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5 B-Rye» Its bud light with a german label... I am all for enjoying local goods, but this is a local bad.

11 SeaDog» Got some as change from a fuel dock in Costa Rica. Don't like beer as a rule but that's all they could give me. Drank some days latter after sailing away. Oh my god, was the stuff great. Which I could buy in locally.

11 Kee» I visited costa rica 2007 christmas and loved it :) they had crazy hash and enjoyed this beer so much glad I found someone else who likes something rather than heineken!!

11 ryan mc» i have it at a local restaurant and a local bar (tucson, arizona) and the one at the restaurant is delicous. smooth, tasty, etc... then i had at a bar and it did not taste at all the same (it was a bloder, less smooth taste) weird, but i do typically

11 St Andrew» One of the best lagers in the world. I would call it the Sam Adams of Central America. It's going to be huge in the States.

11 acme» I don't even really like beer. I was in Costa Rica with my sister and she had one and I took a sip and I LOVE IT. I am currently on the search to find it in my neck of the woods.

11 dan» i've looked everywhere for imperial buti was just visiting friends in atlanta and of all places found it in a kroger. i bought everything they had on the shelf and brought it back to ohio

11 dix» this beer is so good you will throw out everything in your fridge to make room for it. i recently found it again after returning from costa rica 15 years ago. found it in the abc liquor store in coral springs, fl

10 snapper» great beer, wish I was still in Costa Rica drinking this & trying to pick up chicks on the beach.

10 jdog» awsome beer and I have found a great bbq joint called hickory hollow in ellenton FL, but it's not like drinking it there!!!

10 Gaba» It is a great beer, but I never can find any in Oregon.

9 Ticos» as of 2-11-2008 it is finally been sold at my local (Miami) Publix Supermarket !! PURA VIDA just bought 3 six packs :)

11 Alberto» well i am costa rican and i am glad you liked it here! btw i love Imperial!!!! go to this site to find the places where imperial is sold.

11 Aaron» I found it once at the local grocery store. My friends and I were so excited. We even had Roy run a couple laps around Team Twilo HQ in his whitie tighties for a cold one. Ahh college...

11 Maverick» This is a great beer, to bad you can't get it easily in the U.S.

10 Steve» Could never get enough. Wish I could buy it here in Minnesota or somewhere online.

10 Tom» Just got back from costa rica and glad some more people enjoyed imperial as much as i did. liked it better in the bottle than the can, though.

11 jamie» Great article.... I went to Costa Rica this summer, and had quite a fine Costa Rican romance with Imperial.... (and I have to admit, that I am normally not a beer lover) I thought I was experiencing a bit of "SBAS", but alas... it was love...

11 Wu_Shock» I enjoyed this great beer on a recent trip to Costa Rica. I usually stick to the darker stuff, but Imperial is the perfect lager. Clean, flavorful, no aftertaste... I would buy it if I could get it in Kansas.

11 Byron» Fantastic beer! Spent 5 weeks in Costa Rica and that's all I drank! It seemed that every where I went, Imperial was mighty frosty and helped calm the humidity blues! I wish I was in Santa Ana right now at Coco's (the gringo hangout).

9 InGA» Love this beer, when I am in Costa Rica I drink a lot of it. Just became available in Georgia but doesn't taste the same. Maybe stale or damaged by temperature cycling during shipping?

10 Sam » Dec 2006 15 days in Costa Rica - Awesome visit! #1 Beer of chioce for our party. My wife loves it and she's not even a beer drinker. I am looking to import some to the states and found this page. Imperial is great! We need to Import it in bottle

11 kev» 11/10 because of the memories that go with it. mi amiga in quepos just told me imperial has made it to sydney,oz -and i'm trying to find out where i can get hold of it.can anyone let me know if it is true and where i can find some?cheers & pura vida!

10 andrea» they sell in in Bodega Bay, CA I have been to costa twice and am so happy to be able to enjoy it while at home

10 Chris» Awesome cervesa! I was in Costa Rica and was really impressed with Imperial. I am trying to get some here in Florida but to no avail. Definitely drink it in CR.

