I homebrew and drink a lot of great micros...BUT,there are times when only PBR will do. I love it. Union made,and tastes great!

10 Ken» I recently rediscovered PBR. I was drinking another cheap beer for economical purposes and my neighbor told me where I could get PBR. That was it. I actually prefer it to most other American Lagers for casual and professional drinking purposes.

11 Dave» Pabst IS Beer!

11 usa man» If they quit making PBR I'll quit drinking ITS THE ONLY BEER!

11 Hype-man» Pabst Blue Ribbon is loved by me and all my friends, PBR has a great taste and has never left me with a bad hangover!!

6 dabeardrinker» o.k its good cheap beer but thats about it. what i dont like about it, is that it always gives me the worst hanover. like pain on my forhead.

9 Buck» PBR can only be matched in quality by its near twin, Lone Star, beyond that, there is no beer

3 kristopher» this beer is o.k if tou dont have much money to spend and want to get drunk! the first one isnt the best but after 3 it doesnt tast as bad.

5 unter den bieren» good bier ....... for america

9 Don(tastic) Bobaganu» I used to drink Natural Light when I needed a dirty thirty, but after I found PBR there's been no lookin' back. EVERY 30 I buy is PBR.

0 Octoberfest» I hate budweiser original and I never thought I'd taste a beer worse but then I stumbled upon PBR. I would rather drink piss straight from a phallus. SHAMEFUL TO SEE THIS BEER RATED SO HIGH , WHEN IT IN FACT IS RATED AMERICAS WORST OF ALL TIME

11 Karl» I dont care how much money I make in my life, PBR will ALWAYS be my beer of choice. I might be wearing a $2000 pair of socks to the store; but I'll be carrying a case of PBR!!

11 Earl» I was too lazy to put PBR's in my mini fridge at school. This is how I discovered how great they are warm. It is the only way I'll drink them now. What'll you have? PABST BLUE RIBBON

5 Scrappy» I love PBR when I want a cheap thrill. It's the Premium College Beer! But it's gotta be damn near frozen to taste halfway decent.

11 cpacheco» i will drive 65 miles back to PA (i just moved to MD) to get my PBR rather than drink anything else, even if gas is 3.00 bucks a gallon.

10 mike» pbr in longnecks> what a classic

10 El» Go on Scuba Man - - you know you'll drink it if it's free!!! LOL

11 Chicago Jim» This stuff is awsome

10 Greg P.» Actually, I drank PBR in returnable quarts in the 70's and it was as close to draft as you could find. Much better than Bud.

11 Willy Pabst AmRhein» I see my friends buying miller lite for 16.50 a case when I can get a 30 pack of Blue Ribbon for 11.99. ther fools!!! Pabst taste way better.

2 likeale» fine beer when u need money for a new mufler

11 Tom Slow» Pour in a ice cold mug, add a shot of Jack Daniels...then you have a a boilermaker.

11 shaggy» I too have been driking pbr for years. I agree with most of what is posted except I take exception to drinking Ice cold. I do like it cold the best however I find when it warms more of the taste from the best hops come out making it similar

0 scuba man» They still brew this cr@p?

11 Blackson» Far too often the misinformed will shun drinkers of PBR, as they sip down their shitty Bud Lights. Great beer at a dirt cheap price, an unbeatable combination.

11 lou toad-east boston» in my opinion, the greatest beer this worlds ever seen. music sounds better, friends are fun, and women feel good. PBR for life!!!!

9 Billy Bob Gates» OptimusPabst is a true American!

11 bsetch» it is the nectar of the gods

11 mr. yumsicle» I love it...Best beer in the world and your girl can use the bottle as a "toy" later in the evening.

11 OptimusPabst» The BEST American macro out there. I drank so much PBR in college (and since) that they could have made 4-5 trailers for Katrina families from the aluminum I recycled.

10 rex II» my favorite beer to take to a byob party only the true affianado understands the neuances of the blue ribbon!!!!!!!!!!!

11 zock» Better than mothers milk

9 Louie» In beer,price does not insure quality. PBR is real beer, beats the big brands hands down

8 Georgia Asphalt» The good ol' boy of beers.

10 Don B.» In NJ, it was regarded as swill. I recently moved to Cinncy and went to a game here. They offered it for $3. I bought it and MAN it was good! I went back to good ol' days of beer! Drink up!

10 godsent» PBR is the best cheap and american beer forget about all the others when you wanna get sloshed for 5 bucks grab a sixer of tall pbr

11 Jhouston» PBR is the only cheap domesticated American beer I will drink. Trully the Nectar Of The Gods!!

9 Mike» availible at Food City in Phoenix amd at assorted waterin holes

8 biggin» P ure B iggin R efreshment

11 For a poor redneck, PBR is the best of the best.

2 Fentriss» PBR tastes like the crust of second hand, warmed over, homemade shit! Yummy!!

10 Murray» Its the best tasting cheap beer you can buy. I love it (since I am on a tight budget lately)

0 pbrbandit» pbr fucken sucks, so fuck you

11 ghouler o schul gurl» Bud gets booed out of any parties I have, while PBR is welcome with open arms!

11 Dan» PBR is for poor people. That is why it is why I drink it. :(

11 PUNKMAFUKA» If you don't drink PBR, then fuck you.

11 D-Wane» white socks red necks & blue ribbon many other beers have had a song written about them????


10 Jhouston» I'm a newbie to PBR,and I have to say it's trully nectar of the gods!!

7 chilidog» pbr is teh shizzle....i get it at publix for $6 a 12pack....nice,,,,

11 Quincy» Best beer I've ever had.

11 Roofing team member» It's the greatest beer on earth! It's the official beer of our drinkong team. What he says about the C's is so true!!

11 Denis Hopper» "I love to drink! I'll drink anything that moves!" ok, that's not the real quote

10 Ernest» I've been drinking PBR for years, now and again I venture up into the more pricey brews... but PBR is my rock.

0 gay» gay

9 Sudsy» I'm swilling a can right now, after 3 Colt 45 40's. Needless to say, it tastes fine!

3 heh» Not bad for a light beer. Better than keystone on par with miller. But its still a light beer and doesnt say it is

10 Paul» Been drinkin' this brew forever, Nectar of the gods !!!!

0 summers» this beer is absolute garbage. I would choose sobriety over drinking this crap

11 Awsome» Awsome

11 PBR Soldier» Been drinking it in Oregon for years and now that I am in Arizona I have been converting Bud Light Drones one can at a time.

9 DH» PBR is great for a macro, I actually smell hops...

11 H 4 power» love PBR...blow's away Bud, Miller AND cOORS....Glad it's making a comeback....actually drinking a tallboy now!!


10 pbrme7741» Great beer for the price. Hell of a lot better than bud or miller

11 Ruscha» PBR is definitely nectar of the Gods! This is hands down the best beer that has ever entered my system, and I have entered several brews into my system!! PBR is Number 1...

11 Burt's Mustache '72» Before camping, during camping, recovering from camping. Any outdoor event. PBR should be there. Definitely will get you noticed for the can alone. Retro-goodness.

10 gbgregg» This is a great beer for the price. It has a clean hoppy taste, just look how many people have taken the time to rate it.

11 Bill» PBR voted #1 American style lager at the 2006 Great American beer fest. I always knew it was great!

11 ZIT» i converted an avid bud drinker & half barrels are `bout 40 bucks in my neck-o-the-woods pontiac ill

11 JD» I alway busted my Dad's chops for drinking that swill. Then I tried one and was so surprised by its crispness and flavor. Not to mention its cheap. I wish all bars had it on tap!!!

11 Boston» when you got 10 bucks left in the wallet... you turn to Pabst... it finishes smooth, and will made you feel like you are drinkng a classic bad ass beer with some real history behind it.

