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7 Tim» tastes like mickeys

8 OptimusPabst» It's like Corona w/out the skunk. Better actually. Refreshing w/ Mexican food. Overpriced though (like Corona) for what you're actually getting. Negra Modelo is a better choice.

9 Alcoholic King» The taste is very clean and the flavor is centered. Not watery at all but quite light. If I had to sum up this beer in one word I would say refreshing.

9 Big Dick from Maine» Hey, I like this brew; I'm not a beer or ale drinker; just an occasional sampler. Anyhow this beer is very refreshing and (to me) far superior to the most popular domestic brands of lagers. I'll be buying more of this brew!

10 odie» It is easy to drink and does not have a bitter after taste. Much better than any Domestic brew

5 Jim» Nothing "especial" about it and not worth the premium price most stores in the U.S. charge.

11 Nathan Martin» It's the best beverage on earth as far as I'm concerned. We are all entitled to our opinions, but mine just happens to be right. Thank you Modelo!!!

5 brian» nothing special at all. Its like the jose cuervo of beers. good quality, but far from the best.

11 overmedicated» I landscape and on a hot day nothing taste better and quenches my thirst. Trust me, I have tried many. This beer rules!!!

8 Katie» I really like this beer. I just wish I could buy it. I can't find it anywhere, and I had it on vacation.

3 BBQ Man» I use it for beer butt chickens and I use it in my chili recipe. It's not that great to drink but it works very well for cooking.

6 Danielle» I don't like this beer very much. It's easy to drink, and it is better than all the American mass produced beers. But it's not much better than Corona. It's not bad, but it is boring.

11 SC-USA» Modelo Especial rocks! I love this beer. It's very, very drinkable in most situations. The flavor is crisp and clean. It doesn't have a cumbersome aftertaste like most European beers. You call it bland. You're probably thinking of Dos Equis.

8 ALLEN» This is the best tasting " social " beer that is out there in the market. Amongst other mexican beers, its an 7 or an 8 compared to others, like bohemia, Indio, XX etc. Bottom line, its a great beer to always have @ home.

11 Mmm...» I hate to say it this beer tastes NOTHING like ANY american beer has a certain heavyness about it....bud/miller makes me sick after about 3/4 of a bottle Modelo goes down much better and has a unique flavor, similar to corona but a smudge stronger...

10 San Antonio » I would like to see Consumer Products at retailers through the US so people can start drinking Modelo Especial and find out this is 100 times better than Corona !

10 Brett» I wouldn't say it tastes like Bud, Coors, or Corona. They are all horrible in my book. This is a much better tasting light beer, comparable to Sol, or XX.

11 Juan Mex Beer Pr0» BEst Beer ever!!!!

8 tonedef» bueno cerveza!!

8 -dan» Now that Corona has gone absolutely to hell, what's an old southern boy to drink? It's hard to find a better Mexican than Modelo Especial.

7 Modelo especial» The best Lager offered by Mexico, far better than Corona. Lets face it once you put in lime all Lagers taste the same.

11 BellybuddySucks» Modelo is a great beer, the best beer from Mexico and one of the best in the world

9 MolsonMatt» Finally a better corona, more golden beer with a great sweet aftertaste

2 dh» this beer is terrible. maybe the stuff I got was skunked. I like negra, but this stuff had a terrible aftertaste and was even more watery than corona. bleahh

9 Manase» I'm having one now, very good. Goes down smooth.

10 Diego G» Better than Corona's!!!!

7 hENRY» Great all round weather beer, forget this beer snobs review, he's beyond normal folks tastes buds, and can't be trusted.

11 big willy» best beer i ever drank

11 tony» this beer with lime is the shit

8 El Diablo» The BEST Mexican beer.

7 Schizferatu» I agree with Stevens Modelo isn't bad but, you really find no flavor. It's perfect for after work beer or allnight slamming. Too bad a 6-pak of cans here in Crawfordsville In. was almost $9. It would replace my Milwaukee's Worst Light.

10 Pat» I love this beer. It tastes like real beer. If you don't want ot pay$6.00 for some microbrew this is a good basic beer

9 Bill in AZ» Great for hydration in AZ. Always tastes better when we are well over 100 degrees. Easy to pound down and not get pounded. I happen to like the aftertaste. If I were in Seattle I would choose Negro but in Hell Hot AZ this works nicely for me.

8 Dino» Good beer. Negro is one my favs. I can't believe people are comparing it to Corona. I haven't had a Corona in years. Its the Milwaukee's best of Mexico. Piss.

9 anthony» i had this beer after work... its GREAT with a lemon wedge...however, its still no Corona...

7 ElPedo» I used to drink this beer when i was younger, it's good but not favourite...

8 BillK» Not a bad Mexican beer. I perfer the Negro Mondelo. Much better, more flavor.

8 chile_grande» ME excells at being a refreshing hot weather beer. It's malt strikes the balnce of support, without being cloying like most in this style. Best canned lager\pilsner out there.


7 Dirty Don in Wharton» Modelo Especial is my choice when Wally World runs out of Urquell. I buy Negra Modelo by the pickup load. Corona is bitter without lime and their Lite tastes like Elf WeeWee. Tecate changed taste when they switched from steel cans.


6 Prav» 1 pt bonus for not being Corona!

6 coronasux» Not bad in 110 heat in Arizona. Beats Corona any day of the year.

5 Jorge Guapo» This was hard to rate because I had to think of 'in country' (Mexico) or in total (all beers). I rated it referencing 'in country'. Refreshing if COLD. Better than most other beers in the ice cooler behind the palm tree.

5 BusRider» I agree with Mr. Stevens, their other offerings are better.

5 Mike R» Pretty standard stuff. I really love their other brew Negro Modelo, but then I prefer a darker brew. Might be good on a hot day but not worth the price.

4 big brett» most all beer tastes good when you're south of the border..but there are better options

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