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8 KL» The Marzen is very good. The rest I can do without.

1 marzenbelly» goatpiss - complete goatpiss, don't ever buy from the BIG breweries unless you're cheap or like to look tough in front of your barleywine buddies

11 Terry» Marzen is available in a six pack buy itself. I was very excited when I aw it on the shelf. This brand is very tasty. Check it out and dont let the AB bashers influence you, try it for yourself.

0 Brian W» A Joke. Complete joke.

11 BamaBeerMaster» In Winter 2006, this box of heaven included the Marzen (the best in my opinion), the Pale Ale, Amber Bock, Porter, and Hefeweizen. All of these are great beers. I only wish they would sell them individually.

11 Help Please!» Where can I buy this? I have searched everywhere.

11 StavinChain» This was a DELICIOUS pack, with a little bit of everything. The only thing better is going to a store that'll let you put together your own sampler pack. The only 11 I've ever given here, largely on the strength of the Honey Lager and Black & Tan.

0 Michlover» Horsepiss - straight horsepiss, Shiner Bock looks better every day.....

11 Mike NY Capitol» The Michelob Winter Sampler paack has some good tasting brews. I rate Marzen tops, Black & Tan, Hefewizen great beers that I would buy year around.

10 Rhonda» Two yrs ago I tried the michelob sampler and LOVED IT!!! The Marzen & Amberbock are the best beer I,ve ever tasted. and been drinking beer for over 25 yrs. Last yr I couldn't find it anywhere,please start selling Marzen in six packs or something

7 Blountstownboy» While its not as good as the Sam Adams Sampler its still a good variety.

5 Banjo» Well it's definatly Michelob the same reason I gave up on it a couple years back, has a little bit too much fizz and NOT ENOUGH FLAVOR!

11 Michael in SoDak» I just got the updated sampler for Xmas. It came with two pilsner glasses and a couple different beers than listed before. The Marzen was the best...PLEASE A/B release this year round!! Don't tease beer drinkers!!

8 Bryan» I think this winter pack is great idea. Marzen was my favorite. Reminded me of avalanche out of Brerkenridge but definately more bitter.

11 Tobruk» This was a great sampler pack. I simply drank the largers one night, and the ale's the next. I agree with others here, Michelob Marzen was awesome! I too would love to see this beer year around. I also liked the Honey Lager too.

5 Mikey Mike» I liked the Honey Lager in this one alot, but all the rest are garbage as far as I'm concerned.

8 Beer Fan» I love the sampler pack. There's nothing like having a good variety in the fridge without buying an entire brewery! I like to see more of the diff. limited ed. beers like Marzen. The others I can buy in a six pack later if I particularly like them.

8 LTV» I loved the sampler. It was an awesome package. I would love to see Marzen on the shelves all year. Amberbock is the best dark beer out, and Honey lager is great too. Furthermore, you can't beat a classic like old Mickie. I can't wait till Christmas!

11 r&m» Marzen is great. The sampler pack is great. Would like to see more Marzen in it.

9 Philip» I wasn't crazy about the honey or black and tan, but the rest were good. I liked the Marzen, though no where near as much as Paulener's Marzen. I like Amber Bock when I get on tap, but the bottle isn't so great.

9 beer is my life» would like to see marzen added permenently to the michelob line up

9 Elizabeth» OK, Marzen and Amber make up for the other weak offerings in this Sampler Pack...I just wish I could obtain the Marzen year-round. Well, there's always AmberBock

1 Maestro» simply awful.

3 Mary Smith» l too many bad beers outweighing the one good one. Not a good package!!!

3 ElectricWrench» When I'm in the boonies of Michigan at least this sampler has some variety from my Bud/Miller choices.

8 rye» amber-bock, marzen, and honey are the best beers busch makes. You can find better beers from smaller brewery's but its nice to have a sampler pack where you don't have 2 cranberry lambic to toss.

1 Bendo in DC» While I hate all "Winter Samplers," this one is especially rank

8 beerguy» Have to stick up for the Amber Bock, it's one of the best (and cheapest) dark beers out there!

5 drambuie_man» I find the Amber Bock and Classic Dark (not mentioned) tasty. I suggest you try these outside some cheesy sample pack.

2 berelovre» Stick to the classic Mich!

1 Mary Smith» Tastes like a POS.

1 solocoot» Here here, Dave! I don't remember which of the six losers I was burdened with, I'm just glad I had good company in my misery!

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