11 18 year old » in california you can get two 12 packs for 5 bucks when i had got someone to get it they were fresh out still havent tryed it

9 Tony T Bone» PBR- Tastes great-Less money!A fantastic beer at a bargain price.

11 jon-boy» this beer is the best beer!

11 PBR is the best» its cheap as hell and its way better then half the beers out there

11 PBR Baby» Pabst Blue Ribbon and big titted women, after both my life has never been the same!!!!!

11 Zarookie» Even better than any of the micro brews. I love this beer!

4 saltysailor» the official beer of the american college experience...

10 crow» drinking pabst since 1969 in high school and still do its the best beer i ever drank

11 Ashley» I love Pabst!

10 Jesse» Its the best cheap beer available.

11 I lOVE PBR» Best I've ever had. I am loyal to the Blue Ribbon.

11 Big Mike» PABST BLUE RIBBON: It has to be the best beer of all times. I have been drinking this beer for 35 yrs. I've tried others, but always come back to the COOL BLUE. Here's to all my Pabst buddys; CHEERS.

11 billyboy» too bad hipsters drink it now

11 Ahhhh Mmmmm PBR!!!!!» I have drank PBR for about 10 years or so now, and I gotta tell ya, I can't switch to anything else. It tastes great, and I guess it becomes a part of you. My friends would wonder if I was sick if I showed up with anything but PBR to a party!!

10 cheap beer drinker» My friends and I have drank only PBR for the last 10 years. We love the taste and the price. PBR me ASAP !!!!!

11 Jim» I wish I found out about PABST earlier, really. Tastes really good, and good on my wallet too. Thumbs up.

1 Beer Snob» It's piss.

11 pbr in my system» pbr is the fucking shit it the best cheapest beer that i have found to fuck me up the most

11 Psychojinx» Fucking Pabst. The best fucking beer period. Thats the truth. No bullshit 110% American blue collar quality. I put away a 30-pack of this god-almighty american brew every 2 days. Living like a fucking king.

11 PBRmeasap» Can't beat this bang for the buck.

11 A Real Man's Beer» I've had imports, exports, micros, macros, and homebrews. Tasted some good but only one great and THE GREAT ONE is.......PABST BLUE RIBBON!

11 Loco11» PBR is the man of all beers, and at a minimal cost, its gets you a good buzz for your buck. PBR me asap ; )

11 BL Hater in STL» I love PBR and PBR light. Being from STL I am cursed at when I want a PBR at the bars. Praise PBR!!!

11 Revan» Damn, I just discovered Pabst, but it certainly deserves its fan base. When it comes to cheaper American beers, I'm never drinking Bud again.

11 PBR Lover» I've said it time and time again. People don't drink Bud, Miller, and Coors because of the taste. They drink it because they advertise so much, people think they are the "in" beers to drink. If they did a blind taste test, PBR would win hands down.

11 Shlo» PBR has got us all through a lot of tough times. Lets all praise PBR!!!

6 Greg» My home brew bottles started exploding at the end of the brewing process and of course I had prepared everyone for the big day when they could try it. I refilled the home brew bottles with PBR and saved the day.

7 Just add martini olive for touch of class...

1 El Diablo» more horrible american mass produced fizzy water with alcohol in it. Better than BUD though.

7 white shadow» when it comes to pabst ,all other domestic brews are a thing of the past.

11 PBR Drinker 4 Life» I drink Pabst every day. My grandfather drank it every day from 1955 to 2002 when he stopped drinking for good. It's a family tradition!

6 DANg» the only time i ever tried it is when i was pretty buzzed and the PBR was luke warm but it was fine so i can only imagine how it must be freezing cold. i found it went down smooth and had a good amount of flavor.

11 just a fan of pabst» PBR ME ASAP

11 Mr. PBR» Without question, the greatest beer in American history. When it comes down to it, if I have the taste for a cold one, PBR hits the spot and is the real deal.

11 Dr. Pabst» Take two (cases) and call me in the morning!!!

11 Miss PBR to you» The girls cant't believe I drink PBR. I have 2 cans every Thursday before I start bowling. I acually just had a can earlier today. It was the first beer my friends and I stole out of our parents refidgerators when we were 15. I love it.....

11 Hall» Best beer ever brewed as far as I'm concerned. Been drinking it for over 40 yrs. Nothing else comes close. Make mine a Blue Ribbon...everytime. Hell, it's the only kind my mom ever let me drink. She knew what was best for her baby boy.

7 Popcorn» Ahh life in the dorms again lived with this stuff for a year

11 BeerManBrad» This the best cheap beer, plain and simple. PBR me ASAP!

8 GB» Just had 4 tall neck bottles,cold as ice. They were great!

11 PBR Dave» Great beer except when bar owners, you know who you are, try to rip you off with pricing....right Matt?

11 matt fresh» PBR is a great beer regardless of price. i would pay top dollar for this beer if i needed too. God Bless Pabst Blue Ribbon.

11 pabst » i notice how pabst blue ribbon beer , gives me th e shits after drinking it the next day

6 mattgert» Excellent brew for a cheap beer. Great for cutting the grass or drinking when money is tight. If you are going to savor a beer, this is not a good choice.

11 Mr. Pabst» Exactly what beer is supposed to taste like. I say no more.

8 Brook» I started drinking Pabst to save money because I was out of work. I found I really like the taste and super look forward to having a cold one from my fridge at the end of the day while I cook dinner.

9 Jay» I found a bar in Newport, RI that served PBR exclusively, and at $1 a bottle, how could it go wrong?

8 Dirtydawg» Pabst beats most hands down. Especially for the price! And no other beer can looks good on my lawn after it's been emptied!!! (my wife hates that)! Great beer!

10 Miller» Want to know the fat contant, fat percentage per twelve ounce can.

11 amylou» screw all of you who don't drink dad is 59 years old and he says that is the only true beer, and will NOT drink anything different,he says"all other beer is horse piss"!!!!

11 Mr. PBR» There are many good tasting beers out there but what seperates PBR from all others is the taste. This is Americana. Hot dogs, baseball, apple pie, and Pabst Blue Ribbon. It has withstood the test of time. I love PBR. It is the best beer ever.

8 SCHAEFFER» as long as we are doing low end, let me say Schaeffer is still the same as it was in the early 60's. my buddy and I do a case during summer bar-b-ques. then all of a sudden all the old timers say let me try one. Puke.

11 dRinK_PBr_1» this is one of the most classic, best tasting beers i have ever had. ever since i was 14 i have have been stealing these beers out of my parents fridge and i never plan to stop drinking this all around good beer

11 I LOVE PBR» This is the best beer in the world. Period. I love it and have turned my friends on to it. Why do you think they don't have to do little advertising? Because the beer speaks for itself. The best I've ever had.

1 ping pong» fuck you pabst queers-go back to the gay 90's

11 Mike» I grew up in Milwaukee. Traveled the world. Drank Czech, German, Polish, and French Beer. Those are real Beers that are brewed the same way over the years. Pabst is the only real beer that taste like those beers. Great beer, period.

10 blue baron» Coming from hop country in the Yakima Valley, it is truly refreshing to find a macrobrew with a real hop finish.

8 tod» of course the beer i stole from my dad. had a daughter at 17 beacuse of this stuff but it has lasted all these years there must be something to it. nothing like going fishing with a case of pbr and my dad


11 Davey» Undoubtedly, this is what beer should taste like. There is nothing like an ice cold PBR in a bottle or out of a keg. People only drink Miller, Bud, Coors because it is the "trendy" thing to drink. Professional beer drinkers should and do drink PBR!

10 Copey» I don't think anyone can find a better macro brewed beer in the USA, Price completely aside, I'd still choose a PBR against any other macro brews. It's not fair to compare Pabst to New Glarus, but I think the only better beer is spotted cow.