7 Sean NYC» Almost identical to Presidente.. a good warm weather beer.. but after 12 of them it will eat holes in your gut. Better than a Heineken but there are still a few ale's I'd choose above it.

9 Chuckinho» Now available at Dan Murphys in Sydney, Australia by the bottle.

11 KB» I found Imperial while on vacation in Manhattan last year. Little bodega around W32nd and 6th ave--near Hotel Chandler. Enjoyed many Imperials myself on our recent trip back to CR in March. Also have discovered Quilmes-Argentinian beer. Very good!

11 hlquad» Tico dont be bitter since we took your beer and you women. Its a good beer but not as good as Pilsen, its sister. Tico. you are a loser, PURA VIDA cabron.

9 Thomas» Yes I will agree this is one of the best beers I have ever tasted. I am still trying to find where they sell this in Louisiana but having no luck.

11 R in Cali» lucky for us Californians, Imperial is widely available, unfortunately it's just as expensive as most other imports...pura vida!

11 Study Abroad Student» Imperial was a great highlight to an already great country. One of the best beers I have ever tasted.

11 tico» yo soy de costa rica ustedes gringos no conocen suenan con un pais como el mio no hace falta quedesen en eeuu tranquilos tomense la cerveza gringa y no digan pura vida.

9 Foxy Fly» Just got back from CR. Had an incredible time, loved the Imperial! I think it's funny b/c I live in Crystal Lake, IL. where according to Beerman, Imperial is in stock. We'll drink a few for you!

11 Beerman» L & V in Crystal Lake Illinois now has Imperial in stock!!!!!!!!

10 Jaleen & Robbie» We just got back from Costa Rica for the holidays...I believe we may have drank all the Imperials!! lol

11 Mahalo» Imperial is definitely one of the best beers available. I have my own import source, too--family visiting the States from CR. They always bring at least a 12-pack, and the requisite bottle of Ron Centenario.

11 Crazy Dave» Went down to costa rica to party with the Wild Boyz, this was my drink of choice!!!!!!!

10 Brian Allen» Amazing

9 BK» After only one hour in San Jose, Imperial became my beer. Comsumed mightly the full favor and light after taste in Jaco. Still looking for US distributor.

10 Gumby» By the second night in Tamarindo the waitress at our hotel would have a cold Imperial in my hand before I even got seated. Costa Rica was a beutiful country with great people and very good beer.

11 ticosuave» its without a doubt the best beer around, they need to have it in the states.

9 bdavis» drank enough of these to float a battleship when in costa rica

4 Henry» very heavy....its a Tico street beer.

11 BeerMannnn» awesome stuff. while my friends drink coronas on a hot summer day i drink Imperial....Love this beer!!

11 mr fresno» fresno now has this beer.

11 G-off» This is the only beer I have ever consumed during a vacation that didnt make me want to stray off and try something else. Couldnt get enough of it while in Costa Rica. Sadly, Im back home and nobody here sells it. Top notch beer.

10 Ace» Ain't nothing like a smooth taste of Imperial to quench your thirst! Don't forget to add the ice on a hot, tropical day!

11 Nina» After 2wks in Quepos I have a new respect for life as we know it, and a new favorite beer:Imperial Light, which was introduced 2mos ago.More enjoyable than Corona, it really fit the way of life, and the scenery. Planning another trip soon! PURA VIDA!

0 Sanchez» Give it a pass

9 Gilles» Just got back and really enjoyed the imperials. there's nothing better than a duvel, or hertog jan, but imperial is a really good beer!!

11 NEED IMPERIAL!!!» The best beer I've ever had in my life. Need to find it in North America!!

9 Travis» Killer brew. When you order it in Costa Rica, all you have to say to the bartender is "una aguila, por favor". They will think you are a local.

10 luke» I love Imperial, but can't find it anywhere and even tried to get my local liquor store to order it. I live in Illinois does anyone know where to get it?

8 Daniel» The big discount beer distributor on 207th St. & Ninth Av. on the northern tip of Manhattan carries it for $21/case.

