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11 3 Cheers for Beers» Great beer. Enough said. Scrappy, you must live in a trailer if you would drink PBR over Killian's

10 Patrick» I have been drinking this beer for YEARS. Of course when other beer is close to hand I will drink it too. When K.R. first came out you could only get it at a bar from a keg. Because it dropped the alcohol content down.

11 tedmosbyisnotajerk» by far my favorite beer

8 New Drinker» Just had my first Killian's over the weekend at Applebees. I found it to be very nice with no bitterness. I will be buying some for the home fridge. I am by no means an experienced drinker. Age 35.

11 Jimmer» I love this beer the flavor is great

3 DJ» Not a premium beer by any means, which means I'll never pay a premium price for it.

3 Uncle P.» Good if it's free....Looks Irish Catholic,but tastes Protestant. Give me Smithwick's any day.

3 kevin» Not enough hop flavor for squat. People raised on American beer love this stuff. Irish? I-rish this was real beer!

11 Dan E» I was suprised to see Killians so low on the list. I think its one of the most underated beers out there for the money. Just stumbled upon this website and i'm happy i did, great site!

6 Danielle » This is a really good beer for the price. While it's not the best beer in the world, it has flavor and is a good choice when on a budget.

4 Scrappy» Red clay poop next day, slightly drinkable but not a high scoring beer. There might be some hops in there. I'd drink an ultra-cold PBR before trying this again.

6 RichWich» I asked my wife to get some beer for the FB game. This is a little better than keystone--to much carbination and way to watery--although I'm usally drink Guinness Extra Stout or an IPA--. After all that-I still rate it a 6--not to bad.

5 Daniel Guidal» It's okay ... not a high quality brew, but poundable and good tasting enough to remind me that i am in fact drinking a beer. not worth the price though

1 Red Coors» Garbage....bring back Caffreys

8 Summers» Not a bad beer, sometimes its wicked good and others its not that great, drink ice cold and u will be happy

10 Vito» This is probably the finest "everyday" beer money can buy, and it won't bust your wallet. Very smooth, balanced flavor. Great with a meal or alone...and it does NOT contain red dye No. 5! You can spend a lot more and get a lot less!

9 RedK» Compared to the swill offered by the other American breweries this one is worthy of another round

5 Synthobsession» Its alright, not the best.

5 StavinChain» I've had better. It seems it was different, many years ago, but it's still largely potable, if you prepare yourself for it (with plenty of alcohol beforehand).

9 Chad S» Drank about 15 glasses of it at a local celtic festival recently. First time I've had it and I'm by no means a huge beer fan but I thought it was really good. Liked it better than Heineken or Becks even Corona.

8 DAN g» I actually really like this beer. It's nice to have with a good meal and to me it has a good amount of flavor.

9 Brian The Pappy» A fruity soda? I must have the pallate of a retarded camel. Maybe I'm just chronically alcoholic.LOL I definitely concur with your backburner theory though...the other Irish beers will go first, Guinness being the superlative in my lair. Slainte!

8 mikeK» I enjoy killians on draft it might not be true irish beer but i cant drink murphys red or guiness its alot like a sweet amberbock and i enjoy it when drinking with friends .

9 Matt» I had it past weekend celebrating St.Patricks and thought it was a nice smooth tasting beer.It must have been good, because we kept on ordering it!!

5 Mike» I loved it in college 15 years ago, but I was used to the Beast keg I thought this was the high end stuff. Well, now that I learned about the others (from Beamish to Kelpie), I find this is better than Coors light, at least it has color

10 MikeM» Still is one of my favorite beers to eat dinner with. I always knew it came from Coors because of the plant here. Loved it until I tried Beamish, now that's a whole nother story!

11 Like It» This is one of my all time favorite beers great with grilled steaks or chicken

9 Darlantan» I enjoy the flavor and must say that I dont see how other people dont. I think Guiness is better but this it still a very good beer

5 T.G. Fisher» I drank Killian's when it first hit the market (Coor's Killian's that is). I liked it. About a year later I noticed it had changed to Coor's with cake coloring in it. Damn shame. Could have been a contender.

5 AdamR» Ehh...sorta an intermediate beer of sorts. Not good but not great.

6 UmichChris» As a college student, this isn't a particularly bad beer, I get it when it's on sale, and it compliments my Labatt Blue. However, it's nowhere near Guinness and other Irish Brews.

6 the other Brian» I agree with Nate, it's one notch above Bud.

8 John» pretty good but there are a lot better Irish beers out there like Guiness and Harp...

6 CBenn» Not a bad "cheap" beer. Nice for just knocking back a few. Does NOT have the wrinkle you nose crap beer taste of most of the other Domestic Comercial Breweries swill. Good on tap/keg for a summer party. There are much better examples of a Irish beer

8 Jess» One of my faves, I have nothing against this brew. But, what happened to the Irish Honey? A beer I lovingly nicknamed "Honey Nut Cheerios..." Now, THAT was tasty...