8 jimmy» pabst by the keg baby... who needs cans. prefer yuengling, but its sure beats those 211s

7 SxyBeerBeotch» There comes a point in your life when you have to put down the slimfast and pick up a PBR. Not only a great breakfast beer but an interesting conversation piece to stock in your fridge.

11 Rick» Great beer, drink it all the time better than Bud cheaper also!

11 PBR Pitcrew» PBR rocks All American body fuel . !

11 BLUE» The best beer ever made. Try a cold PBR today. Even a warm PBR will do!!

2 Brettzky42» Three words: Pabst Blue Urine.

10 Lou» Great beer, far better than Bud. Proof that price does not mean quality! You can pay more for less.

7 mud» O.K. Pabst is certainly not the "best" bear...that's Yuengling. But since I now live in Michigan where there is no Yuengling, Pabst is the "budget" beer of choice. Easy drinking, decent taste, and a blue ribbon, so everyone knows your a winner!

8 John Beall» Bud is headache beer. There is nothing wrong with Pabst Beer. A lot of higher priced beers are not as good or even close, pour them back in the horse.

6 Mikey Boy» Pabst is by far the best "crap" beer of this decade(since before it wasn't a crap beer, but rather a trend setter) I would rather lick a fat one than drink keystone or mil.'s best,, eww the beast. Coors and bud is more expensiv.

11 Davey» This is some good stuff. Better than Bud, Miller, Coors, etc. Price is cheaper cause they don't advertise like the big 3. Never had it? Try it and you'll love it.

11 PRB All-Stars» PRB is way better than the commercial crap, and cheaper too!

7 anthony» cheap, good college beer...

11 Captain Porkley» Long neck bottles in ice water coolers, as American as the 4th of July! St. Louie? Phooey!

7 Jack» Ooh look at me. I got my pinky up drinking a chocolate bock with hints of cherry and tobacco. Pabst Blue Ribbon seperates the men from the boys.

11 cliffred» pabst is the best beer known to man anybody who dont like it can just get the fuck out cuz aint nuttin better. way to go blue ribbon yea

11 Fred B.» PBR longnecks are still going strong.Even my rich son-in-law is catching on.

11 Rob» PBR Rocks. Tastes like a Budweiser. Understand that PBR is national brand in existence for 150 years. Beer snobs got no courage and succumb to peer pressure.

1 Peter H.» There is more taste and alcohol in milk,PBR is pure CRAP! OK for the un-educated drinker.

11 Pat» Fuck yeah, PBR is where it's at. My favorite beer BY FAR. Bud Light has nothing on PBR.

9 Theo» I found Pabst as a Senior in high school. I haven't deserted her sense. Funny how it is now trendy to drink PBR, but such is the life of a beer drinker.

11 gobosox» hell, it's drinkable, cheap, and gets the job done. Six of them and you fell good, twelve of them and you feel great, Rock on PBR.

10 Reid» Dad introduced me to PBR in 1974; I went through my beer snob phase, ran out of money, and came home to cheap and icy cold once again. Here in Athens, it's the hipster beer of choice without a doubt.

11 Geoff» Pabst is cheap, cheap is good. pabst is good.

7 sky blue waters» What about Hamm's? Love the sky blue water.

2 Mark» Don't understand why people are drinking this again. It was so bad it almost disappeared from the market. It's still bad.

5 Slate» Beer snobs would rate this high. You are all sheep. Yeah retro is cool. So predictable

11 Tombo» PBR till I die M-fers!!!!

11 BadBrad» PBR rocks, and Brians Belly will make it the #1 domestic beer in the USA, cause I have emailed all my friends this rating site

11 Kevin Schrank» I'm 25 and I have been drinking PABST since I was 13 and ahd i would nevre drink any thing but PABST....

11 SteveO» I Love PBR. It's not only very cheap, but I enjoy the taste more than most domestic brews

10 Dizzy» Almost as good as Falstaff!

9 Joseph» It's at least as good as Schlitz. I mean that in a good way. I love Schlitz. Where's the review of Schlitz?

11 wizzletit» PBR is the greatest beer i mean if its good enough for Joe Dirts dad come on. i would like to know where bill is from i pay $5 a 12 pack wish i could get it for 10 for a 30

11 purplehelmet» my wifes uncle passed away not too long ago and we sent himout with a can opf pbr. i have been hooked ever since. this stuff beats heineken (my old brew) hands down and pull tabs up.

11 millioncanmarch» Join the rest of PBR lovers at Longnecks and ice cold, play a hand of poker with the caps! fun and refreshing!

9 1972 z28» it,s great when it,s cold

11 Bill» micro beers that beer snobs drink taste like S%@t PBR has a good taste and is cheap. when i was a young boy my gfather told me people will judge you by the beer you drink. he said this as we were killing a 12er of oly

9 germain» i love pbr. my mouth is watering... i think i need to go to the grocery store.

7 PT» I love this beer. I dont buy it because it is inexpensive, although $11.99 for a 30-pack is great, I buy it because it is so refreshing, especially when it's ICE COLD! And it has more taste than the other high profile domestic brews.

11 Bill» Im drinikng a pbr right now's 9.99 for a 30 pack at my supermarket ..I love this stuff

11 Daniel Boone» My beer of choice. It is inexpensive, yet it has a delightful flavor. Excellent choice to go with almost any meal.

11 Hoppy» PBR is the brew, the only down side is all the scene kids drink it thinking it makes them cool. lets face, ive been cheap longer than youve been a scene kid. 2 more PBR's left :(

11 its all good» introduced to PBR 16 years ago by a man that I truly adore. Still continue to embrace the flavor of PBR as well as all the memories that go with it...what I can remember of them!

10 MGL» It is the only beer which I can drink for hours and still not have even a slight hangover. Therefore, it is as a god among beers. PBR, I love you.

3 Kelly» I can't believe the ratings this swill has gotten. It actually won the gold medal at the GABF for American lagers. Why, I'll never know 'cuz it sucks. Should be called Sex in a Canoe because it's f#!%*ing close to water.

11 AdamR» Cheap? Delicious? KILLER?

11 liz reed» Classy beer. Check out the roadies on the Allman Brothers -Live at Fillmore East album/cd. If you grew up in the South in the 60's, the only beer was a PBR tall boy

11 Gene Lee» I am now drinking my one millionth can of PBR lol. But I will have to say here and now I like if best from the BROWN BOTTLES, Just wish they still had the ribbon you could tear off with gold ring.

10 Wild BillR» delightful, fairly smooth,yet full bodied, kinda like a good woman.....

10 Jake in NH» Pabst was the first beer I tasted and 32 years later it still tastes the same! It's GREAT cold and on a hot summer day even better on ice! BEER = PABST

11 Drunk Tom» Long live PBR, as a heavy drinker and former Employee of Anheuser Busch (although never a fan of AB), I drink Pabst and Milwaukee's Best Ice proudly. Long live Dennis Hopper and his famous quote

10 PBRgoddess» i've quoted that dennis hopper line many a time in defense of my PBR! in honor of the americans of 1893 ;)


2 RamRod» Drank the stuff 25 years ago when it was much better. Since the original brewery sold, it has not been the same. As for cheap beer, my vote goes to Busch.

11 CheapBeerForever» A beer that excels in its price range and fulfills the role it was made for to perfection. If you don't like the blue collar, cheaper American mass-produced canned beers, go vote on one of your beloved fancy dark bottled beers, not this.

11 PabstQC» I am now proud of being in the Pabst subculture.

11 skynyrdfan» Helluva beer especially when I drink German beer now. But it was always there when I needed a "can to hold on to"

7 the other Brian» PBR was my Dad's beer when I was a kid. It's still the best of the cheap beers.