10 Ian» Having my house painted by Costa Ricans... bought them a gift of a case in NY, to say the least it went over well.

11 Alberto» Hey y'all, I'm from Costa Rica, I have to say I'm thankful to all of you for all the great things you say aout my country... About Imperial... Last february I was visiting some family in Boca Raton, I went to the local Publix and guess what I found..

10 Ty» Just got back from Costa, NEED to find imperial! great beer

11 Arnie» I was recently in Gran Cafe Tortoni, Buenos Aires and had a bottle of Impearial Beer. It was prehaps the best beer I've ever had. I believe it came in a 750ml bottle and i was forced to knock back several of them. Can't wait to find a supplier.

5 NowGoHaveABeer» Just back from CR, and Bavaria Negra was beer of choice, given the options, and Pilsen was second choice because it was a touch hoppier and a bit more body than Imperial, which was more like SABMiller in character (or, rather, lack of character).

4 keith» i spent 4 months in costa rica, and all i can say about imperial is that i couldn't wait to get back and drink a few good american beers. imperial isn't bad, but i'd rate it along with a nation macro brewery in this country. nothing special.

11 Amy» I was in CR last week for the first time and would go back in a minute just to drink Imperial. In fact, I actually had a dream about the beer a couple of nights ago!

10 Candy K» Imperial Cerveza can now be purchased at Hi Times Liquor in Costa Mesa, CA, and they have a web site where it appears you can buy it for $6.99 / 6-pack. Just type 'Imperial' in the search box. Pura Vida!

11 Mary» As a "tica" who always bug my non-Imperial drinker friends, I'm glad to see my drink of choice is actually being given the rates it deserved. I loved your comment about how Pilsen tastes like it hasa touch of Tylenol...

11 Kristin» Just returned from another trip to CR and still love it. Sure wish we could find it here in Chicagoland. Maybe we'll just have to move to CR instead!

11 March1» My husband and I went to CR on our honeymoon and instantly LOVED Imperial. Now I'm hunting for it in the Chicagoland area so I can give him a beer we have been craving since we left the beatiful country.

11 Surf Bumm» They finally distribute and sell it in the states. Unfortunately, they only sell it here in San Diego, CA so far. At least it's a start. I have a whole fridge stocked with Imperial :-)

10 Melissa» Just got back from C.R. beautiful, amazing place. Has anyone found Imperial in the states..I'm in Chicago. T-shirts of Imperial now abound in our household. Pura vida!

11 Brian» This beer is great! I drank it the entire time I was in Costa Rica and loved every second of it. The hard part is getting it imported into America

10 Angie» I also got it from to the states, i bought 4 cases and 4 t-shirts as well. Awesome beer

9 Joann» Went to C.R. a year ago and we're still talking about Imperial. We were happy to find a beer that we enjoyed as much as the beautiful country!

11 imperial» imperial is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy

11 SteveO» I went to CR a few months ago for a rodeo, and found my new number one beer! I would go back just for more.

11 Steve Barker» Of all the birra I have ever drank, including my military career. El águila es lo mejor. Pura Vida...!!!

11 E-Train» I just got back from Costa Rica and I'm hooked on Imperial. Excellent taste, great finish. I need to find out if they serve it in NYC.

11 Weis» I'm a tico living in NY. I just went home for the weekend and found out that they just started selling our exquisite beverage HERE! If anyone knows where, please shoot me an e-mail at with the subject: IMPERIAL IN NY. THA

11 Chase» GET IT HERE: You can only get a half case at a time, and the shipping is more than the beer. Beer: $12.50 Ship: about $30.00

10 R.Caffrey» My husband was soooo taken with this beer. Does anyone have a logo shirt? The ones in Costa Rica had the logo on the back and he wants one on the front. This beer has GOT to come to the US. Should we start an distributorship?

11 amanda» it's the best!!! i've been to many different countries around the world and imperial is still my numero uno!

11 Benny » I just got back from CR and I'm looking for a distributor in the US. Simply the best beer ever and yes Ive tried allot of beers!

10 Eileen» The only reason I didn't give it an 11 is because it's been 15 years since I was in Costa Rica..but I never forgot how good Imperial beer was. It was awesome!