5 PissDrunk» Its good if you're sittin back and just want one beer, but for me, one's not acceptable.

7 snake» Good on tap, crappy out of the bottle. Whoever said it was better than Guinness is smoking crack.

0 gobosox55» who in the hell would think this swill is better than guinness? This stuff is a cheap Irish rip-off radiator brew

5 Nate» If there is nothing else good around I'll drink a few, but I'd rather not. One notch above a Bud in my book.

4 Rochdale» As an alternative to most major U.S brews it is O.k, but no comparison to Coopers Sparkling Ale from South Australia which I found in a shop in San Francisco back in 1982

8 beano» Best with steak. I agree with Tiny, better draft than bottle.

7 Tiny» Great draft.... If you can get it, decent out of a bottle. Best I've found for the money.

4 Rappster» Although two different types of beers, it is much better than Guiness but that isn't saying much.

5 Mikey Mike» I give this a 5 from the bottle, but man this is one of the best beers on tap if you can find it.

7 'jammer» Not as good as most people think it is!

7 Baldman» One of the few decent beers made by the big American beer companies. (It's made by Coors) The only drinkable Beer to be found at Colorado Rockies games.

8 Drake» A good cheap and tasty everyday lager.

4 Chooch» too sweet for beer. not very good.

2 Seamus» Plain and simple: Swill.

7 ceh» Good on tap!

5 stpatten» Best product Coors puts out and that is not saying much. If the tap selection is poor, I will order a tall one.

6 ewto» Not bad at all for an American Macro Brew. One of the better cheapies.

6 Ryan» This beer is good compared to most of the beer brewed by the major US brewery's but can't compete with quality brews.

4 Jimbo» OK, yes I have drank this brew. Then the IRS sent the refund and I went and got some beer!

5 Cheapandbland» The Colorado (in-state) version is much tastier than the interstate version, but my wallet only tells me I'm getting it if I can't afford something good.

9 CHRIS» I like this beer. FYI, don't bong this beer, it sits very heavy in your stomach. This beer is for chilling.

2 Jim» The ONLY beer I've ever puked up. And it wasn't pretty . 'Nough said.

6 Andrew» Leaves a taste like the red clay of Georgia in my mouth...

4 Jay Caauwe» KIng of the imposters. Should not be allowed to claim any type of Irish 'anything' For plastic-paddies only

8 JoeyC» Completely disagree with the above review. An excellent beer, amazing for an American uber-brewery (Coors bought out the original brewery). Very tasty.

9 john m» draft is much better than the bottled!

10 SuperDave» When I first tried this beer it was recommened my a friend who said I just have to try this "great Irish beer".We all know that it is made by Coors, and I'm no Coors fan.However, this is the best Coors product ever! Really good beer!

7 walli» better than most

7 Brian» I dont know what it is but this beer is only good on tap.

11 killians chugger» By far the best beer on the market. Its good with dinner, its good after dinner, you can chug it if you like or even sip it all night. The best thing it doesnt leave me feeling like shit the next day.

11 Tawmis» Beer of the gods!

11 CHrome» Damn I love this beer. No aftertaste... GREAT!!!

10 Rayvin» Everything else frickin' tastes the same. Even the newer "Amber" lagers taste like nothing more than a bad copy of good old Killian's Red. What's the difference between Budweiser and Coors and Miller? The frickin' bottles.

2 Elvis» Take a generic supermarket beer (in this case Coor's I guess) add some red dye, give it an Irish sounding name (so that people might confuse it with the real Irish beer Kilkenny). Voila, you have the perfect beer for the wannabe high-brow redneck.

11 John» Killians is great. Great flavor.

11 longdongsilver» I love it!!!!

2 KingDong» Killians Red is pathetic. i first tried it when i was a minor in high school and turned a second bottle down in favor of Old Style.

8 mlfrancis» I like it. Goes great with red meat.

11 Chris M» Great beer. You people do NOT know anything about beer.

11 Mark» I love it, my favorite of all mainstream beers.

11 Issac Dert 10t» Gosh! It sounds like I'm the only one who likes this swill. Darn!

3 gopdomer» wouldn't serve it to my mother-in-law

6 Jake» Reliable fallback when nothing better is available.

3 ElectricWrench» This is the only beer I've ever drunk that gives me a headach - no kidding - I have a charmed life and a beer drinking metabolism

3 RobC» Guess it's better than no beer at all?

6 BizSAR» Not bad. One step up from the rest of the macrobrew swill...just one. 5.5 rating.

3 ikejames» No real distinction from other coors beers. Try to find Michael Shea's Irish Amber for a more hoppy and robust taste at about the same price. You won't be sorry.

2 Lauren» It's red Coors. Bleech! I'm a woman, but I'm with James. Save the water (especially "red water") for the children and the ladies with the wine coolers.

9 Joe» Great flavour!

10 James» Real men drink yuengling lager, save the water for the women & children.

5 nick» heartburn heartburn heartburn

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