8 Guinness Lover» This stuff kind of has a wheaty taste like Heineken. It's a nice beer with a full flavor. And although it may not be a Guinness, the worlds finest brew, it has good flavor in a low pricetag. A GREAT value in a good beer.

8 PBR Man» Back in the early 80's we would refer to the "Tall Boy" as the "Pabst Pounder" we pounded down many. Much better than Bud

11 Pabst6» I love the beer so much I got it tattooed on my arm.

10 Cher» After drinking Coors, Bud, Mich, etc. I finally found a cheap beer that has some taste. It gives some excessive "gas" but well worth the price of a 30-pack (in my area) of $15.50! Where else can you get a price like that for a good beer?

11 jake» I dont drink it because it is cheap. I drink it because it is good.

11 Liquidken420» Started with PBR in 1995 during my 1st year at U of MT & it was wickedly popular even then. David Lynch was born in Missoula, tho, so Blue Velvet may have an influence here (or Missoula influenced that Blue Velvet line?)

11 WMUSTUDENT» As A College Student, PBR is the Best Choice. It is cheap, good, and makes a great beer to bong. I am sure that in my later years I will probably be doing less beer bonging but I am sure a PBR will still have a spot in my fridge.

10 Luc» PBR is a great choice when you need a cheap beer that taste good.

11 Pitlizard» Started drinking PBR at 16 in 1962, move to Florida 1979 and lost track of it. I'll be looking for PBR in the stores, its still my favorite - and I drink alot of beer.

11» I discovered PBR in 1997, long before it was cool. Only because it was tasty, $2.99 for 6pack of TBs and I was flat broke and in grad school. I still drink it today (my wife ordered a 1/2 keg for my B-day).

10 D-Rod» The Best thing about PBR is Wednesday nights in Savannah, GA at the Rail. $5 pitchers! (one block south of City Market)

10 Freight Dog» The best cold beer there is on a hot day when you are hauling relief supplies around Africa. You wouldn't even think about another beer in the bush!

10 Bobby» First beer I drank. I still drink it. Tasty and cheep... mmmmm... PBR...

1 newt» I'll give it a 1. They are brave enough to put their name on the bottle!!!!!!

0 DuffMan» I drink duff, so I like cheap beer, but c'mon!! This beer is skunky. It doesn't taste good and it only seems to be popular because it seems to be nostalgic. Drink beer, not history. Your dad drank it because there wasn't anything else offered.

0 Hassi Greenberg» PBR is premium White Trash Beer!! It tastes like hot garbage.... it's like drinking radiator fluid.

8 Roger» good beer, but it must be cold

10 Stephen» PBR rules! 'Value' & poundability make PBR a staple brew at all my backyard BBQs. Greetings from sunny Seattle...mwahaa

11 HorsemanTY» I love it, it's been my beer for years, full flavored beer with no harsh aftertaste or hangover. Also enjoy Pabst Light and now Pabst Extra Light was spotted at the local store.

11 Mr Pabst» Thanks for the nice comments, I think my beer's pretty good too......I invented it for pete's sake!

7 commie bastard» a fine brew.. the best part is no hang over.. you can swell these all day and still be functional in the morning..

11 PBR Streetgang» An American classic!

10 pbrdrinker» My grandpa drank it, my dad drank it. The hole in the wall bar at college served it. And I recently saw it on the shelf at the grocery store. Beats all the mass domestic brews. Theyre doing pretty good considering their ad budget is about $400k!!

3 CBenn» Total SWILL.. Im not one to skimp on Beer. I would NOT feed this to a dog....I would be afraid he would bite me in retaliation. Better than Bud BUT I give Bud a 1. I have no idea why anyone would actually pay $$ for this

10 Claude Bawls» PBR is the best. You can play poker with the bottle caps. I can have a full house before my buddys get three cards!!!

11 kraus from Salem, MA» PBR-Official beer of the Transvale Acres Drinking Team, North Conway, NH and the official brew of the Kraus Summer Of Suds Tour '05.

11» I am a PBR Dist. in MO, I thank you for getting the word out about the quality/value of PBR. I tell people in my Market that the beer "Cost" less because we are not spending $$ trying to cram it down you on TV. IOW, we are not TV beer, ie Bud Lt

8 My First» Served often at frat parties

11 wegaadam» It is GREAT! It would not have recieved a blue ribbon otherwise!

11 Ironlip» Pabst is Back!! It's one sweet beer to me. I'll have another!!!

5 tmicone@digitalpath.» Found some old bottles, and trying to find out how old they are, could you please send me some information on the brown bottle beer.

11 theesein» best beer in the states, been drinking it for thirty years.

10 ALKEE» Pabst is the best. Put it in a cooler......bury it in ice cubes......go sit under a shade tree.......and enjoy the best beer made in the USA!

8 Boston Enbiber» Needs to be served ice cold but reserves a good finish for the enbiber. Great American brew from our pals in Wisconsin. Puts other US brews such as Bud, Miller, and Coors to shame. Often viewed as an anti-establishment brew and heralded by punkers

11 Dragosloth» You gotta be kidding me, I would much rather drink a PBR than som west coast overhopped bullshit that desperately wants to be english, but just dosen't get that too much hops makes your beer bitter.

11 Lisa» Does anyone know how to get a Punk band sponsored by PBR. E-mail me at Thanks

10 HaNZ» this is in my top three beers behind rouge and stone brewerys, when i go to a bar and thats what they got thats what i get if not then i get a dank beer, well anything but bud or coor. coors=banna beer

11 Mad Dog» I love PBR, its a classic, at our local tavern me and my cousin and a few others guzzle as much of this true piece of "Americana" as we can get!

11 I'mRight» Obviously the best of shitty beers. Trounces High Life.

11 Krayzie Bone» The best beer ever.

9 Alaskan» Ah, the old days of stealing PBR out of Dad's refridgerator in the garage. Who didn't grow up on PBR? I brew my own beer now and wouldn't touch a Miller, Coors or Bud, but PBR brings back memories when swilled...

11 gotide01» I agree PBR is the best all around beer. If people would choose a beer for it's taste instead of a name everybody would be drinking PBR.

9 philip» probably one of the best bang-for-your buck brews. Cheap, crisp, smooth w/ a clean aftertaste. Avoids the watery character of a Miller Lite or Coors Lite and goes for around $3.50 a sixer around here. decent suds for very little scratch.

9 Barnaby36» Having been raised along the US/CANADA border I thought all good beers had labatt or molson on the label. I tried PBR after the yuppie trend on the brew was over and was pleasantly surprised with a product better than Bud,Mil,Coors.

0 Beer Man» PBR is just another Miller contract brew, since PBR is a virtual brewer it has a Web site but no brewery. So, enjoy your red, white & blue Miller.

10 Elliott» I'm a well-rounded lover of beer, domestic and imported. Pabst Blue Ribbon is not fine beer... but it has style! Grossly underrated for its cheapness, it's a brew of distict American tradition, intriguing obscurity, and distinct flavor.

11 Bark» PBR is the classic old time beer. It's good to see so many other that enjoy it.

11 swamp thing» best beer there is! best when warm

1 LafayetteCollege» This doesnt fit on the todempole of beer: Cheapest for pong and bongs is Natty, more expensive for pong and bongs is Miller Light, and when we want a real beer, its Yuengling. Moral: We like Natty better than Pabatsmears blue ribbon

10 Old Guy» I like it... I like it a lot! Always have, always will. I keep the uppity brands on hand for guests. They get a Heineken, while I enjoy my PBR. There's something to be said for a beer's "ambiance". PBR has that.. it's just a good all-around beer.