11 Quin» Best beer I've ever had. Good thing it's now available in the US! The only distributor: I get a case a month and the shipping costs more than the beer.

10 Albatross» Amazing. wish i could get it in Canada

11 steve» ''Pura Birra'' imperial. It is by far my favorite beer. I could give up drinking water if It was possible to have a constant supply of imperial

11 Jimmy» As a Costa Rican native living in the US. I must admit I'm a Tico missing my national beer! Pura Vida to all that have had the joy to get a taste of it! :o)

11 Ross» It haa been a year since I was in Costa Rica and I cannot forget the taste of this beer. It is amazing but I have yet to find it in the states.

11 missy» 8.22.05 just got back from 3 weeks spanning both coasts and monte verde region...brought home a gift bag w/ 2 imperial forties...they can't possibly be enough! i can't wait to be back in c.r. having another! and boo to those who say pilsen is better!

10 jeremy» is one website to order this beer my wife is from costa rica and weve spent total 2and half months there PURA VIDA or in otherwords PURA BEERA

11 Brian» I spent 5 weeks in Costa Rica, and for 5 weeks I did nothing but drink Imperial when my friends and I went out. It is probably in my top 3 favorite beers ever.

10 Phil!» That was a great vacation a few years ago with awsome Imperial beer. It was cheap and went down smooth. As they all say, Pure Vida!

9 Rob» great beer but i would have to say pilsen comes out on top!

10 BuyOnOC» You can get Imperial at Del Mar Ranch Market in San Clemente, CA 949.492.3663

10 Keith» I loved Imperial when i was in Costa Rica. Does anyone know how i could get some here in Houston TX.

11 imperial beach» this is 1 of the best beers i have tasted i have gotten imperials imported to every liq store in imperial beach, san diego california

11 Joe » One of the best beers I have ever had.

10 Alex» I just got back from a study abroad trip in Costa Rica and I have to say that Imperial has now become one of my all time favorite beers, Pura Vida

11 benz» imperial= :) very good

11 Armando » Pura Vida mae! I'm Costa Rican and I live in the East coast. There is only one places where I've seen Imperial in the US. There a Costa Rican bar in New Jersey called "Imperial," if you're ever around that area check it out.

10 Bethany» I've only been back in the states for 10 hours and i miss the imperial already! Costa Rica is Pura Vida!

8 danielito» Great beer and you can find it everywhere in costa rica. I even found it in vending machnines with sodas. Excellent for the humid and rainy conditions in costa rica.

9 Phil» I was pleasantly surprized to find such a wonderful beer in Costa Rica. I guess I allowed by distain for the overrated beers of Mexico and the Carribean (Corona & Red Stripe) to set a low expectation, but what I found was great.

11 Bombero» I was in Costa Rica the start of February at which time I got married and my new wife and I really enjoyed Imperial cervesa.We had 28 guest at Playa Tambor and they all loved this beer.Can't wait to go back.

11 Dennis» Buy in San Clemente, CA at Del Mar Ranch Market (949) 492-3663

7 Jane» Imperial is good for the hot and humid weather in CR, however I do prefer the Bavaria and Pilsen over Imperial. Bavaria is more of a Pilsner taste. Bavaria Gold is a very good, satisfying beer.

11 Tico in VA» Thanks for the great comments about Costa Rica and the great taste of Imperial, Pura Vida to all of you guys. If you guys want to order some beer deliver to your house, just go to this websites: or Go for it!

9 mike » is there any place on the east coast to buy imperial

11 Jose» I'm Costarican, and I'm impressed of all that great comments about our finest beer. Glad you all enjoy it. Pura Vida

10 Bret T.» Truely the best beer I've tasted in the world!

11 mattso» I Was in Costa Rica for a few months in 1998 and have missed this fine beer ever since. Coworker recently went on a trip there. I gave him a twenty and he brought back a six pack of imperial and a pack of derby, it was a fine day.