10 Nikki» mmm...Pabst! I started drinking it when Consumers Report gave it such a high rating..isn't it silly when our Bud friends say it's yucky just cuz they can't believe a cheap beer can be a quality beer?

9 Fela Kuti» I am a homebrewer who appreciates really good beer. When i cant have the best, my seond choice is ALWAYS PBR!

11 steve» PBR is the shizz-nite.

11 Lyndon» I heard rumors of how good PBR was while I was stationed in Belgium because I was concerned about the inferior beer in the states. Upon my return to the states I located PBR in a store and couldn't believe how good this beer was.

11 Doogie» Thank god they still brew PBR, My dad worked at the Newark plant a long time till it shut down, I wouldnt know what else to drink if they stoped selling Pabst !

10 Mike Pro» Its cheap, it has flavor, its retro, it goes great with a shore lunch, its fun to ask for it by name and cause the bartenders forhead to crumple.... you can find it pretty readily here in Chicago.

1 Bunch of Hypocrites.» It strikes me as more than a little hypocritical to slam watery pilsners like Bud and then deify drek like PBR because of its legacy or its CAN DESIGN. I hate them all, no matter how pretty the container looks.

5 jim d» this beer had its time and place- namely college in beer bongs along with rainer, schaeffer, and carlins black label. now it just gives me a horrendous head ache. and i like cheap beers like miller lite and bud lite, but pbr-no thanks

11 Clovis» Beer Belly, I agree with you on the three C's except one, and that is the case. We only buy turdy packs and everything else is for pussies.I'm 23 and a long time PBR drinker. It pisses me off prices have gone up because it's whats in right now.

8 Lou» My wife loves this stuff! I keep a twelver on hand at all times. It's better in bottles, or fresh on tap if you can find it...

11 Dave» PBR is always what I have drank. (Since I was 16, now 38). It has flavor. The big three ONLY HAVE good commercials.

11 bigDAWG» PBR is the best beer and good. GO DAWGS

11 Troy» PBR is VERY GOOD Beer when compared to most of the swill the big three market as quality beer. It's also readily available, at least in Nebraska. I routinely purchase it in bottles by the case.

7 WFH» Pabst is my choice of beers for everyday consumption. Has been for over 10 years. I consider it one of the top 5 inexpensive beers. Note, I say inexpensive not cheap,there is a difference.

11 WIU Loves PBR» Found PBR at Western Illinois University and love it. Brought the love home for the friends and we've got people drinking it now at colleges across the U.S

10 KEN» PABST always was, AND always will be one of America`s great beers! Easily better then Bud. I only wish they`d bring back Andecker.

11 Eric» PBR is awesome! 24 pack for $8.99 and in my opinion, tastes better than bud, coors, all that stuff. Great for my college dorm fridge!!

0 Tracy» Went to small town in IA & PBR was only thing on tap for $2.00pitcher thought I could drink about any beer but when I tried it was like you have got to be kidding me, this tastes like crap. First time I haven't finished a glass of beer given to me

0 Hades» Bat urine. Pass me the Erdinger please

11 pbr=theshit» i am a college student and i swear by pbr is one of the best and its brewed in my great state of WI!! try any berghofff if you can(brewed in my hometown!)-great beer

11 saganashkee slough» my grandfather,uncle,and cousins all drank pabst and I drink it,pabst is a great tasting beer and holds nostalgia for me.

11 BlueRibbon» PBR is one of Richmond VA's top college beers. Found in many dive bars for a buck a can. Cheap and delicious!!!

11 PBR Minister» This beer is a true survivor. It has steadily regained it's popularity even though their competitors have multimillion dollar ad campaigns. It has great taste, great character, and a great price.

11 Rappster» Got hooked at Milwaukee's " Summer Fest." Really a great beer. If you haven't had it, give it a try. You won't be dissappointed.

0 Chris» Black lung of the bowels.

10 Brueno» Finest of the American mass produced beers.

10 pbr king» ive been drinking pbr for over 25 years, most who try it like it. i do like it better in cans.

11 PabstCaptain» Not only is PBR the staple of my community, the whole line of brews from Pabst is genuine and definately commanding of respect. Raineer, Stroh's, Oly, Old Mil, etc. Need I say more?

11 PBRtrooper» this is the ORIGINAL pabst blue ribbon beer. Nature's choicest products provide its prized flavor. Only the finest of hops and grains are used. Selected as America's Best in 1893" - why hasnt pabst been chosen as the best beer since then?

10 PBRmeASAP» PBR is my favorite American beer. The can is red,white, and blue.It is really popular at many richmond partys and bar

10 'jammer» Tastes like good 'ol American beer to me!

10 Nick» I love this stuff... I discovered it going to SUNY Potsdam college in the boondocks of NY and I try to drive out once in a while to pick up a few cases. It tastes kind of like liquid corn flakes.

9 glenn» ya cant beat it .ice cold on a real hot day! Yeah.

11 abnmonty» The first time that I came in contact with PBR beer was when a buddie and I were fishing underneath a bridge and someone threw several cans of PBR in the creek. We fished them out and I have been hooked ever since. Good American Beer!

11 tjbarczak» Pabst is one of the best tasting beers around. people give it a bad rep, but those are usually the ones who have never drank it. Just try it you'll love it!

11 harry paratesteeezz» yo dat jant offa da hizzle fo shizzle my nizzle. you naaaaww whad im sayin

11 retrolush» pbr is great, put it in a glass with bud, coors and miller, you would choose the pabst, it tastes better, but nobody will drink it because it's cheap!

7 kats» Not the best beer, but easily the best cheap American beer. Brings back great memories of many punk rock dive bars.

10 PBR poster boy» I have re-discoverd this "cheap" premium beer after avoiding it throughout my HS days. I used to be a Miller man until I saw PBR on tap at a local eatery. I tried one...I was hooked. Why isn't the company marketing this more?

11 Kremer» PBR is making it's come back...

10 Wes» P.B.R. is Great, Period ! Great Taste, Great Price, Always Consistant.....Can't beat that.


7 Rob» This is the best cheap beer on the market hands down. Beats the pants off of the other macro brew's budget offerings and most of their bigger brands. Just about everything that rolls out of the pabst brewery is both better and cheaper than Bush/Coors

7 skinny» If you are into americana beer, try straub beer from St. mary's PA !

3 One of the Worst Beers ever.

11 bv» good stuff! cheap,smooth, less filling! shit i sound like a freakin is the best beer for under 5 dollars a twelver!!!

10 sampledood» At 14 years old, the absolute best beer I've ever had was a super ice cold PBR stolen from the neigbors outside fridge!! That first swig was AWESOME!

10 PBR ME ASAP» Not a fad, just the all-American beer finally getting a little recognition.

4 Flad» Some people or cheap. It is a fad to drink PBR because it makes you look hip and "blue collar." Neither of these facts makes it a quality beer.

11 freon» If you order Romulan Ale at the Star Trek Experience in Las Vegas you get PBR. Cheap bastards.

11 Cool Blue» Best beer in the country. Finally people are discovering a hidden gem.

9 snatch» idont have to worry about my friends asking for one they dont know a real beer!

11 The Dude» Love the stuff! $9.99 for a thirty rack and that smooooth taste make this beer the best deal in town!

11 BIG K» My grandfather started me on PABST when I was four years old. He would give me a very small glass of PABST and tomaato juice every time I would visit him. I am 44 now and I drink only PABST. I would challenge any one to find a better beer on tap.

11 Duckster» I have devoted many many nights to my friends that were chosen america's best beer in 1893 ... truly the best inexpensive beer.

11 Sir Pabst» Been drinkin it for years, cause it's cheap and it has a nice taste. I drink so much I made a suit of armor out of pabst cans, now they call me Sir Pabst. Well, at least one stripper does, and that is good enough for me ;)

10 wanker» .99 cents for a 2x4, now thats drinking baby!

11 David Sharpe» The best beer in the world. A mainstay in Clemson, SC Esso Club.

9 Bruised Guy» No matter how much PBR you drink, the can goes against the forhead. DO NOT drop the forehead on the can. Especially if your friends offer to help.

10 Fat Beater» Ideal for the college guy,easy on the wallet and alot better tasting than most cheap beer. Some of my oldest memories are of my grandpa slamin pabst and now I know why. I'll have a PBR anytime.


9 Buster Hymen» i know great beer when i taste it, idont need to see the label on NASCAR or have some madison-avenue asshole tell me what i like. lets get pabstsmeared tonight!

10 MlSS PBR» This is a classic beer with great taste. Of course it taste better when ice cold or already drunk.Either way it's my beer of choice.. I bleed PBR. What beer do you bleed?

9 pbr» better then i remember jim bob

11 Ivan» Man I love this stuff... Can't have a crazy party without at least a case of PBR. He sure is right about it NEVER filling you up, making it the ideal "case race" beer. Just fun all around for any drinking game, beer pong, suits it dosn't matter.

9 Sam» The beer with class....I didn't say what kind of class, just class...

11 Robert Horry» Pabst is the best beer ever. Fuck that expensive high class shit. This shit is American bitch.

11 Schuss» We rock PBR in our kegerator, and I have yet to find a more regular and drinkable beer. I enjoy all fine beers, but PBR is my daily drinker. 10 bucks for a thirty, 45 for a keg, you really can't beat it. Sometimes ya just need a peeber.

7 shoeny» save yourself the $2 per 6-pack and ask for a PBR. yes it had more bite awhile back, it still is good with fish and a solid buzz brew

9 Hansen» This beer is the gooch!

9 Allie» Yeah, it's great for drinking on bad dates... if you're used to drinking real beer, he'll be in the bathroom puking after you down 10 or so and you can leave and drink the good stuff

11 it'sssoooooocheap» it's better then black label... but that's not saying alot.

9 Troye» Yes, I think it's good. I buy some for nostalgia every once in a while (or when I'm low on cash.) I like that it has a little "bite" to it, however I could swear that it used to have more of a bite. Does anybody else think that too?

2 snaggletooth» What's with you beer queers. It all tastes the same coming up. It's Bud for me! Cheap and available in all fifty states.

11 Capt. Pabst» PRB is the stuff dreams are made of. PBR has a cult following o hope Britney Spears doesn't start wearing there logo then it will be trendy. All hail PABST BLUE RIBBON!

10 PBRmeASAP» ever check out the back cover of the Allman Bros 'live at the Filmore' album? All the road crew are enjoying a PBR tallboy. 'nuff said.

11 nick» WOW

6 Jim» Even though a local (now closed )bar advertised this "Pig Wizz" in a giant 16 oz goblet (a goblet? no wonder they went out of business!) for only one dollar on tap,it's not THAT bad. A decent "cheap buzz", but too many gives me a TERRIBLE hangover.

10 Ken» No other beer tastes better than PABST BLUE RIBBON, on a hot August evening, being pulled up from the very bottom of a cooler, filled with melting ice cubes!

9 N8TheGr8» PBR is Old-School to the fullest! In fact I'm drinking one right now...hells yeah. Goes down smooth, and is a nice "transitional beer".

7 Terry» My uncle worked for Pabst when I was a kid he used to have the coolest stuff. My favorite was a ceramic Pabst Bear, a bottle that you opened by removing its head and popping the cap. Never liked the beer but the merchandising was cool.

11 Ron F.» Found a case of PBR at rite aid for 9.99. a local bar has $1 cans of PBR every wednesday

9 Lars» As far as domestic swill goes I find PBR has a much better taste than miller,coors,Bud. I also agree with the belly, in that it must be cooold.

11 McPPants» PBR ranks in my top five favorite domestic beers. It has more character than your standard Coors\Bud\Miller beer. And here in South Dakota I can buy a case of bottles for under twelve bucks.

11 Reese» "But, who drinks PBR nowadays? Who even knows where to find it?" You can get PBR everywhere in Bloomington, IN. I used to drink High Life, then Keystone Light, now its all PBR. Not for the cool factor, its just good beer.

8 Euro» The malt is pretty near zero, but the yeast they use does resemble the crisp, fruity, slightly bitter light beers found in Belgium (Stella Artois) and Cologne, Germany (Kolsch). PBR can unleash it's blue-collar wrath once in a while (hurling).

8 Bob Down» Being an Australian I find most mainsteam American beer to be poo. Microbrews like Abita are great. However for cheap shitfaced fun this would be my favourite poo beer. It's stupidly cheap, but does give me a mild case of dysentry next morning.

6 Jaime» Does anyone know where I can order PBR that is personalized with someone's name? Thanks!

11 jason» PBR is an Icon-a national pastime-I drink it because I don't is beer and it is cheep...

5 Rob» Since yuppies started drinking it and PBR became "retro cool" and all that crap- it's lost its charm with me. Now its shit beer drunk by shitheads.

9 John» We discovered PBR as we are freshman in college. It is cheap, it comes in 30 racks, 24 cases, 18 and every other useable size. We have yet to find a better cheap beer, buying 30 beers for only 12 dollars in NH.


7 Jay Caauwe» Been around for ever, your fathers beer and all that. Keep some on hand for laughs and as a reminder of the beers that you really like. Not as bad as it tastes

11 farthammer» the only thing better than pabst iis pussy and most the time i would rather have pabst

10 TallCanCrew» When you go to Albertsons, you gotta by the tall cans. PLus a case! So Cal with the PBR!

11 PBArmy » Here in IN. we drink it by the dirty thirty. Local bands write songs singing it's praises. I love it & it loves me. I'd rather you bad mouth my mother than my PBR!

11 joesykspak» PBR is BAD-ASS!!!!! I am a 3rd generation Auto Worker and my Granddaddy drank that shit! Food Lion carries it in the South and up north you can find it at some Krogers. Drink PBR because it is good for the soul!!! Continue the tradition!!

7 PBR Fan» We drank 9 cases in 2 days between 6 people on our last camping trip. Can't beat old school brew!

8 Shabooty» Only thing better is a Hamms in a keg can Biatch.

9 Milwaukee Drunk» You nailed it. It's the only cheap swill with the balls to have a taste to it. AND, not that bad a taste too. Good news - finding it in 18 packs all over the east coast. PBR me ASAP!!!!

11 Chris Vallaro» Best beer ever. P B ARMY


11 RALEIGH, NC» Simply the best. Coors and Bud don't come close. It's like head and then sex.

11 PBR whore» the best way to get drunk for six bucks.

11 Drunk Slob» Best Beer in the WORLD!!! No advertising payment. Be your own person.

11 Poot» I drink fat tire. When I cant get a PBR.

0 Jeffro» Worst beer in the WORLD.


11 Mike Hunt» Take a case to the face! -Make it Peber!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

11 Bill in Bville» Just proves great beer doesn't have to be expensive. Great flavor and little bitterness. Keep it cold! Got mine at WalMart! Stuff it snobs!

9 Graniteville, SC» I like PBR cause no one else will drink it, so no one wants one ( More for you.) Its cheap, and it will get you drunk.

9 Kale» I used to make fun of my neighbor for drinking pabst, that is until, he made me try one. I was converted after my first.


11 kenny» i was introduced to PBR at a tailgate party before a pearl jam concert in wisconsin. ever since, it has been my beer of choice. PBR just makes you look cool. thanks duane for turning me onto PBR.

5 jess» i drank PBR for a while. it was the cheapest beer around. but the first few dont taste very good. as compared to bud and miller, i suppose it is comparable but bud and miller suck too.