10 miguel» great taste, was my favorite out of pilsen, bavaria gold/dark and imperial. Second was bavaria dark


11 Tanner» Fell in Love in Costa Rica....Who knew it would be with a beer!


11 lovecostarica» Brought back a case to the states, and i'm looking to buy it in the US? Any ideas? Best beer i've ever tasted

10 Sacha» I recently went to visit costa rica.great place, great people, and yes Imperial is great beer. I want that stuff auto-shipped to my house! How do we get it.

11 Laura» Best beer that I have ever tasted. The beer in the states just doesn't compare. I just got back, and I can't even think of drinking anything other than Imperial!

11 CaliGirl» Imperial Beer is one of the best beers that i have ever tasted! I've spent 5 months in Costa Rica and still can't get enough of this fine beer! They just started importing it to my hometown of San Diego, CA!! Pura Vida in San Diego!!!

11 Aaron» I see people on this site have love for the nectar of the gods, and I wholeheartedly agree. This beer puts Corona to shame and whips any "Beach Beer" out there. It is definitely in the running for Best Beer on the Planet.

11 c.r. guy» drink it every day, never enough

10 Panchito» You can order Inmperial online ( I travel to C.R once in a while to ride a few waves and share a few Imperials (Aguilas) with the warm locals. Love That Country Man!!!!!

11 Jeff» Best beer Ive ever had, the taste buds have been crazing some more sense i got off the plane. Where can i get some in the states?

10 Shannon» After spending six months in Costa Rica, t's definitely one of my favorites. I just wish I could get it more easily in the U.S.!

11 fedeba3» Nuestra cerveza es de las mejores del mundo. Yo he encontrado Imperial en NY y NJ, y ahora se esta exportando a California. Asi que gringos... a disfrutar!!

10 Dane» Slides down smoothe. Drank it at 16 am now 21. Where can I find this nectar in USA?

11 QuinF» I've been to CR many times and I love Imperial beer. Any know of a distributor that imports this beer?

10 John» It can even be enjoyed warm under extreme circumstances like a long day of surfing with some Imperials in the backpack

11 MikeTheMan» I too spent a semester in costa rica, and imperial is now ingrained in my memory as one of the best beers ive ever had. Pura F**king Vida baby

11 jj» Been to C.R. for the past seven years and love the stuff. Had one at Barney's Beanery in Hollywood but it tasted old.

11 nlovecr» I got my local liquor store guy to import it for me. I have been to CR twice and look forward to the Imperial everytime I go, and miss it everytime I get back! It is much better than American beer, and is defin. worth the price to bring it in!

10 SD» Excellent Beer.. especially when served extra cold.. but I didn't have a single bad sip my entire visit to CR

11 IV» This beer is great. Looks cheap tastes expensive. One of the best beers I've had...ever!

10 Sean» Yeah jsut got back from CR. I loved it.

3 johnson» i hate this hi qual bs

11 Dime» Yet one of the best I've tasted... goes down softly and nicely!

10 Spencer Brown» I am looking to buy it in Atlanta,GA how do i find it

11 Drew» I spent a semester in Costa Rica also. I won't drink most American beer and I had no problem w/Costa Rican water--I drank Imperial by choice just about every day and every night. I'm looking into importing it in the US in quantity now.Its the best.

11 Sarah» I spent a semester in Costa Rica and since you really shouldn't drink the water we drank Imperial instead. It was one of the many memorable things about the trip. So good that I got a tattoo of the bird from the label ;)

6 Buck» Not as great as it was billed to be. I liked it though.

11 Brandon» When did Lapulpe sell Imperial? I can't find it on the website.

9 Mike» Imperial is great from the tap and slightly worse in cans an bottles. It is by far the best beer in Costa Rica. This website below offers tons of stuff from CR that can be sent here:

11 SC Trojan» Really one of the best beers I've had. Does anyone know where you can get it in the States?

10 Mike» Just got back from CR. Imperial was really good stuff. Was sad to have to leave the surf and the ultimately tasty cheap beer.

11 David» I just got back from my first surf trip to Costa Rica, there is nothing finer than Imperial. I am wearimg my souvineer Imperial T-shirt as I type.