11 Paul Smith» I've been drinking PBR since about '83 - I turned 21 that year. Cheaper AND better than anything else. Welcome to my beer.

0 Big D» I can't believe all the 10's and 11'ss . . . something must be done . . . have these cats never drank this swill . . . tastes like piss and will give you a deathly headache . . .


11 Mully» In a world driven by big business, and multi- million $ ad campaigns, one beer stayed true to it's drinkers. Pabst still tastes better than any other beer, and is still affordable. Thanks PBR.

9 penn state guy» All I can say is that "Pabst is cool!" While its not a premium brew, it certainly has fine nostalgic qualities. Hey, I mean its at least a good conversation piece. "If it was good enough for grandpa, its good enopugh for me".

11 Pabstman» Pabst, The greatest beer on the planet. It's not just your dad's beer anymore. I have a new website for Pabst Fans. Check it out at

10 roadsnakes» PBR is great stuff! Has Bud and Miller beat by a mile! NOTHING beats pulling a PBR out from the bottom of a cooler filled with ice on a hot summers evening!

11 Parker» How did Bud and miller become so popular. In no way do they compare to PBR. Only hope that Miller does not f*ck it up when they start doing all of the brewing for Pabst.

11 atskooc» i'm playing in a pbr sponsored golf tournament in a few days. free blue all weekend! damn straight!

11 MQ» Refreshing and to the point. Perfect after mowing the lawn or for just idling the day away. Even better knowing that a 12 will run you a five and some change!

11 steph» my roomates and I have been on the ribbons and stripes tour all summer....still goin strong. we love pbr

10 Claude Bawls» PBR is the best, You can get drunk and play poker at the same time with the bottle caps. I can have a royal flush before my buddies get three cards.

10 BB» PBR Rules! My favorite bar in all of Southern California, Joe Jost in Long Beach, only serves one beer on tap Pabst Blue Ribbon.


10 pbr drinker» I am from oregon work in a brew pub and have all the best beers available all day long but when I get home nothing satisties like a pbr

11 the grillin' dude» Can't find it here in Miami, but if I could, I'd buy it by the truckload. This is the beer that made grillin' famous. Anyone know where I can find out if they sell it anywhere in South Florida???

9 Portland loves PBR.» PBR kicks ass. I heard a rumor that Portland, Oregon consumes more PBR than any other state. Is that true? It seems strange that a place known for its micro-brews (Widmer, Full Sail, Deschutes, etc.) would consume so much macro-brews.

2 Christian» Yes, it is cool and hip these days to be seen drinking Pasbst. Too bad it tastes like absolute sh*t!

10 JR» Best tasting summertime guzzling beer of all time!

11 kid spice» my local corner store sells pbr longnecks in 12 packs for 5.50 each. until my local brewery reopens and i can get my growler filled up i'm a happy camper.

10 James Johnson» I always thought pabst was a piss beer untill I bought a 6 pack one day and found out its a dam good beer the more you drink it the better it dont have to worry about pepole asking you for a beer because they think it sucks thier loss

11 Ozzy» Pabst kicks ass!!!

11 pamsteady» its the best tasting (and cheapest)domestic. i love it. i know someone who wallpapered their trailer with pbr cans. woo-hoooo!

11 PBR me ASAP» All I Can Say is... PBR me ASAP! I'm so glad I live in WI, where Pabst is plentiful (Green Bay area bars now have it on tap as well!) I can't name many stores that DON'T carry Pabst. Long Live The Blue Ribbon!!!

8 pabst faithful» been drinking pbr for a while now. fyi pabst is made by Miller

11 toreker» hot puuuuuuuuuuuuuusssssssy

9 art calisto» if there's anything better than drinking a cold pabst in a hot shower, i don't know what it is

11 BillyBoy» Hey-it ain't called Pabst Red Ribbon for a reason

9 GLR» I've only had it once,up in Indiana.I'm in Louisville,KY,and I can't find it anywhere.Does anybody know where you get it here?

9 toreker» the best inexpensive beer available, with schlitz being its' only contender. george should know that kroger sells it in Louisville for $6.29 a 12 pack. enjoy.

7 shane» Oldie but Goodie

11 Gitche Gumee» The first time I had PBR was then a guy down the road took me snowmobiling when I was 13. I just resently started drinking PBR again and I LOVE IT! You have to love the Tradition!

11 Derrick» Screw imports give me a PBR!

3 Pete» My Dad made the shit, Newark brewery, in the late '60's. The best that could be said was that it paid for a roof and the food, and it was free. Especially the free part.

10 Joey Jo Jo» "it's like they say. the more you drink, the more you'll like Pabst Blue Ribbon." Classic!

10 Jeff Pabst» Thank you all for making my family part of yours for all these years. I can tell you that on the QT...things are in the works for new Pabst things and new places that Pabst can be purchased. Thank you all again!!!

11 shadowman73» got my first DUII on blue beast, what more can be said! ahh, the memories.

9 Pappy Swimfan» PBR is Cheaper than cokes at a restaurant called Old Venice here in Miss. Oh the memories of the sweet nectar of college.

0 Waukegan Kid» Screw water downed beer. Its made for babies.

9 bg» great in price and does the job quickly.........wish it were in bars more in Philly

11 Mully» As a lover of PBR before this "indie rock" revolution, I would just like to say that I am glad to see PBR on the rebound. PBR is a great beer that tastes like beer. It just doesnt have the million $ ad budget as AB or Miller. This PBR is for you!

11 Chuck Taylor» It's the official beer of Chuck Taylor and the All Stars band..

10 Unlimited» Now that's more like it!

8 George» What I would give to see it sold in Louisville,KY.

10 jhwyomingkid» They didn't give it a Blue Ribbon for nothing.

11 IGETFUCKEDUPALOT» This is the best beer ever. When natural light cannot be drunk in mass quantities, PBR is the best route. The "Blue Eggs" always satisfy and always mess you up.

10 Napoleon» One of the greatest all time cheap beers. It took the better part of a year for us to convince a local bar to carry it is their best seller.

11 V-Spot» Up here in Eugene Oregon, PBR is the beer of choice by most people between the ages of underage - 35. It's very unlikely to find a bar that dosen't sell the sweet blue ribbon.

10 Simon Kramer» PBR is my religion. Our local bar has even started a a Great Pabst Toast the 1st Wed. of every month at O'Grady's in Madison, WI

10 Norwestr» In the "cheap" beer category PBR in pounder cans takes the keg!

10 JT» I only wish more stores around here sold it.

10 Jtown» My favorite cheap beer. Lone star comes in second, but that's in the bottle or on tap. PBR is why tall boys were invented.

10 SuperDave» Very smooth taste. The best "cheap beer" there is. Easy drinking , just keep it cold. Long live PBR!

11 3D» Pabst is the shit

11 maschuk» Boyfriend got me hooked. I love the local brews in colorado, but sometimes a PBR just hits the spot!!!!

11 Scottish» Pabst is the So Cal old-school surfer beer, and always has been. The Savon mgr says to me the other day, "What's up with you California guys and Pabst? I can't keep up with the demand around here!" Right on, Bizsnatch.

10 ChipFromVermont» I love Pabst and drink it regularly, to the sneers of beer snobs. I am in a fraternity and many of my fellow greeks all love it. 10.99$ for a 30 pack! Long live the Blue Ribbon!

9 abayles» For the price you can't beat Pabst. In the cheap price range it is 10X better the Milwaukee's Best or Natural Light. It is also nostalgic to drink this brew, though one should served in frosy beer goblets as the 1950's taverns did.

10 Big G-Rant» When my friends and I say "lets get some beer", we don't even have to specify brand, or container. PBR in tall boys is the only beer we buy(notice I didn't say drink, cause if it's free tip em back!). Much love to PBR! Long live the Blue Ribbon!

9 texascarl» decent taste = low price = house beer. Wish they still brewed Pabst Bock and Andecker.


7 BizSAR» Dad's ol' beer, although he switched in the late 80's because they actually changed the recipe. Good now as a lawn mowin'/Summer beer, and the old recipe seems to be back!

10 Wildebeest III» There is "Nary a headache, in those little Blue Ribbons!" I have shared PBR in Calais, France. The locals loved it! P.S. It is best in bottles! D.C.

11 Tha DPK» Excellent!!! Drink it by the case, even though it is getting harder to find.

11 rbppbr» Better than any!!!!!

11 wfr» Blue Ribbion is the finest American beer EVER. Never forget that it was awarded the Blue Ribbion at the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago. Considering taste, coolness and price - it is simply great.

7 Drew/KY» PBR me ASAP

8 Kyle» Pabst is the best, i am in college in california, and it has gotten me through the last 6 out of 7 nights, and will get me throught the next 3 nights as well, thanks PBR for always being there for me

10 Mike B» I can proudly say it tastes even better at 5:30am than it does at 1am.

11 Hooters» This past weekend I threw myself a birthday party. I had five cases of brew on hand for me and my friends - four were Guinness, and one was PBR.

11 tg» PBR is the best beer ever, ever!

11 Craig» I grew up on it, however i am to disagree with the can, i feel the bottle makes it 10 to 20 times better.

7 Drambuie_man» Agreed, good for reasons other than taste. For those of you who always stay between Denver and Cincinnati, it may please you to know that PBR is a staple imported beer in China.

11 Platte Deutsche» This is the beer that made Nebraska big and bulky!! It is still proudly served at all of Nebraska's finest German clubs.

11 Novakaine» Just make sure after the 1st 15 or 16 brews you dont pick up a someones lost can from an hour or two ago. just a caveat. PRB rules

10 GSUeagle» Damn fine beer, excellent while youre in college.

1 Nicole» WORST beer I have ever tasted

10 PDaddy» The place across the street from me sells them for $1.50/pint. I agree it's better in a can though...

11 you know it» there is micro-brews and PBR (or Golden Annie) EVERYTHING else is half to one endor the other... why half ass it ? "get good or get drunk" i always say

11 JEREMY MAKOSIEY» I love to get "PABSTSMEARED"&here in northern MASS the pursuit of happiness is a short trip away to NEW HAMPSHIRE.30packs for under $12.00,and in patriotic colors,red,white,&blue."PBR ME ASAP".

11 djnolrat» any beer drinker who has been in college, unemployed, or just broke as hell, has drank pabst at one time or another, (including dmodeman) and many of us continued to drink it. Long Live Pabst!

10 Brian» Icy cold on a hot summer day, nothing better (maybe Schaefer or Schlitz). It earns a spot in my keg cooler for a few months a year.

3 William Gallik» When I was much younger I had preferred Pabst over all other beers -- but I only knew about American mass commercial beers at that time. I tried a bottle a couple of years ago and found that it just

3 chris» you have to be kidding me

11 getpabst» pabst is great

11 THEauthority» Drowned in the highly-advertised, chemically altered crap like BUD, many will never have the pleasure in endluging in a true brew like PBR.

9 Gardner» The first beer I ever had was an ice cold Pabst Blue Ribbon stolen from my grandfather's garage-kept refrigerator at age twelve. Pabst is still my beer of choice at age forty-one. Very good beer!

1 g-man» U got to be kidding..this beer is lousy..rather have Milwaukees best....well..not really...rather die first.......if those were the last 2 beers on the planet.

11 Wight-Boy» Pabst Blue Ribbon is a true beer, a recipe carried on by European immigrants to America in the late 1700's and early 1800's. All you microbrew pseudonados should learn to look past cost and packaging

1 dmodeman» This so called "alcoholic" beverage is probably the first beer you can buy with food stamps. There is a reason why it is so cheap, because it sucks!!! Only CHEAP BASTARDS drink PBR!!!

11 maryann» Pabst is the TRUE kind of beers, whether at the bar or at home, make Pabst yours!

9 ElJefe» Pabst is the best swill there is!! Had it in long necks in Cleveland (Euclid Tavern) and draft in Nawlins' (Maspero's) and in the can everywhere else!! Good stuff

3 eurobeerlover» PBR is $1 a can at my local: happy hour 4 till 9 everyday. The beer's cheap and that's why I drink it. Is it any good. No, it's rubbish.

11 garv83» Nectar of the Gods.

11 diesel» Pabst it is the Blue Ribbon First place the best

10 farmpuppy» pbr is not easy to find in phoenix az. anybody no a location?

10 PBR MC» WHy isnt PBR served in more finer restaurants?

11 steve-o» My friends and i began having pabst fridays,,,3 30packs 5 or more guys..I met and made some great friends that i will always have over a few ice cold pebblers...thanks pbr....


10 nick» pbr is the best cheap beer. fuck heineken.

11 Tripanfal» 12.00 cases of 16 oz bottles in 31 and quite the beer "expert" PBR's and I am sorry I left.PBR's forever!

5 ZIPPERTRIPPER» They still make PBR?

9 Aaron» My old man drank it, so do I, so will my boy. That is the Wisconsin Way!!

11 pbr queen» I LOVE IT gets you feelin' good, loving, nurturing, gets everyone talking aobut the silly shit you did and will probably do in a few seconds and most importantly it's fucking cheap- need i say more?

11 Grady "PBR" helllman» fuck religion if i believe in anything it is pabst blue ribbon im drinking one right now.

11 Lou and Bill» Pabst totally rules the beer world! Best beer on earth, other than Mickey's barrels!

11 fserez» pbr for life


7 tikked_off» I live in Canada and Ive never had the honour of tryinr PBR. One day i will.

9 master taxer» pabst is punk... Get drunk, stay punk. punk rawk's not dead it's just hungover.

10 Simon» Best beer for the money.

9 mike and karyn» for the price pbr is the goods for us rednecks up here in Orygun. A nice cold Pabst and a frontside grind.


11 King Rob» Hands down the best beer ever. Take your Killian Red and Yuengling and shove it up your ass. 4.89 A twelve pack, 8.22 a case (in NC). Good taste, great price, an American tradition. Pabst Blue Ribbon!

11 snakcrackaslim» What is cool isn't always what is popular.

11 judahverrecke» 'midnight madness'.. watch and learn, folks.. watch and learn..

9 BobDobbs» Endorsed by Frank Booth, collects ambient piss, under 7$ a 12, never endorsed by dogs, lizards or washed up athletes. What else do you need?

9 Wulfe» Hey, at $3.29 a six, it's one of the cheapest thrills you can get. I buy good stuff when I can afford it, but when I can't well, it's Olde Time Flavor for me. ^..^

11 Turkman in La Crosse» PBR is an awesome beer when it is cold. It is crisp and refreshing. It is cheap. Every year we hold the annual PBR fest and it keeps growing more and more. Kudos to Red, White and the Pabst Blue Ribbo

11 Clormon Borno» Hold that can like a prom date. Smell the glove!

4 gwiz» ok, right.

11 Starchild» IF your a true fan, check out Jonhnny Russell's tune: "Rednecks, White Socks, and Blue Ribbon Beer."

10 hopper» well, after swearing never to drink anything lighter colored than coke, (10 years ago after a tour of Europe) then swearing off non-microbrewery 5 years ago, I have come full circle.

9 sketchie» this beer i what i get at the grocery store when i cant make up my mind. better than bud anyday of the week...

9 bxmess» Well I'm sold. Who can resist a beer that collects ambient urine molecules?

7 Aldo» The first commercial is a pisser! I would have been drinking it back then.

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