11 Jimmmy» I've been to Costa Rica, and I've had Imperial. Everyone says it's the best in C.R., and they were not lying.


11 Eric» Costa Rica offers many good things: my favorite two: imperial and good surf. Pura Vida

11 Kristal» I'm Tica (Costa Rican)myself and even though i have been living in miami for over 13 years, whenever i go back to Costa Rica, the 1st thing i need is a cold imperial, bottled only.... :)

9 eric» Had my first Imperial 28 years ago, and it's still a great thirst quencher.Does anyone out there know where I could find an Imperial t shirt?

11 A(SU) Sun Devil» A Great Beer. Smooth, slightly malty, with all the characteristics of a great blonde ale. A must-try for anyone who appreciates beer.

10 tubs» great beer, it strikes a strong resemblence to kalik(beer of the bahamas)

10 gonzalo francis» pure vida,imperial,tambien cacique,mucho guarito bonito despues mucho krazi

10 Don Efra» I love to ship Imperial to any one, now my web page can be seen in english. Just surf and by Imperial. We will ship it any part in US or the world. Hope to see you surfing my web.

10 El Tico Feliz» La Imperial está catalogada como una de las 15 mejores cervezas del mundo por los catadores... Y yo la tomo todos los días por $1!

11 Big T» Fell in love with this cerveza! Looking for a keg at home.

10 RAMON » Great beer, from a great country. Even tastes good in cans, (and I am not a fan of canned beer)

10 Ceph Jedi» I was on a research expedition in CR and Imperial really knocked me out. ..and at $.30 a bottle in the outskirts, the best bargain ever.

11 beerstud» just returned from costa rica.. imperial is great brand of beer.. glad i had a chance to sneak some when my spanish teacher was gone.. i recommend imperial to anyone.. GREAT cervesa

9 Don Pedro» Just returned from CR myself, where I helped myself to several Imperials. It really is a good beer (two other local brands, Pilsen & Bohemia, were not so good). My local store said they sometimes have it, but distribution was spotty. There's hope!

9 megs» grew up in costa rica, love imperial, love guaro. if anyone wants to get either one, there are 2 websites (both in Spanish) and

3 tico-drunker» Am from C.R, I let me tell you something, this is not the best beer in C.R, if you want to drink something 100% Costa Ricas pure and typical, you need to drink CACIQUE.....People you will love it.

10 Drew/KY» Was just in Costa Rica last week and we wanted to try a local beer, and were very impressed with this. Am currently trying to find it in the US, but no luck as of yet :-(

9 ZiggyP» me gusta muchisimo! This is good stuff and, I agree, it does complement the local food well. Better than Pilsen, which I didn't think was so bad.

11 Oscar Garcia» Went to Costa Rica 1.5 years ago and fell in love with the beer. Found it in Ocala FL in a small Hispanic grocery store. Not sure if they still carry it though.

9 PK» great cerveza and is a for brew if you ever make it to Costa, i have been there a few times and that is all i will drink, definitely better than the water!!! Pura Vida!

10 LAURA» Amazing... amazing beer. I love the logo too. they market it alot in CR, lighters, t-shirts mugs, brought them all back to canada to for rememberance. I loved that Beer. it was one the best things

8 tica americana» comment for steve...not a spanish style beer...that would be from spain. it would only be a costa rican beer from costa rica. take the time to correct ignorance.

9 Dennis» Fell in love with this beer, and with Guaro, the Costa Rica sugar cane liquor...can't find either in the states...if anyone find either, please drop a note here, or at

5 steve» not bad for a spanish style beer. drink it cold!!!!!

9 mishy65» This beer is hot stuff--but not as hot as that guy in the front of the boat! I'd run his rapids!

9 Wunbeaner» Hola boys. Fuzzy stuff snow flurry boys. You know you love it too . Flirt with the spaceship, the day is sunny. Electric like candy boys. Benito Juarez is boys.

9 Matt/CA» Loved Imperial while in Costa Rica. Prefer it to Mexican beer of all kinds - more closely resembles a German brewed beer. The more you drink, the more you like it (and I don't mean in one sitting...)

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